21 February 2007

Armed and dangerous!

Today was a good day. My day started with prayer and thanksgiving to my Divine Father. From there my ride to work was blessed with listening to Shirley Cesear singing that "God can take care of it" followed by CeCe Winans singing, "It's Gonna Be Alright". Upon arriving at work, my morning was further blessed by my Daily Word reading "Yes" which spoke of God's blessings and how things were going to be okay. I was armed with a great "breakfast" and was ready to take on my day.

It went progressively well until I made a phone call that would send me into a semi tailspin. Upon the rude and childish termination of the call by the other party, I immediately went into prayer because I was not going to allow myself to be reduce to hells level. I called in some "soldiers" who were armed and ready to jump into the battlefield. After my soldiers fell in line, the situation was for the moment mitigated and all was well. At least for the moment anyway.

Later that evening, as I tried to do my part to put some rationality into the situation, I was met with the devil's incarnate and was called one of the most heinous names you can call a woman and while I was immediately offended, I realized it was another call to action. I put my armor back on and called on my Divine Father and one of my soldiers and we were ready to defend my honor and put some water on hells fire. The situation was once again mitigated; well as much as it can be and I let go and let God do what He needs to do from this point on.

Life has taught me some ugly lessons and exposed me to some ugly people and today I was met with both. Through my faith, I was shown what true resiliency is and I was awestruck by it. I was shown that my friends are the kind that you don't really wanna test when it comes to defending me and mine. I know that the power of being rational even when everything in you is telling you otherwise and most of all, I showed that the power of a woman is nothing to be tested especially when her mind is made up to right a wrong. I'm proud of my will, my determination, my friends, and most of all my faith. I know now more than ever that there is nothing that is brought to me that I can't get through and that a strong mind and sheer determination is better than reducing oneself to the pathetic actions of others.

I lifted this post from jus.b.fli and it's befitting of this post....

"Never expect a blessing without some burdens.
Sometimes the burden is a sign of just how valuable the blessing is.
Don’t let the burden blow the blessing."

After the experience I had, I know there's a great blessing in store for me. Thank you Jesus!!!

20 February 2007

Parent vs. Professional

Last week lil lady wasn’t feeling well and I let her stay home from school. Unfortunately, I had a deadline at work and needed to be there to ensure my work was completed. The entire time I was at work, I worried about lil lady being home alone and prayed that she would not throw up in my bed and also that her condition wouldn’t worsen or require an immediate response. I was wracked with guilt for having left her alone, but Mummy had to work.

Although I have sufficient leave time, I put work first as those I am financially indebted to do not want to her about my sick child if a payment is missed/late or if I’m terminated from my position. Though I’m not at risk for either of two events occurring, there are those who aren’t so fortunate.

It’s so sad that we live in a society that speaks of family first, family tradition, and family values, but we could easily be at risk or fired from our jobs if we take time off to tend to our families. I thought of this on the occasions I called home to ensure lil lady was okay and that she didn’t need anything. To my favor, lil lady is a teen and more than capable for taking care of herself for the most part, but what if she wasn’t? I would have to let the deadline slip and take the entire day off.

To me, age shouldn’t be the defining factor in whether or not one goes to work and leaves their sick child at home. I think I should have simply taken the day off and called to let my lead know why and hope that the deadline could slip or someone else could fill in. My productivity could have been greatly reduced for my worrying, but fortunately, the mistake that I did make was very minor and no one noticed except me anyway. Though that doesn’t sit well with me, my point is clearly made as to what being at work opposed to being at home can cause.

Johnson & Johnson has consistently rated within the top 10 of the top 100 companies for women to work at and it’s also one of the companies I once wanted to work for as they provide many

For the most part, my guilt is over and I felt I did what I needed to do, which was meet the deadline, but go home early to be there for my child. However, there is a still a small part of me that questions why we put work over our families, especially in times of their need.

14 February 2007

Don't hate the playa!

You've all heard the expression "don't hate the playa, hate the game" right? Right! So, why are their still so many hatas out there? For real, I wanna know. Why do we have to hate cause someone else has someone or something we want? We see people who have lavish homes, nice cars, and things of that nature and we immediately think "must be nice" of "how can I be down?" while we never think about how hard those people may have worked to get what they have. Granted there are those who have rob, cheated, and stolen to get their possessions, but there are also many who have worked their asses off for everything. I'll admit that I've made the comment a time or two, but honestly and truly, I really don't covet what others have. I've worked hard for what I have and i credit those who have helped me along the way. I'm thankful for everything I have because I know I've earned it and deserve it. I don't want others to think I've got it so good and life is easy. Nothing in my life has ever been a handout. So, please don't hate; appreciate.

