26 April 2007

Thursday thoughts...

today is moving faster than any other day this week and i'm like McDonalds..."lovin it!"

my productivity is high and i've accomplished much so far

tonight i'm going to see Corrine Bailey Rae & John Legend in Philly and i'm sooped. (i'll give a review next week)

i'm happy that my posts have been warmly received and have raised some consciousness

is it just me, or does anyone really care about Twitney Spears?

it's bring your kids to work day and a coworker has his triplets here for a little while. his daughter told me i'm pretty. *aww!*

i watch the Young & the Restless and spend half the time critquing the way it's written...do i have too much free time or is my creativity at an all time high? inquiring minds wanna know!!

the Lord has been manifesting Himself and His word to me all week and i love it and i'm getting it *big ol' smile*

special shout out to jus.b.fli and bz for their spiritually uplifting posts this week...needed em!

gonna have some father/daughter bonding time soon and i feel like a lil kid again

i made a bet with a friend that lil lady would be going to the prom every year and she's going to her first next month...fortunately it's with her girl cuzzo who had a schedule conflict with her potential date...*my wallet is already crying out "NOOOOOO!" in anticipation of the event*

my wallet is screams out "HELL NAW!" on a regular basis *sigh*

i've started my outdoor project and it's off to a good start; can't wait to finish it. bring on more nice days

a friend told me he still can't believe i'm almost 40 cause i look so young *God bless good DNA*

how come dysfunction has become normal behavior?

if white people can't call me out my name (referring to the Imus crap), there is no way in hell that i'm allowing a black person to do it...i'm sorry, "affectiontely" calling me a similar remark just ain't cool in my book

women who claim to be standing up for 'Women's Rights & Issues' can't be out there auditioning for video vixen/hoe

i read 5 books in just over a month and am currently in reading withdrawal cause i haven't started a new one yet

have a blessed and happy weekend y'all if you don't hear from me again til next week. thank you for stopping by to read AND comment and for those of you who've been away for a while, i'm soooo happy you've checked in. *hugs galore*

25 April 2007

Maintaining Face

Ever run into someone you wished you’d never see again in life? I just experienced that. I ran into my best friends ex-girlfriend. I walked into the break area and there she was staring into the vending machine. I concealed my shock with good face and greeted her with a cheery disposition. We exchanged the usual formalities as I quickly washed my bowl and filled my cup for tea.

Seeing as I’m a woman of character, I played nice and went on with my business though a part of me wanted to slap the taste out of her mouth for even speaking to me. Ever find yourself in that position? Where you want to just ask the person what the heck they were thinking when they did what they did? That feeling rolled up on me like a ninja as I continued to smile gracefully and not compromise myself as a woman or a professional seeing as this occurred at the jay-o.

The flashback of the hell she took my boy through leading up to their breakup, raced with mach speed through my mind. She did him dirty plain and simple and the effects were devastating for him considering he’d bought a ring and was preparing to pop the question. Seeing my boy, who’s the epitome of the Alpha Male with all his machismo cry, was more than I could handle; so you know I’ve got no love for the girl. Whatever their problems were was their business, but when I became aware of the levels of shade being thrown his way, that’s when his business became my business.

All of this happened two years ago and I’ve forgiven her in my mind, but trust that I haven’t forgotten. Seeing her reminded me that I’m not petty though and how much I've matured since then (trust and believe I wanted to put the Tims in that ass). I held my head high, did and greet, and went on with my business. I wondered if she gave any thought to what seeing me made her feel, but honestly I don’t think I care. She had to reconcile with herself and God for what she did, while I was the friend he needed to get through it.

Life/people throw many curve balls you’re way, but when you maintain a good countenance and have integrity and content of character, you can bat your way though it. As I write about it, I think it was actually kind of funny and I wish I could have seen the look on my face, but from what my friend told me who was with her, it was priceless.

23 April 2007


In the wake of the recent occurrences at Virginia Tech and the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX; I'm still trying to comes to terms with the excessive violent acts that are defiling our society. Sometimes the signs are there; and ignored, while other times the signs are more subtle and it's the one simple thing that sets the person off.

