31 January 2008

a picture's worth a thousand words!


30 January 2008

A new addition

We have a newcomer to the blog world who has a positive viewpoint and a refreshing personality. I want to give her a shout out and give you an opportunity to check her out. The Advocate

Stop calling me!!!

I realize it's that time of year; the political race is one and every candidate wants my vote, but damn!

I have an unlisted number, yet I'm getting calls from the local democratic offices representing Hilary and Barack respectively. They all read from pretty much the same script and can't seem to take I'm not interested for answer. Now, it's not that I'm not interested in the political race; I am. What I'm not interested in is sharing my views with them or answering any of their questions. STOP CALLING ME!!

I've been going through this spiel for about two weeks now and I've had enough. I've asked that my name be taken off their lists, but I guess they figure they'll have Michael call instead of Lisa thinking I might be more receptive to a male's voice than a females...NOT!

The New Jersey primary is forthcoming and we're expected to cast our votes next Tuesday, which I will do. What I won't do is give anyone any information prior then; they can sit with ants in their pants and wait for Tuesday night's count.

Caller ID is a wonderful and I don't answer if/when they go through their calling cycle again, but it sure as hell is annoying!

Is anyone else going through this?

28 January 2008

damn! I wish I'd written this...

I'm always reading and trying to expand my knowledge. While doing that, I'm always seeking ways to stay in tuned with who I really am and what my purpose is in this life. I got this is my email today and was like, "whoa! Now that's some good ish right there!" Naturally, I had to share it with you because many of you are like-minded and we enjoy sharing that which will enrich us.

Here it is...

The Vital Importance of Inner Alignment
by Owen Waters

Many people in society today work at jobs they don't like, and
find themselves with little or no time for activities that
increase the quality of their lives. Such people are out of
alignment with their inner selves.

Traditionally, society has pressured people into conformity.
Peer pressure to conform to an immediate social group begins at
school because, from an early age, people are taught that they
should conform to outside standards.

In England, the phrase "know your place" is used as a put-down
to someone who has started to become outstanding in some way.
In Australia, the traditional phrase is "cut down the tall
poppies." In Japan, "The nail that sticks up shall be pounded

However, this pressure towards conformity has been lessening
in recent decades, and it will continue to lessen as people
realize that there is strength in diversity. Diversity is
natural. Conformity is unnatural. In the universe, every
snowflake, every person, and even every proton is unique.
Together, the sum of the parts makes up a perfect universe of
infinite diversity.

Diversity is designed into the universe because the universe
exists in order that Infinite Being, the All That Is, may gain
an infinite variety of experiences. In the case of human beings
as expressions of the one source, we have free will so that we
can makes choices. Making choices, and experiencing the results
of those choices, is what human life is all about.

Inner alignment means becoming more of your true self. Your
inner being is your true self, and by developing your inner
potential, you express more and more of your true self.

In heart-centered, New Reality consciousness, mutual support
is shared between people. That means that being different is
good, developing personal skills is good, and exploring your
own potential is good. Deep within, everyone is equal. However,
in your unique form of expression in the outer world, you are
different to everyone else. Not better or worse, not more-than
or less-than; just different, because diversity is natural and
is honored through mutual respect.

The New Reality of heart-centered consciousness is being built
on this Earth, one person at a time. New Reality consciousness
is a supportive and empowered state of consciousness, rather
than the Old Reality consciousness of separation and fear.

When a person manifests their own unique, inner being, they
become aligned, in the way that a laser beam is aligned, rather
than being scattered by external should's and should-not's.
When many people in society become aligned in their own
personal power, the whole becomes far more influential than the
sum of the parts. In fact, it becomes exponentially more

When enough pioneers choose New Reality consciousness, there
will come a day when their powerfully aligned influence will
reach a critical mass. Then, it will transform the remainder of
society and, suddenly, everyone will "get it." Society, as a
whole, will then realize that heart-centered consciousness
is the way forward into creating its bright, new future.

25 January 2008

random & miscellaneous thoughts

I think skinny dipping is great

Ever wonder if that cute girl/guy you've been crushing on will look as cute while they're sleeping?

If you became famous, how much of your life would you change?

I don't feel sorry for celebs who eff their lives up because I'm offended that they've squandered their talent and shit on those who are struggling to make it.

I had an opportunity to date celebs and turned it down. Just didn't want to 1) become just a f*ck and 2) didn't want my life to be on display by being with them

You're given $10,000 to get cosmetic surgery, what would you change and why?