Moving on...

So, why are there still so many hatas? Why can't we be happy for folk? Why can't we consider they might be struggling to maintain what they have. Look at how many millionaires have lost everything because they thought they had it all or because they wanted more than they already have. Greed and covetedness are some powerful things and all too often used frequently.

We look at movie stars, singers, and other people of influence and think of how nice their lives must be, but think about it; would you want cameras in your face every move you make? Would you want someone commenting on your weight; who your dating; what your social life is like? Come on, it's stressfull and for the most part unnecessary. With Britney alone and unhappy, who'd want that life? With Lindsay Lohan in rehab at such a young age, who'd want that? Personally, when I make my loot, I just wanna still be me. Yeah, I'll have some extra change in the bank, but I'll need to use it wisely just in case my popularity runs out. You won't find me with a mini skirt on and no panties hopping out of a car cause I think I'm cute that night or starved for attention. This playa will still be doing hers with the few ride or die's that I have in my life already. I'll hate the game cause I don't do drama and bullshit; it's that simple.

I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this, but I think you get the point. Basically, I'm just tired of the self-deprecation people have because they don't have something they feel entitled to. I'm tired of the hate cause someone has a nicer car, home, bike, boat, job etc. Just do you folk; just do you!

I'm out!

13 February 2007

The Blu Zone

A collection of thoughts and other things on my mind today.

This is the first time since I’ve been in my new position that I’ve had nothing to do.

My daughter’s best friend is the son I never had. Love that kid!

“I wish I knew the truth without search.” Borrowed this from jus.b.fli

I further wish some people would simply leave other people alone.

If the weather people don’t stop teasing with the “it’s going to snow…” bull crap, I’m gonna go to The Weather Channel studios in Tims and a black hoodie.

I want to go out to a restaurant and enjoy a really good 7-course meal. I know that’s a lot of food, but I’m good for it.

I need new clothes, but lack the ambition to go shopping.

One of my best friends thinks she’s alone; she’s not. Got mad love for ya girl!

A long weekend away is a must happen activity.

My Lead (boss lady) and I prayed together this morning and it was fantastic for my disposition.

For those who are believers, do you pray with others at work?

A real friend tells you when you're not looking your best and I appreciated hearing that and taking corrective action. (thank goodness I carry a makeup bag...mascara, lipstick & gloss did wonders for me)

Six months til my military retirement and I can't wait though I'll miss that monthly check.

John Legend is going to be in my tri-state area the same weekend of the family reunion (dad's side)...I really want to see John Legend *sigh*

I hate Valentine's Day! How can you put a price on love and commericalise the emotion? So much is put into a the day and folk'll still act like ass-lesions shortly thereafter. If I love you, I'll love you year round and don't Feb 14th to put a stamp on it.

Today is exactly 7 months til my birthday and I can't friggin wait; it's a big one and I'm sooped!

That's all folks...time for lunch!

07 February 2007

Life and times!

Adversity. I would never have amounted to anything had I not been forced to come up the hard way.—J.C. Penney

This quote is so powerful and I too am glad that the road to my success wasn't paved with hand outs and gimmes. I've earned my status and didn't go through life thinking the world owed me something because I've endured hard times. Life is truly what you make it and I'm happy that I used those rough times as a catalyst to do better instead of whining and complaining.

I'm sure many of you can relate to the quote and now we have to teach those coming up the value of it.

There's too much spoiling of kids, wanting or expecting hand outs, and just being lazy going on instead of a proactive stand being taken. If a homeless man can go on to build a multi-million dollar empire, there are those who can at last get off the street. Granted, there are sometimes statutues and limitations that are beyond ones control, but if you're not at least willing to try, then there's no one to blame but yourself.

Just thought I'd put this out there as I just finished listening to someone baby their 23 year old daughter who bounced a check because she "thought she had time to get her nails done before the check cleared and she made her next deposit". WTF? Yes, people; I really heard that and the parent bailed the kid out by telling her "where there was some cash in the house, but don't tell mommy". That dad is setting his daughter up for failure and she'll never grow up with responsibilities or consequences for her actions.

Adversity is a blessing moreso than a curse!

05 February 2007

Guest blogger...

