13 June 2010

Pix from Jamaica

This was the easiest way for me to make the pix visible.



Luv said...

great pics! made me remember why i love jamaica so... i got to get back there..i've only been once but it was so soothing to my soul

Basiks said...

Not too shabby Ms. Jewel

Anonymous said...

Hi! The pics are so inviting. It makes me think about my overdue trip to the beach. ;) By the way, you look great!

Hawa said...

Hey, Blu!

Just dropping in to see if there are any updates here.

SMH hate on the pics. Jamaica is my dream vacation, and looking at these again reminds me:

1. I haven't been yet.
2. Puerto Rico is so many months away.

Maybe it will come faster if I stare at my bags. LOL

I have been away from home every weekend, but wine and Thai is still on my GET TO ASAP list!