Sometimes I look at the guys in men's magazines and wonder if 1) they're gay or 2) how big their penis is.

Kissing on the first date; a go or no go?

I have a mental crush on a few actors and wonder if they'd kiss as good in real life as they make it look on t.v

Then again, I'm not sure I'd really want to know because I'd be really disappointed if it were bad. This is the one time I think fantasy is better than reality

How come fat people always order diet drinks?

If you're completely compatible in every way with the object of your affection, but they can't really move you in bed, do you settle for bad sex or move on?

I considered changing my name to something else when I was younger and sometimes wish I'd gone through with it

How come smokers smoke in their car and then throw the butts out the window?

If a man masturbates, does that constitute murder? (been thinking about that for some time after watching Legally Blonde)

I've worn something and then taken it back for no other reason than I just wanted it for the occasion

I know stealing is wrong, but got quite a kick out of doing it when I was a kid. I'd be hard pressed to do it now though. Guess I've got too much to lose.

I feel guilty when I hear gospel songs that I don't like

I have a family member that I want to slap the taste out of her mouth so bad

If you found out you were dating your half-brother/sister how would you confront your parent(s)?

I like to send cards/notes through snail mail just because

I saw a boy in girls skinny jeans and it was very disturbing to me because he had a girlfriend. (since when were girls jeans interchangeable? Help!)

I've often wondered what it would be like to see myself through someone else's eyes...literally!

24 January 2008

ignorance is NOT bliss

I'm one who does not believe the ish that the media feeds us. I rarely watch the news or even read a newspaper. For those of us who are striving to stay truly informed, we read, we research, we network with like-minded people who know that ignorance is NOT bliss.

I share this link with you all so you; like I, can stay truly informed and do your homework instead of being like sheep lead to the slaughter. Think of it this way when you're watching the news and reading newspapers; what are they NOT telling us. Furthermore, George Orwell and others like him KNEW what they were talking about, many were just too afraid to believe it.

Check it out
North American Union

23 January 2008

Friends & Friendship

I was reading
Terry's post on the friendship subject and it inspired this post.

I've been toying with this post for some time as it can be an emotionally charged topic, but you know I'm not one for shying away fro controversy, so I went ahead with it. Naturally, I can't and won't name names or even some specific details, but I will give my honest take on the subject anyway.

For the most part we all know who our friends are and what their respective role in our lives is, but I'm sure there have been times when you've questioned, "is this person really my friend?"

In a day and age where MySpace is being used as the driving and dictating force of who and how many friends we have. Now, let's stop being silly here. We do not have 336 friends; we have 336 people we're using as trophies to make ourselves seem popular. Some people use MySpace as a networking tool, so it's obvious that many of the people posted as "friends" are really business related associates. Some people are actually family members, and there are in fact some real friends too. However, the vast majority of the 336 "friends" aren't friends. I think it's pretty sad that people will attach themselves to virtual strangers and not go into the live world and make contact. Yes, I believe that some real friendships have been formed through MySpace, but on average, that's not the case.

Real human contact is what this society is lacking and it's pretty sad. It seems we'd rather interact with people at some distance and call them friends, than actually go out and be a part of the world around us. Yes, I have a MySpace and on average I spend less than 1 hour a week on it. I primarily use it to keep in touch with my family whom represent mostly everyone who's visible as "top friends" and also to keep contact with my business partners. There are a few special people who I reach out to via MySpace, but call me out school, but I'd rather call, send an email, or use snail mail to keep in touch. Now, I'm not knocking those who use MySpace, but let's simply be and keep it real on the whole friendship aspect of it.

Moving on...

I, for the most part am a very good friend. I'm pretty much ride or die with those who count and even if we're more like acquaintances, I'll still do whatever I can for you. This has served to my detriment at times because some have taken advantage of my kindness, but I'm still a good person who'll do for you anyway. I've done my share of shitty things to one friend in particular, but honestly and truly, it was never done out of malice; instead out of frustration because I could not get through to said person and I needed to vent to someone who'd understand. I'm not a callous or malicious person by nature and this person knows that about me. To her, my actions were seen as betrayal and to some degree inexcusable and she has a right to feel that way. We could play plaintiff/defendant, but the bottom line is, I am not a horrible person and still have extremely redeeming qualities. We are still friends, though there is some underlying malaise that exists between us. That aside, I'm still a good person and one who''ll own up to her shortcomings.