I made the mistake of opening my blog page with my kid sitting on my lap and she promptly and most efficiently demanded and took over the keyboard. The following is a result of her madness...

so im sittin here wit ma daughter and she is buggin and so am i. she is 14 and is outside her mind. i mean really she has lost it! idk what to do wit her but she is funny. she be wyliin' and always finds ways to make me laugh. im crackin up ash she is writin dis mess. i dont like her most of da time but i love her all da time. i want to fix her effed up typin but she wont let me. im bout to pee ma self from laughin and due to the fact ma 90 lbs. teenager is sittin on ma lap and bein a myspace feen! (( lol syke nah she not)) but anywaysz im in tears from laughin and she is takin this very seriously. she misses her pookie and wont let me use da computer cuz she wants to talk to her boo online but as soon as dat is ova she will be on da phone talkin to him. she wines and complains bout how she "loves him" && "missesz him" but oh well i love it! i jus love bein wit dem crazy a$$ kidsz (( they brightenin up ma stressful life)) i sometimes feel like ringin' ma daughters neck and throwin her across da room but i hold it back! yay me!! i have self control thanksz to anger management (( i even have da certificate)). I sometimes relapse but itsz only a minor one which involves throwin hard painful objects at people. BUT! i say sry and itsz all good...TILL NEXT TIME!!....OK YEA SO IM OUT NIGGASZ. ill get at ya lamesz lata!

blujewel's daughter<3333

P.S...The contents of this post was NOT approved by the blog owner who was threatened with bodily harm if it were deleted.

02 February 2007

Expectations vs Reality

I lifted this from Honey Libra

Expecting life to treat you well because you're a good person; is like expecting an angry bull not to charge you because you're a vegetarian.
--Shari R. Barr

When I read this I first laughed, but then the reality of it set in as being completely true. I'm one of those people who'll do just about anything for anyone without wanting anything in return. I've always been told it's a good quality trait to have; however, I've sometimes found it to work to my disadvantage because people have tended to take advantage of me and/or my kindness.

Nowadays I'm a little less willing to over extend myself for a few reasons
  1. Because it's simply not healthy
  2. It's exhausting to be nice/kind all the time because it can compromise my own happiness
  3. Because sometimes it would be nice to have an action reciprocated
Cashing the reality check was as much needed as my vegetarian ass being charged by the bull. All that aside, I still tend to be a good person, not because I want to be treated in the same fashion I treat others, but simply because that's the type of person I am. I'm not going to go from zero to bitch faster than a Porsche because someone said or did something I don't like. Life consists of shitty things and shitty people and just because I'm a good person, doesn't mean others are. Some people are inherently bad and there's little anyone can do to change them.

My humble opinion is this; if you're a good person, be proud of that. Don't expect others to appreciate or reciprocate it. Do what you do because you wanted to and call it a day.

01 February 2007

CUSStomer Service

I recently received a bill that was intended for me, but was sent to my parents house in Fl. I haven’t lived with my parents in over 20 yrs and I’ve never used their mailing address for anything, so imagine my confusion when mother told me there was a bill for me there. Not only was it a bill, but a Final Notice bill from AOL’s collections dept. Considering I cancelled my service well over a year ago, imagine my shock at even receiving a bill, much less one in arrears. In addition, they hadn’t sent any previous correspondence to me.

I promptly called the number to inquire about the alleged charges and was told they didn’t know why the bill was sent to Fl, nor could they help me, but I should call another number and they could. I called the 2nd number and got nowhere fast; other than a pissy ass mood. (by now, I feel my blood boiling) I then called a 3rd number, more of the same ensued and I was even more pissed than before. (can you say, blood is curdling in my veins) I went on to call yet another number and by this time, someone was gonna get the wrath of me (and did). The moron (and that’s being polite) not only tells me that his supervisor is with someone else, he says my paying the bill will resolve the issue. WTF x infinitum!!!!!!! Pay a bill of which I’m DISPUTING? He couldn’t have been serious, so I ask him if he’s serious and the dumb ass says yes. My ordinarily low blood pressure just reached terminally high in less than 2 seconds and I insisted he find a way to aid in my resolution before I reach through the phone and choke him. He gives me a fax number to send the bill to with an explanation as to why I’m disputing it.

The very next day, (cause I was too freaking pissed to do it that night); I send the fax. Mind you, this is now going on two weeks and you’d think these effa’s would have made some contact right? WRONG!!!

And folk wonder why they get cussed out and businesses get reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). That’s my next course of action and it won’t be the first time I’ve done that.