28 September 2009

As yet untitled - New poem

@ Chele, you didn't have to wait as long as you thought you might...Enjoy!

Like a river to the ocean, I’m drawn to you
Your call; a silent whisper within the wind
Caressing me into a gentle seduction
Making me weak where I stand…

Upon unfamiliar ground; virgin to this experience
However, still familiar to the pull of attraction
I let down my guard; submitting to

The leap of faith beneath me…

Cushioned for the break of my fall into heaven
Knowing you’re there to receive me
Open arms; open heart; committed to love
Me with every fiber of your being…

Honest and true; giving your all not half
Treating me like the Empress I am
Borne of your missing rib

Created to fill the void in your life…

With joy and laughter, tenderness and passion

Blu Jewel 2009

Love to live; live to love

24 September 2009

What One Dance Can Do

I know; I know! I'm taking too long between posts. It's not intentional; trust me, but I've got something that will take your mind of my absense. Enjoy...

Conjoined like Siamese twins we move in one motion
Feeling the energy ignited by a rhythmic dance
Awakening the wave coursing through our bodies

Sexual arousal emits as topical penetration ensues
Thrusting us closer to the errant climb of desire
Lust; the effervescent high supplying the fuel

Intoxicated by the sweet elixir of our kiss
We submit to the passion created and act with abandon
Cementing the connection into a cosmic oral bliss

© Blu Jewel 2009

Love to live; Live to love

11 September 2009

Fluid Motion

I thought I'd lost my mojo since Nikki's passing, but it seems I'm even more inspired. Maybe it was the recent full moon that gave way to an increased energy that could only have come from her. Like Nikki, I love the moon and always feel exhilarated by the lunar cycle and especially the full moon.

Here's something that I came up with this morning...

His attention; purposed and intentional; either by familiarity or memory; he made his way into her; third eye blind and was met with little resistance. The slight tension; released into a sigh as if the torture of the wait was over. Heat rose like steam through city grates; its intensity furious and yet delicately passionate as their bodies gelled into one form moving in a rhythmic pace.

Words; lost in an inaudible melody sounded like gibberish only they could understand; only they needed to understand. It was their way. It was how they communicated; silently through telling eyes; speaking a lover’s tale.

Their dance; a waltz leading to a quickened tango only to be suppressed into staggered pace reminiscent of a child’s game of musical chairs punctuated by anticipation. And like the calm before the storm, the motion smooth; erotic; and exhilarating gives way to a tempest; bodies colliding in a frantic motion. Arms, legs grasping; releasing and breaths like zephyrs cloud the room.

Minutes pass like labored hours as the seeming perpetuity of the union plays out. An escaped moan; the saturated kiss; the bitten flesh; the Neanderthal grunts and thrusts all colliding without contest. The climactic clarity of the journey now complete.

© Blu Jewel 2009

01 September 2009

Lyrically Speaking: My dedication to Anika "Nikki" Harris…R.I.P

Maxwell is probably my favourite artist and as I let him eargasmically soothe me today, the following came to me. Nikki, The Iniquitious One and her Indigo Trail of Thoughts leaves a void in the Blog Community. May we all learn something from her untimely passing.

She came into our lives with that Sumthin Sumthin that made us laugh, cry, and wish we were as creative and gifted as she. When made us all feel Welcome as we chilled at her Urban Hang Suite. The more we spent with you, and took the time to Get to Know Ya, we realized that Noone was firing up the keyboard quite like you. You soon became one of our BadHabits and you were that Gravity: Pushing to Pull as we waited Silently, Silently for your next post.

When you’d go off on someone or get fired up passionately about something, many would wonder if you’d be like that Til the Cops Come Knockin. And if you didn’t post, we’d know that Whenever, Wherever, Whatever, you’d come back to us and let the Phoenixrise.

I recall many a post and our private conversations where you spoke of Matrimony: Only you as you contemplated dating and ever being back in a loving and committed relationship. All you wanted to do was Drowndeep: Hula into his arms and where Lonely’s the Only Company would escape from your life and you reside in a place For Lover’s Only.

It was like This Woman’s Work was never done and you were always willing to HelpSomebody. I remember when that chick faked her own death in the Blog-sphere and you exposed her for the fraud she was and make a lot of people stop hurting.

Then one day, something Changed when you were hit with a Symptom Unknown. We all rallied around the Suitelady who had given so much of herself to us in so many ways. When you told us that the pain was not just a Temporary Nite of rounds with your condition and you couldn’t be with us Now/At the Party; you still managed to gather us in unity as I Am You: You Are Me & We Are You.

And on Sunday August 30th , we had to StopTheWorld and muddle through our FistfulofTears and share how much you Was/As My Girl. We all wish you are simply PlayingPossum.

So dear, sweet, and beautiful one; until the day our Reunion comes, spread your PrettyWings and know that we will always LoveYou and you’ll be a part of us EachHourEachSecondEachMinute of the day.

Love to live; live to love