Now, I've been treated unfairly by some so-called friends and I've dealt with the situations and them accordingly. We've either reconciled, reduced the status of our friendship, or we've parted ways. I do not need to clutter my life with quantity if there is no quality. I am not one who needs to have a lot of attention or be at the center of attention. If I enjoy your company, your friendship, and we have the necessary mutuality to maintain a good rapport, that's what's important to/for me. I'm one who can easily be left to her own devices and not feel alone. I'd rather not stand in the middle of everyone yet be surrounded by no one.

Friends and friendship is a touchy subject and it can be both a good and bad relationship shared with others. For those I truly know are my friends; they know it and know who/what I am and what I'd do for them. For those who have to question my friendship; should in fact question themselves because if I'm willing to honor and sacrifice for who we are and what we have, how come they can't. This goes out to one person in particular, but he doesn't read my blogs anymore, so he'll never get this, which is a shame cause he really needs to know. Oh well, bottom line it was his loss.

Anyhoo, I'm happy with those who I currently have in my life and embrace their presence as a gift. None is like the other and what we share is special and sacred between us. Naturally, some of those bonds are closer than others, but all in all I know what we have is of merit. There are a few newcomers (you know who you are) to my friendship circle and I'm enjoying getting to know them better and building on what I hope will be of great benefit to each of us.

Take inventory on who you call friend. Don't let history, circumstance, or whatever congest space in your life where someone of real benefit should be. Be a true friend to whomever is in your circle and ask for the same in return. Favor quality over quantity and rely on human contact to bond you and not virtual contact.


22 January 2008

The birth of freedom

In going through our many changes and growth processes, we look back on things that helped us get where we are. Last night during my bout of insomnia, I reflected on mine and thought I'd share them with you.
  • Checking emotional baggage at the door
  • Being released from emotional bondage
  • Opening myself to the known and unknown
  • Taking that reluctant and trepidatious first step
  • Tripping and staggering and knowing that even if I do fall, I can/will get back up
  • Facing my fears
  • Going against the grain
  • Being confident in my conviction
  • Being ready, willing, and able to embrace the things I want the most
  • Being willing to change
  • Accepting my flaws
  • Being able to forgive and learning to forget
  • Closing doors before opening others
  • Knowing myself and liking who I am
  • Conquering joys and not yielding to hurt and pain
  • Living and loving in spite of
  • Admittance instead of denial

21 January 2008

Remembering The Dream

As today symbolizes the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, I thought I'd deviate a little from how many might use this day for peaceful reflection or celbration.

The following is a list of some songs that inspire me and give personal reflection to The Dream:

Imagine - John Lennon
Man In The Mirror - Micheal Jackson
Heal The World - Micheal Jackson
The Prayer (there are a few versions; my fave) - Charlotte Church & Josh Groban
You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) - Josh Groban
Sing - The Carpenters
Til I'm Laid to Rest - Buju Banton
Redemption Song - Bob Marley

Naturally, there are many other songs that move me, but these are the ones that came immediately to mind. Whatever YOUR dream is, I pray that it's achieved and your personal greatness leaves a positive mark on us all.


20 January 2008

Blu Jewel PSA #1 for 2008

If you're someone who's recently accomplished something good, please don't hate on those who haven't quite achieved that same level of success.

There is someone I know and can't stand who is this very person. Because she recently lost some weight, she feels she has cause to talk about those who haven't. In so many ways Chick thinks she's better than other people and it's horrible to listen to or watch. My dislike for her in monumental because she's come to my home acting like her ish don't stink and I'm not the one. Hell no! Because she's friends with someone I'm friends with is why up until recently I kept my thoughts to myself, but since not being able to hold my thoughts/feelings in; all bets are off.

Fortunately, I'm not the only one who doesn't like this chick and who shares the same feelings toward her and my friend has been enlightened to the ignant ways of Chick. Moreover, she was able to witness the trite actions with her own eyes and will provide the humbling lesson Chick needs to learn.

It's a near year and a new way of living for me and so many people, so let's be mindful of how we treat others. There is and will always be someone better than us in some way, just as we'll be better than others in some way; however, it doesn't give us the right to treat others poorly.


