30 December 2009

Last one for 2009 - All kinds of random stuff

I stopped being a martyr and emotional tampon for people. I chose self-preservation over selflessness because there are those who take it for granted.

There are far too many people who should just relinquish their parental rights because having a child does not immediately qualify you to be a parent.

The time we spend coveting what others have instead of being grateful for what we have is a complete waste of time and makes you ignorant to the fact that there are people worst off you than you think you are.

Alcohol on an empty stomach can get you into some serious mischief.

Memory gaps from said alcohol induced mischief is even funnier when you and the other party are giving your own versions of the same incident.

Why? Oh why, do we care so much about the lives of celebrities and not our own families?

I'm in a restaurant that has a communal sink area and this guy finds me attractive and starts talking to me. I'm in the process of brushing my teeth and he's still talking to me. So my question is, why did he think he needed to stand and wait until I was done and try to score for my number? Second, why did he think I was even attracted to him anyway?

On that same topic, why do people assume because they find you attractive, you find them attractive?

I wear my headphones in public even when I'm not listening to music just so people won't talk to me.

Just because I'm not wearing a ring doesn't mean I'm not involved.

How is it that the line you're in is always the slow one, so you change lanes and then that line moves slow.

I'm as nice as you think I am, but harmful if provoked.

I learned the power in the gift of forgiveness.

Great moments of 2009
Love, forgiveness, an improved spiritual walk, and the willingness to take amazing leaps of faith

Lil Lady told me she was proud of me and thanked me for being her mum/bestie

I released myself from emotional bondage

My birthday weekend and my weekend with my twin cousin

The day I joined Macedonia Baptist Church

Knowing I can fall in love again

Writing four amazing poems

Facebook bringing someone/thing new and interesting to my life

My Mother's Day and Birthday card from Lil Lady

Making it through the year without major incident

All good health reports

Continued friendships

My blog family

I wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year. May all of your goals be met. May your prayers be answered. And may love and happiness reign supreme in your lives.

Love to live; live to love! This is not just a catch phrase, but something to truly live by

23 December 2009

Christmas dislikes/likes


People who constantly ask if you're ready for Christmas

Things advertised that aren't in stock

The reason for the season is not honoured

The excessive things that people do

The demand of it all

People asking what I want for Christmas

The lack of real appreciation and honest sentiment

People who only help charities and such at this time of year only

Christmas music playing the day after Halloween

Mall overcrowding and rude people


How Lil Lady always digresses to a childlike state of being

Decorating the house

Wrapping gifts

Buying gifts out of love not obligation


Renewed spiritual walk

My special egg nog

Sharing time with friends/family

Wishing each and everyone a beautiful holiday season. God bless and remember always to love to live; live to love!

21 December 2009

The Madness of Married Men

So, in my last post, I mentioned how I was propositioned by a married man and how I gracefully declined his oh, so generous offer to be his 1st Place Second, His Jump-Off, His Mistress, His Friend with Benefits, F*ck Buddy, or any one of the many names one can assign to someone screwing a married man.

Since declining, he has not withdrawn from engaging in conversation with me even though I clearly stated that he and I could not and would not be more than friends citing that he was cool with it. Well, news flash, he's a gosh damn liar! But who would be surprised by that given that he cheats on his wife.

Save for one conversation, he's found a way to turn everything we talk about into a sexually toned conversation. Now, I'm no prude and am clearly uncensored, so I've replied to some of his inquiries, but always deferred to the man whom I felt the query spoke to. I never, and I do; loud and clearly say, never defer anything to said married man directly or even indirectly. I tell him I have no reason to wonder what he's like in bed. I've stated that I have no desire to entertain such curiosity as it serves neither of us a purpose; yet he continues.

So, after this mornings conversation where he stated he wished he could have be available to put lotion on me and or watch me putting lotion on, I politely said, I was quite capable of performing said job all by myself.