In recalling some of my own angry outbursts, I know that sometimes the signs were there and others ignored them or I made light of things. On other occasions, I internalized and then someone said the wrong thing at the wrong time and I lost it. Fortunately, my outburst were just harsh words, but if I were a different person mentally, the results could have been physically explosive.

Nowadays, people have become more and more detached favoring emails and text messages over actual verbal conversations. With the increase in video games, people interact less in real-time; favoring online interaction. Gone are days were people get to know their neighbors moreso than saying "hi". We've simply lost the need or desire to bond, extend kindness; a kind word or deed. Our social interactions lend more to including alcohol as a means of letting lose or relieving stress. People simply don't openly communicate anymore and it's sad.

I've made a personal committment to extend acts of kindnesss wherever I am. Last week I helped a woman in WalMart retrieve an item out of her reach. It was funny to see the look of shock and then see her smile. I gave money to someone who needed exact change in order to get through the checkout faster. I helped a handicapped women move her items from her power wheelchair to a cart and pushed it out to the sidewalk for her to get them to her car. Each act was performed without really thinking about it and it made me feel good to help others. I gave compliments to those who performed good customer service instead of only thinking of the times where I had bad service. All of these things can have a positive effect on the receiver and give them a chance to see that there is still good in the world. Those simple acts would have prevented someone from beating their spouse or child, committing suicide, or some other negative act.

Random acts of kindess should NOT be random; it should simply be the right/nice thing to do.

I came across the following as I read my Daily Word this morning and think it sums everything up nicely...

Do a deed of simple kindness;
Though its end you may not see,
It will reach like widening ripples
Down a long eternity. —Anon.

Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life.

19 April 2007

things uncontained

since being back from JA, i can't seem to think of one consistent thing to blog about. my mind is erratic to say the least and the hormonal and emotional rollercoaster ride didn't help matters either. so, here's a cross section of the myriad of things happening in the Jewelry store (my mind)...

my spirituality is soaring and i find myself having church on the phone, at work, in my car, all alone, at church...you name it

missed years with someone are hard to recover, but give you more depth and sincerity to look forward to with said person. for all of you that have fences to mend, doors to close, or some other gaping hole in your life; fix it before it's too late

i still love and respect my dad even though i thought i didn't; i feel like shit for that and doubting his love for me

prayers for resolution and reconciliation are strong; though i still feel some reservations (i need a lot of help) *sigh*

a change of pace/scenery has done wonders for me and now i'm even more inspired to work for self so i can have those moments for often

being a mother is a contradiction of so many emotions and states of being and i'm still trying to understand it all

as i've gotten older, i find myself with less quantity and more quality

bowel movements at work suck (TMI i'm sure...lol)

there is entirely too much senseless killing going on. sadder part is that some of it could have been and can be prevented

i really want to volunteer to work with victims of sexual abuse. i want to be a part of empowering someone to no longer be a victim; but a survivor

random acts of kindness are so necessary in so many ways...i'm gonna do my part...are you?

push up bras are the next best thing to breast lift surgery and a lot cheaper too...feeling very Pamela today *devious smile*

sexiness is NOT an physical attribute and looks are subjective

u center me by Robin Thicke was on heavy rotation in my iPod this morning damn, i love that song

looking forward to seeing John Legend next Thurs. Corrine Bailey Rae is opening for him. Love 'em both

posted this really odd poem yesterday on my other blog (The Saphyre Lounge)...share your HONEST thoughts with me

talking about sex with lil lady and lil man is very interesting...they are so cute!

cries for help are only good if you're willing to let someone wipe your tears

open mic is tonight and as much as i wanna go and support my peeps, i'm really not feeling it. i have no idea what i wanna read and my energy isn't there...might have to call Jack and see if he'll influence me *wink*

being happy for someone means being just that. you can't say you're happy for someone yet secretly hate, be mad, jealous or whatnot

to my blog fam, i'm slowly trying to catch up on all your posts and please dont take my absenses as a sign that i'm no longer interested in you. life happens and interupts my so-called "me" time, but the love/support is always there

16 April 2007


I haven't been checking my mail regularly and didn't realize that this lil tidbit was just sitting there waiting for me...