18 January 2008

Current Likes/Dislikes

1. The thought that one day my king will come in search of his missing rib
2. I have come that much closer to being whole
3. I have someone in my corner that has truly helped me concretely see my future
4. I can and do speak freely to my mother
5. I talk back to my father and take pride in it
6. Taking chances and leaving my comfort zone
7. That I’m going to lose 10lbs
8. Positive discussion over controversial issues
9. Succession in my personal goals WILL occur this year
10. Life is beautiful

1. People unwilling to embrace or make effectual change
2. Narrow mindedness
3. Those who put down others to make themselves look good
4. The demoralization of our society
5. Haters and gold-diggers
6. People who refuse to stand for something
7. Self-deprecation
8. People saying one thing and doing another
9. Greed/corruption
10. The current state of black music

17 January 2008

Change is good

"Change brings opportunities when people have been planning for it, are ready for it, and have just the thing in mind to do when the new state comes into being." Rosabeth Moss Kanter

We all go through things in life where we sometimes wonder what, when, how, to change ourselves or something in our lives. Some say one can't change and things don't change while others say the opposite. For me, I know change can be and is good as I've gone through quite a transformation of sorts over the past couple years. I've gone through many more changes prior to the aformentioned years, but the past two have been extremely significant for me.

I've had to reconcile with many issues and some people in order to make my changes and I had to lay some firm plans, prepare myself, and then execute them with conviction and commitment. I was and continue to be determined to have it all become whole and into fruition. So far; so good.

I recently had a conversation with someone I've known since I was 16. He's 3 years older than me in years, but in many ways always seemed to be lacking in wisdom for the age difference. He'd always praised me for my mental acuities ands prowess and has always felt he's learned a lot from me. He's a smart guy, but one who'd always used his physical attributes to supersede his mental. He's one of those people who is afraid of his own success and constantly did things to sabotage himself, his abilities, and his future. I would always say, "if you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with bullshit." I heard the quote somewhere and it has always reminded me of him. Again, it was based on the fact that he used the wrong things to get what he wanted instead of his mind. It was a shame that a smart AND attractive man acted more like a bimbo; I call them "himbos" instead of manning up and doing things the right way. He preferred instant and/or temporary gratification than working for something tangible. It's a deficit that he's carried for damn near all the years I've known him (24 to be exact).

Of late he's expressed that he wants to change and put his fears and such behind him. I gave it to him straight; no chaser and told him he needs to let his balls drop and man up to the task. He has to stop allowing his situations to get the best of him and make excuses for his lack of fortitude. I refused to sugar coat shit and call it candy because that's what people have done to him in all the years I've known him. I told him he has to set the foundation in order to execute effectual change. He has a son and I told him he needs to set the stage for how his son will be in this world and he can't adequately do it if he's still in flux with his life. In addition, I told him that while opening the door to past issues is hard and painful, it's often the only way to close the door for good and have a future that's not dictated by the past.

It was kind of sad to have to tell a grown man how to be a man, but it was necessary. In order to make change, you have to be first honest with yourself and have those who surround you be honest. Furthermore, a strong support system is also essential for the change to exacted in it's proper fashion. When I read the opening quote, I was reminded of the conversation we had and was even more sure that what I had told him was true.

In life, we have to own up to who we are and what we want. If we're determined to make change, we have to do exactly as the quote states. As I execute my change for wholeness, I refer to this quote as a reminder to not quit and to press on. I hope it helps those of you on a similar quest.


15 January 2008

God vs God

My apologies for not posting sooner. Had some very important things to take care of. Well, I'm back and am rather anxious about this entry; here goes.

In my last post, DBA Lehane said..."That God guy seems to take all the credit and takes none of the flak if you ask me."

Naturally, that got me to thinking and I don't think that God can take the flak for what is currently going on in the world. We were given a choice, which stems from Adam and Eve and from the inception, we chose to go against God and against good. Though there are many who will argue with Biblical accounts of humanity, I do not (for the most part} and I believe that we as people have created the mess we live in. From what I know and have read, people have chosen the desires of physical pleasure, instant gratification, and anything that yields rewards without regard for others.

Christ lived amongst us and faced the same temptations and decision making issues as those around Him and He chose to always err on the side of good and live with clarity of his decision. He accepted the fallout and alienation that came with his decisions, which afforded him the opportunity to never have to second guess Himself. He promoted goodness and good living and those who chose against that mindset lived their suffering and adverse effects of the choice they made, so why should God take the flak for something He didn't do and didn't promote. Yes, there must be balance and there is no good without the bad, but ultimately we are still in charge of the choices we make. I have read the Bible and some other religious doctrines and no where does it say that the Higher Power promoted negative behavior and activities. Acts of nature were used as tools to teach us that we need to be mindful of the world we live in and the decisions we make against others.

