19 July 2007

things that make me say, "what da?"

H.G.Ms (Hot Ghetto Messes) that swear up and down they're the cutest, sexiest, trendiest, things alive. I particularly hate BET for even having a show portraying them.

F.Gs (Flaming Queens) dont get me wrong, i have no beef with gay men, but those that are so "extra" in EVERYTHING they do kills me.

MySpace fiends! I mean is it really THAT serious? I've heard of people "stalking" other people's pages, fussing over who's in the "Top Friends" lists, calling or cussing folk out, and whatnot! Get a damn life already.

Y&R...Okay, can someone please tell me how a women (Carmen Mesta) gets killed, a lookalike comes to town, leaves, and we still don't know the significance of her role and her interaction with David Chow. Or how does Victor let Nikki troll ass slide for kissing David and publically humiliating him? Amber! Need I say more?

Fake people...what purpose do they serve? If we don't talk or interact, what gives you the right to come up to me and try to be all in my biz? Or the ones that say/do this or that and then act all innocent about their game. *ugh*

Stop touching me!!! Now this is a super peeve of mine. If I'm at the club and we're dancing, what gives dude the right to think he can just start touching me? I said we could dance NOT get intimate. *sheesh* Also on that note, why is it when you're passing me, that you need to touch me in the process? AARRGGHH! Talk about make me wanna back hand someone.

I know I have an accent, but dammit it's not that hard to figure out I'm saying, Ranch (pronounced RARNCH) and not French for my dressing?

If the left lane is a passing lane, why do some folk sit it in doing the speedlimit and cars in the right lane are speeding by?

Fashion faux pas...Do you know have a mirror? Do you not realize those colors don't match? Do you not realize you're a size 20 and the outfit you have on is for a size 12? There are waistband on jeans for a reason...why do you have on a belt and the pants still sag to the bottom of your ass? Air Force 1's or Tims with every outfit is NOT cute.

Why are dogs allowed to sit in the front seat while the driver is driving? Also, why are they allowed to jump all around and be a distraction, but kids have to be restrained?

How come I'm having a hard time figuring out the gender of some teen girls, I mean boys, no, girls? Aww hell, I'm confused...what's your name kid? If water and food are necessities in life, how come they're so damn expensive? I see fat couples and wonder if they have a sex life...Cringing!

Teenage girls always walking around with a scowl on their faces looking mean and old.

People thinking that everyone wants them.

Why would you call someone after midnight and ask them if they're up knowing they get up before 6:00am?

Reading blogs with suggestive content or listening to songs that eff with your libido.


Anonymous said...

Victor and Nikki still on Y&R? I used to watch that show back in the 80s! Are they like senior citizens now? Luke and Laura grandparents? What about the Quartermaines??!?! Inquiring minds want to know!

Err..on second thought. No I don't.

My thing today? Fat people at buffets. I'm not hating, I just find it interesting.

Royce's Daughter said...

Flaming Queens *high five* We call them "How U Doin's" cause that's what they always say..."How U doin?" UGH!! Here's what I want to know...women don't even act like that so who are they friggin imitating? All that switching hard and being extra with everything they wear...everything is excessive and over the top and WHY!!!

Oh and the teens these days looking like boys when their girls and vice versa...WTH is going on in the world. It's like soon being gay will be the norm and we will be the anomally. Wait doesn't it say something about that in the Bible...about how in the end of days we won't be able to tell men from women and women from men...I think so *Adios Mio*

Oh and I had to stop watching Y&R...irritating!

DBA Lehane said...

Ahem...what this all actually says is that you are getting older and don't quite see the world with the carefree abandon you once did! ;)

deepnthought said...

Too all of it.

But, like I told jus a while back. Two big people in my opinion is a mission impossible. lol. I always look at a BIIGGG guy that come up to me and ask him,"Seriously bruh, what we gone do, make bacon?"

Have a good day beautiful one.

Terry said...

Well let me say this about that.

Blu, you know I love you much…it just be like that. But you also know I'm gonna keep it real too. There are times, (especially when you are tired or speaking softly), that I can't understand a Got Damn word you say.

Like I said, I dig you more than Rice Crispys in the morning, but Baby there are times I truly believe George Bernard Shaw was right when he said, "England and America are two countries separated by a common language."

Don't get me wrong, your accent is sexy as hell, but you got all kinds of things goin' on. The British flair with a touch of Jamaican, served with an ethnic twist.

But I wouldn't change a thing. Not one.

By the way, if I ever by chance have the privilege of dancing with you - we're touching Woman. It's hard to dance to "Just the Way You Look Tonight" without a little close contact.

I'm done now, take me off the grill.

Hugs & Kisses

Wendy said...

I haven't really watched BET since they cancelled the news with Ed Harris. It doesn't surprise me.
I'm with you. Please do not touch me.
I have no tolerance for phony people and I can't be around you being phony acting like I care about what you have to say.

I see an awful lot of mean looking Birls/Goys too. I'm afraid, very afraid.
I haven't watched a soap since Jessie and Angie were the main storyline on AMC.

DurtyMo said...

LOL! Nah it ain't just you! I too be like WHAT DA more times than not!