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power -Alan Cohen

After what I've been dealing with lately, I'm actually glad I hadn't read it sooner because I don't think it's meaning would have been so profound to me at the time. After some much needed release and some at work church, I embrace this quote and look forward to the endless possibilities that are in store me for and I know the journey will be an abundant one.

Hopefully, we can all release ourselves from the mental and emotional bondage we're in and willingly work toward a more productive and resourceful future.

Stay blessed!

14 April 2007

Mind dumping

this is one of those random posts...

thanks be to the Almighty for His divine presense in my life

now you've seen the pix, you know why the old commercial used to say "Come back to Jamaica"

for the ladies...Terry McMillian ain't got nuthin on me right?

in spite of the poverty, Jamaica is a beautiful island filled with beautiful and proud people

i ate freshly foods daily and now i have no desire to eat any other food

i was spoiled while on vacation and it felt GREAT!!

seeing my almost 92 year old Gran almost made me cry

spending time on vacay with my cuz reminded me of all the fun we used have and how much i miss those times; now we're gonna start doing it again

i watched The Tyra Banks show about gay athletes and rappers and was so disgusted by the levels of homophobia

one dude said boys wear blue and girls where pink. then please tell me why so many men were sporting pink within the past two years??? huh? splain dat!!!!

there so so many homeboysexuals out there frontin like they're straight that i look at them all with a crooked eye

putting men in "make you straight rehab" is the dumbest thing i've ever heard...don't you think it'll enable the behavior?

Edie, you've become a great friend, you're blogs are both inspiring and amusing, and forgive me for not sending your "package"

BZ, your recent posts have cracked me the hell up

TC, you go head and get that education girl

Honey, stay up sis; you're gonna get your blessings

Rayne "no weapons formed against you shall prosper"

my loyal readers, your constant support continues to inspire and flatter me

lil lady, she continues to make me proud

Terry, you are the man!

T.J, we've been through a lot over the years and we've had our disagreements, but you're a ride or die friend and i know you'll always have my back

babysat my newest youngun and it was hard at first, but i adore that lil man

i'm aggressively working on my shorts to get published

the road ahead may not always be straight, but i welcome the detours as they're just routes to other places

i actually wondered what being in a relationship would be like again...SCARY! And I'm in NO rush

i'm a real woman doing real things

A glimpse of paradise

Sunset over Negril
Dunn's River Falls
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How BluJewel Got Her Bling Back!!!!!!!!

NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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04 April 2007

thoughts compiled

Grateful for the ever loving grace, mercy, and blessings the good Lord gives me

Looking forward to the vacation I’m taking

It's raining like a mutha here and i don't have an umbrella; i am wearing my fly fedora though

Happy that my sister and I have had great conversations and I know I can make her laugh by imitating mother

Happy that in spite of the clouds that the sun will shine

Grateful to my blog readers who still check in to see if I’ve posted

For unexpected phone call that made me smile just when I needed one

Reuniting with old friends and looking forward to meeting up

Enjoying and loving the beautiful children that have been placed in my life

For being a loving, daughter, sister, mother, friend, auntie

The tears I’ve cried made me stronger, wiser, and cleansed

Accepting that bad/disappointing/confusing things happen to good people and it’s okay

Having the resiliency to forge on

Thankful for Hallmark cards/card stores

For having good health, a car to drive, a job to go to, and a roof over my head

Special moments spent with special friends (the lil school bus kind…lol)

For the John Legend featuring Corrine Bailey Rae concert I have to look forward to

The Spa day I have scheduled

The future will be great

Looking forward to the next milestone in my life
Wishing that each and every one of you have a truly blessed Easter and remember the reason behind it is NOT about Easter bunnies, eggs, and candy.