I feel like I'm all over the place with my thoughts (Codeine will do that to a person), but I'm sure you understand where I'm going. I think it's easy for us to doubt God's role and intention for us if we do not have faith in His direction and doctrine. His goodness, favor, and mercy is dispensed on us everyday. Sometimes we're given reminders that we need to live or get right by an act of nature, s health scare, or whatever He uses to get into our heads and hearts.

Let me ask you this, if you know you're a good person, you don't lie; cheat; steal, or do things that you'll have a hard time living with; should you be held responsible for the "flak" that is around you? While I understand why someone can and would question the role of God in the world and why He gets all the credit when there is so much negativity in the world, but He didn't cause it so no, He shouldn't take the flak.

This is a topic that can and will generate a lot of discussion as many of you are believers and practice Biblical habits. I welcome and encourage debate on this because as I said, I feel a little scatterbrained right now. My wholehearted opinion is that I AM A TRUE BELIEVER. I have experience His goodness, favor, and mercy in my life. I've lived through miraculous situations and know that without my faith in Him I would NOT be where I am. I reiterate that point because in spite of ugliness that has happened in my life or to me, the acts were not performed by God, but someone who did not know God or know how to make better decisions. I think it's easy for many to blame or want to blame God given His reputation for awesomeness, but if we're honest without prejudice of religion, we'll see that it's man not God who's at fault.

08 January 2008

someone raided the "jewelry store"

So, this was not the post I had originally planned for today, but seeing as I left it at work and I have other stuff on my mind, the latter prevailed. Here is it...

Ever wonder how you're thoughts equate to those of others? I do; often. I've read back over my most recent posts and it seems that just about everyone who's commented has shared my sentiment. Could it be that that collective is using the Jedi mindtrick? Or could it be that the collective is simply looking to achieve the greater good and be the best people they can be? I think it's the combination thereof.

I've come to the conclusion that many of us are sick and tired of being sick and tired or we just want to live our lives in the best possible manner we can. We've cleaned out our closets (literally and metaphorically); we've let go of that which is of no good to us and we're seeking to live, live, live! We're learning to let go of the negative and not let the past pain/hurt define our future good. We've accepted that life truly is short we need to live each day as if it's our last and most important that God is!

I hear people saying, "thank God or praise God", and I wonder if they really are and/or really do. We can't throw those words out there like it's a catch phrase. We really do need to thank Him and praise Him, for without Him we are/have nothing. In my church we sing a verse of a hymn, which says, "praise God from whom all blessings flow; praise Him all creatures here below" and each time I sing it, I truly do mean it because I know if not for Him, there would be no me and now here and now.

I continue to read blogs where people are open about their lives, experiences, and their goals and it warms me when God is given the glory because it shows that the collective is spiritually aware. We are knowledgeable of His greatness and His role. Amen!

Thank you for those who's blogs convey positive messages and good tidings to the readers because you continue to touch my life daily. Thank you all for sharing some of my thoughts where I'm not wondering my blogs title. Thank for raiding the "jewelry store" (my mind)and sharing your thoughts; your comments inspire, encourage, and force me to post more than the superficial drivel that's become too much a part of our society and as a community. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not turning into some motivational speaker or the next Oprah, but I do want my messages to be good ones. I'm sure from time to time I'll post some random madness or what-not, but in order to be positive, I must think positive and send positive vibes into the universe.


07 January 2008

Take charge!

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important that any other one thing". - Abraham Lincoln

I can't speak for all of you, but I can say that I'm claiming 2008 to be MY year. I've got dreams, goals, plans, etc and I want to see them come to fruition. I know it's said, that if you want to make God laugh; make plans, but His a part of all my plans, so I'm good.

Although I quit my then decade + relationship with Essence Magazine because I no longer found that it contained the resources and information that was conducive to how I life and the woman I am; I still check it out from time to time. I came across the following (and retyped it) in the January 2008 issue and wanted to share it with you all. It's obviously geared toward women seeing as Essence is a women for/about black women, but I tweaked the woman reference to include me as I feel this is something each gender can use.

This is my year to be the wo/man I’ve always wanted to be. This year I will put ____________(your name) first. Staring with ___________(date), I will focus on taking the steps to achieve my goals. Ever since____________ I’ve know that I want to_____________. Today I will create a plan to realize my dreams.

This is my year to achieve four goals:





Negative factors, real and imagined, will no longer be obstacles to my success. To get over____________________, I will stop_______________________. To get over____________________, I will pray that___________________. To get over____________________, I will plan to_____________________. I know that I Will be successful because it is my dream to_______________________.