Given that my need for cerebral stimulation far surpasses the trivial and quite frankly rather boring topic of sex, I've grown rather less than enthused with his ability to provide me with the correct form of conversational interaction that I so desire. Therefore, I shall have to "give him the biznezz", quoting my twin cuzzie who is rather adept and telling people about themselves. While I have absolutely no problem giving people the bizness, I usually try to deflect and see if they'll see the error of their ways first. Well, it's apparent that MM just isn't quite getting that I'm not interested in his need to make all conversations sexual, so he's gonna get the bizness.

I'm going to let him know in no uncertain terms that he has 2 choices 1) engage me in a respectable and dignified manner or 2) cease and desist in any future conversation with me.

I can not and will not be party to any form of conduct that could lead to my integrity to be compromised. I shall not be party to his need to be so overtly sexual that he can't have a contain himself in a dignified manner. And finally, I will not allow myself to be demeaned in any manner. I pride myself on being a classy woman and I require that I'm treated accordingly.

I wonder how he'd feel if someone were approaching his wife in the same fashion he's coming at me? Maybe I could arrange that...

And that's my dime in the bucket for today. As always, love to live; live to love!

18 December 2009

My dime in the bucket

So, with the plethora of things going on in the news and world around me, I thought I'd voice my opinion on a few on them.

Issue #1
So, what is the deal with people who have Facebook pages, but don't have a profile pic? What kind of foolishness is that? I mean, it's call FACEbook for a reason, so one would assume that you should have your face up. Furthermore, why do people pic their childhood pix up or pix of their children. Can I tell you how much this pisses me off? I think it's frustrating, annoying, and senseless. If you don't want people to know what you look like NOW then you shouldn't have a damn FB page. Oh, another thing that I can't stand on FB are the people who put pix of themselves up when they were younger and/or more attractive. Don't they think at some point someone will want to do a face to face and then they'll be seen for who they are NOW? Ugh, the unnecessary practices people use for social networking.

Issue #2
No, Tiger Woods is not off limits either, but I'm going to come at it from a different angle. I think Elin knew that he was cheating, but played the doting wife/mother who would never think her husband would do anything like that. I think she is a sneaky little woman who played her hand and then when the proverbial hit the fan, she said, you know what, I've stuck around long enough to get a couple of crotch trophies out the deal and enough money to by a multi-million house back in her native land before the ink is dry on divorce papers. In addition, I'm sure she and at least one of the mistresses were in cahoots to scam, embarrass and extort Tiger.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning what he did, because I think people should honour their vows regardless. I think he was dumb as duck shit and picked the wrong jump offs to mess with. Rule of thumb when you're married and you decide to cheat is that you cheat with someone who has as much as if not more to lose than you do. Granted, there aren't many women who are stacking paper like Tiger is; except Oprah, but dammit, these little stank ass hoes who are saving txts and emails? Really? These tricks knew what the hell they were doing and were just waiting for their day in the tabloids. It's tricks like these that give other Jump Offs a bad rap. I'd like to slap the taste out of all of their triflin asses.

I'm not proud to admit this, but back in my youth, messed with someone's husband, but I made sure I never got pregnant, knew, understood, and respected the rules of engagement, and I damn sure wouldn't put myself in the position where she could put me on blast or where I would use the situation to my gain. Yes, he was someone high profile.

Tiger picked the wrong women and his game of being a cheater were no match for his golf game. Nuff said; moving on.

Issue #3
What is with married men thinking it's their marital right to have affairs? I was propositioned by a married man and I turned him down. It was not only the right thing to do, but I've done the 1st place 2nd thing before and I'll be damned if I ever do that again. My self worth/respect rates a lot more than that position. I'm so sick of men thinking that because they heard there was a shortage of "good black men" that we black women will settle for being the Jump Off. Sadly, I can't fully fault the men for their diminished mindset because if women didn't settle for being 1st place 2nd, then the married men wouldn't have pause to pursue.

I'm also annoyed by the fact that they think they're even good men. How are you married, happily or otherwise, but nonetheless still married, a good guy when you're breaking your vows, compromising your home life and creeping around with another woman; or men in some cases?

Well, that's my Dime in the Bucket for the night.

Enjoy your holidays people and as always love to live; live to love!