05 October 2009


This is the final of the four poems I wrote last week.

I’m not quite crazy; more like that special kind of special
Where what seems insane is really normal; at least for me
It’s that place were the irrational makes sense
And I question not the absurdity of loving
With such wanton abandon that you do what you do
Freely; willingly because love just is
And I don’t really care what anyone else says
Cause as the proverbial saying goes
“If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right”
Suffering the consequence of this emotional catastrophe
Where loving you is the strength of my weakness
And I solicit no means for a remedy
My heart tilts on its axis at the sound of your voice
Mouth dry from the unquenchable thirst kiss after kiss
My fingers marvel at the softness of your skin
I hear your silent words speak decibles beyond voice

And I delight like a child at Christmas when I see you
Your flaws are the perfect manifestation of your truth
The consistent inconsistency of your presence
Spends me; leaving me bankrupt
Yet still rich in the magnitude of love’s economy
One so fragile; yet so strong and intense
For my expenditure of life’s grandest feeling
So if loving you makes me crazy
Then I’ll gladly live in this asylum forever

© Blu Jewel
2 Oct 2009

02 October 2009


Okay Blog Fam, I guess it's safe to say that your girl is on a roll. This is in fact the 4th poem I've written this week. I'll get to posting the others soon enough, but there was some driving force behind this one and I had to share it with you.

Have a blessed stay folks and stay up.

Taking off my training wheels
And taking my first unsupported ride
I cruise into the elated feeling
The experience brings
Trusting in my willingness to let go
And be free; no long restrained
By the security of the firm
Instead leaning favorably toward
The possibility to falling and being helpless
And the enjoyable nefarious abandon it illicits
The equal fear and enthusiasm of stepping
Into the unknown is a risk well worth taking
If you really want to live

© Blu Jewel 2009

Love to live; live to love