To stay on track, I will have my friend___________________________ check on my progress every week/month/quarter (choose one) and hold me accountable. This is my personal 2008 pledge to myself so that I can realize my dreams and live the wonderful life I fully deserve.

________________________(your signature)

We can't claim that which we are not committed to receiving, so I implore you all to copy/print this pledge and use it in your lives. Having something in writing makes it more real and certainly more effective. Find that friend who'll always give it to you straight no chaser and let them be your mentor for this exercise. I'm going to share this with a person of each gender as I feel the male/female perspective will provide great insight and achievement toward my success. Whomever you decide is your choice. Wishing you all well and feel free to email me interim reports if you feel so inclined.


04 January 2008


"A workable measure of your progress is how fast you can get free when you are stuck and how many ways you know to get free". Kathlyn Hendricks

I honestly have no idea who Kathlyn Hendricks is, but I love this quote. It made me really think about how I've come to be where I am in life. In a word; RESOURCEFUL!

Without going into explicit detail, I'll say that I've been through a lot of ish and some of it was emotional, mental, physical and in a few instances damn near life-threatening. There have been occassions where I've questioned "how did I get here" and I again, I came back to that one word; RESOURCEFUL! In the course of my life's adventures/misadventures, I've always found ways to get out of a situation. I've used my stealth, my wits, my faith, my friends, and whathaveyou in order to get out of dodge, trouble, relationships; etc.

I'm not sure how I learned that being resourceful would be the wind beneath my wings, but I'm more than happy that I passed that class with flying colors because without that lesson, I'd nothing short of screwed and less than the woman I am today. I never allowed myself to wallow in self-pity, misery, or without a way out. I'll openly admit I've unncessasrily put up with more than my share of the crap, but thinking back, I still always found a way get out of dodge; even for a little while. There was always a person, place, or thing to give me hope and strength. I've used what I've got; MY BRAIN and NOT MY ASS to get what I wanted, which was a better life and to be a better person.

In a recent conversation with my blog brother Xavier we discussed some of the mess we've respectively gone through in order to get where we are now and again the word RESOURCEFUL was resonated. It's funny how we forget that we're all capable of incredible feats if only we put our minds to it. We can overcome adversity, abuse, poverty, homelessness; etc, when we exhibit the drive and ambition to do so and, yes; you guessed it...be RESOURCEFUL.

Blogfriends, use what you've got (the right way) to get what you want. Be resourceful in the tools you have within and around you. If you're in need of something find a way to achieve it. Read to educate yourself. Try your hand at something you've never done before. Humble yourself when necessary. Not buying that $5 cup of coffee & bagel on your way to work everyday can save you $25 a week of which you can save for something else. You get where I'm going with this. Being resourceful manifests itself in a myriad of ways and certainly isn't limited to money and/or material things. Using people (in a positive way), places, and things is the epitomy of being resourceful and it's endless.


02 January 2008

Happy New Year


I hope that each of you had a joyous holiday season and welcomed the new year in with love, peace, and joy in your hearts. I did and am happy to embrace 2008 and all of its infinite possibilities.

Here's a few things that I want to share...

0 and 8 are both symbols of infinity. In this new year, be obedient to God's will in your life; optimistic about it, and observant to know when your blessings are at hand. (received via txt from a friend)

Learning from experience is a faculty almost never practiced....Barbara Tuchman.
Let's hope that each and everyone of us proves this theory wrong.

There is a reason each and everyone of us are still alive to see 2008; please make sure you don't make the Lord regret His decision. Live your life to the absolute best of your abilities. Do not allow your weaknesses to overcome your ability to fight; love with all your heart; display your finest attributes; pay it forward, and be purposeful and purpose driven. - Blu Jewel

Make realistic goals for yourself, write them down, pray about them and try to achieve them! (via email)

Go through your cell phone, caller id, calendar, and email addresses and discard all the people and events that mean you no good or don't benefit your life! *less can truly be more as you'll want quality over quantity*(via email)

Take care of your kids and devote a weekend or two when you spend "quality" time with them. Who cares if you miss out on a "mix"! You can party anytime! (via email)

Stop forwarding all the text messages you receive; everyone doesn't have unlimited text messages!! *HAD to post that (via email)

Lastly, if it's only 5 minutes a day have a little talk with Jesus! Let Him know you want to be better today than you were yesterday and watch Him turn things around for you! (via email)