*dyin* @ what's ya name kid! hahahahah!

Blu Jewel said...

sojo - yes, Victor & Nikki are STILL on Y&R and they look rather fetching; especially Victor. Fat people buffets trips me out too...scars me actually!

Royce - Girl, you couldn't have broken it down any better regarding the F.Gs. *lol* Kids these days are scary. I was listening to a radio show and they speculated that with all the additives and such in foods and air pollution is why kids are so messed up now regarding their appearances.

lehane - what you say is in part true; with growth you see life differently, but some things have been constant WTFs?

dnt - LOL! At least i know i'm not the only one who thinks about such things.

terry - thanks for putting me on blast! *lol* i love the way i speak and wont change it for anything. as for dancing, slow dancing is intended for closeness/touching. i was talking about regular dancng.

Wendy - lmao @ Birls/Goys! BET just needs to be erased from cable because there's nothing entertaining (imho) on it and there's nothing to be learned of value. you could probably turn on the stories after all these years and see little has changed.

durtymo - i have another supporter of the "what da?" movement and it's makes me realize how pervasive these things are.

Miz JJ said...

I love Y&R. Loves it. I have been watching it for 25 years. I know...crazy. Anyhow, I think Nikki is going to pay. And I can not wait.

HGM. I would never watch anything like that. I am not trying to be holier than thou, but I have no interest. Until MTV puts on a show called Trailer Trash or Redneck Mess then I am not interested.

I turn my ringer off when I go to bed. There is nothing I will be able to do to stop or help with anything during my sleeping hours so there is no need for me to be disturbed.

The Mistress said...

I love seeing dogs riding up in the front!


Oh and girl...Y&R...did you see that Miss Gloria inherited 50 million dollars on account of William dropping dead?


Oh and Nikki and Victor are OVER. She's leaving him tomorrow and asking for a divorce.

Bout damn time.

Sweetstickychewy said...


***Fake people...what purpose do they serve? If we don't talk or interact, what gives you the right to come up to me and try to be all in my biz? Or the ones that say/do this or that and then act all innocent about their game. *ugh*

I am so with u on that..lol!

Honey-Libra said...

HAHA I cracked up at the last sentence..make ya wanna call someone who ever that might be.

Rosemarie said...

"If the left lane is a passing lane, why do some folk sit it in doing the speed limit and cars in the right lane are speeding by?"

It sounds as if you've driven in Arizona before. By the way, I'm the one in the left lane doing the speed limit on a city road. Feel free to make hand suggestions as you pass me in the right lane.

josie said...

i feel you on the flaming queens. lol

Blu Jewel said...

miz jj - i filed "divorce" papers on Y&R only to revoke them, but I'm at the point of refiling...the storylines are getting way to ridiculous. could agree more on HGM vs. Trailer Trash or Redneck Mess. I often say I'll turn my phone off at night, but don't. *sigh*

mistress - if you saw the way the dogs i was referring to jump around all over the driver's lap while they're driving, you'd cringe and look for the nearest alternate route. I know you're a big time Y&R fan and i was trippin too off the inheritance. Nikki is playing a hella game, but i'm anxious to see how it plays out.

sweetsticky - as the songs says, "no time for fakes one..."

honey - fortunately, i maintain my resolve, but if i were a different kind of gal, i might wanna recall a former or two...lol!

rosemarie - stop it! *lol* you know it's wrong, so pass and avoid the hand guestures.

josie - lol@ so you feel me too?!

Paula D. said...

Too funny! Girl.......Y & R is still on? I haven't watched a Soap in years!

Yeah, Myspace is funny. I have only had a page for 3 weeks now & have had to block some people that were getting a little to familiar.....extra psycho!!!

B.m.W said...

This list is hilarious and true. I would almost say that if someone doesn't get annoyed by 70 to 80% of the stuff on it, we wouldn't be friends. Ha Ha.

BZ said...


Although, I'll leave the fat jokes alone. I'm a size 20. LOL But, I wear a size 20. Actually, I'm an 18, but wear a size 20 so I don't look like I'm trying to be a 12. LOL

Blu Jewel said...

paula - yeah Y&R is the most highly rated and Emmy winning soap out there.

myspace is an online devil

BMW - you're so right!

BZ - you know you're beautiful inside and out and you're working that size 18 like a supermodel. *smile*

too bad some others aren't following your lead.

Anonymous said...

You may already know how I feel about flamers......

Y&R is a mess....Victor gets exactly what he deserves cuz he cheated on Nikki several times....
The Carmen Mesta thing is soooooooooo stupid...I still miss Dru....oh and if Lily don't rid of Daniels platter face already!!

Rayne said...

LOL....very interesting. I'll leave it at that.

mark said...

Victor and Newman are still making the rounds amazing, they were old news 20 years ago. The daughter is literally grown up by now.

Anyways great post.

Ms. Confessions said...

So I am sending you some love :)

I was attacked and now so are you! TAG!!!

Liz said...

Haven't Victor and Nikki been married like 10 times already? I wonder do they do the prenup every time.

And have you seen Ross the Intern on The Tonight Show? He's SO flaming that it gets annoying. I keep wondering why he acts like that. If a woman acted like that, no one would be laughing.