24 February 2010

New Tat

On my back right side, by my shoulder.  The words are in Sanskrit and mean Love, Trust, Harmony.  This makes #12.

It's all possible!

Favourite song of the moment

It's all possible!

18 February 2010


You came back into my life
And from day one
Effortlessly peeled away the layers
Until you reached my innermost sanctum
Taking up residency like a stubborn squatter
As if my soul was where you were supposed to be
© 2010

It's all possible!

17 February 2010

Right Now

It's not a new song, but dammit if it's not a good one. I found it while searching for some decent music to listen to. It's perfect for those moments when you want to just kick back and chill. Check it out and thank me later ;-)

It's all possible!

16 February 2010

enough already

This is what my house looked like during the last snow storm on 6 Feb.  We got more snow later in the week on Wednesday and Thursday.  We're starting to thaw out now and you can actually see my street and driveway etc.  I'm praying there' be no more snow or those of you who live in a warm state will be getting a house guest.

It's all possible!

15 February 2010


This post was inspired by Luv.

In the comment to my last post, Luv gave me compliment on my current pic and said, "yeah i looked at your pic and instantly was like what's wrong with these guys. you are gorgeous (no homo").

Why is it that we have to put a disclaimer on giving someone a compliment? Has society gotten that far out of control that we can't give someone of the same gender a compliment without being thought of as "homo"?

I think it's half past ridiculous that we're taking 'politically correctness' to this extreme. In fact, there is nothing I deem politically incorrect about giving someone a damn compliment. If someone is pretty, sexy, or whatever the verb of the day is and you want to speak on it, then dammit; speak on it. No one should have to preface what they're saying; especially when they're saying something nice.

I'm so sick and tired of everything having to have some kind of preface or disclaimer to it when it comes to everyday people, but if we're referring to a celebrity, it's okay to say they're whatever the complimentary very is for them. Don't try to sell me London Bridge cause 1) it doesn't exist and 2) it damn sure isn't in London and 3) I don't have that kind of cash anyway.

My point is, when you come to iS iT jUsT mE? you can whatever you'd like in response to my pix or what I post without prefacing it. Just know that if you come at me sideways without just cause, I'm going to give it back to you. I welcome debate, I just ask people to not use profanity or resort to name calling when trying to make their point.

Now, that all being said, please don't refrain giving someone a compliment if you feel they deserve it and certainly don't preface it as it then becomes backhanded and insincere.

That's my jewel dusting for the day and thanks again to Luv for the inspiration.

It's all possible!

14 February 2010

It's a little sweeter!

Okay, since my last post, I've been hit by more snow than a woman a should have to shovel, but oh well, the good of the bad is that my arms, shoulders and back are in optimal condition.

Thank you all for your support and such with my last post and here's an update to that.

Since, The Him's email, we've continued to communicate as friends, although some of our conversations have taken not just a left turn Albuquerque; but went up the mountain too. How? You might ask, so I shall tell...

I volunteered to update his resume as he's going through some things at work and is seeking new employment. In doing so he thanked me and I replied saying, "my pleasure" and he sighed. Naturally, I was concerned and asked what could be wrong. He replied, "nothing I can fix right now". Me being me, said some encouraging things to boost his spirits thinking it was work related. A few minutes later, he said, "thanks. lol. It's YOU!" I blushed every hue of red, realizing the impact of what he said and meant. *cue Hawa's comment about "his little experiment*!

Anyhoo, the conversation went back and forth about his feelings for me and how connected he feels to me. This line of conversation went on for almost a week and it's blatantly obvious that his feelings are like the still river running deep and it's only the distance (he's on the left coast if I didn't mention that before) that's the problem.

So, here I am with feelings deep enough to swim in and I'm cool with that. I take comfort in knowing that the feelings involved are completely mutual and his honesty makes him even more attractive. We've lyrically spoken which is another effective means of our on-going communication and that in itself is rather attractive. *cue the harps and angels*

In closing, I'll say that this is probably the best relationship I've never had and I'm enjoying every waking minute of it. It feels good to feel and it's even better to know that there's reciprocity involved. Those who are in my innermost circle are all sending positive vibes into the universe and they're all conspiring in my favour to ensure that "his little experiment" does not produce favourable results and he becomes mine; all mine and the distance will be replaced.

It's great to have such wonderful cheerleaders in my life. *high kicks and pom-poms in the air*

There you have it readers; another update in the life of Blu Jewel.

Oh, B2B how'd do you like this pic?

It's all possible!

02 February 2010


Well, as you all know I’d fallen for an old friend and things between us were good. The distance as we both knew would present us with a problem. In spite of it, we managed to maintain and sustain good communication and correspondence.

It was known that we’d both been dating other people off and on; however, it didn’t take away from what we felt for each other. I had the biggest challenge of all because I’d prayed with my entire being that he’d be mine for keeps this year. The few people who knew the intricate details surrounded me with their support and encouraged me to allow myself to feel and fall; especially given what the former Him had taken me through.

I have absolutely no regrets for opening my heart and emotions and allowing myself to fall completely in love. Hell, I needed to experience it to know that I could in fact love someone other than the Former and the feelings go requited without compromise.

Well, last night; in the most sincere and even romantic of ways, the current Him said that he and the woman he’d been seeing on and off had discussed becoming monogamous and he was going to give it a go. Naturally, this is not what I wanted to hear; however, in the spirit of honesty and the respect for our friendship, how could I take the news that would bruise my heart badly? Yes, believe me, it felt like a mule kicked me in my gut, but again, he was open and honest with me and that means far more to me than losing him. The reality is that I haven’t lost him entirely; we’re still friends and will remain as such. We’ll continue to correspond; we just have to do it within different confines. I will not flirt and/or be suggestive in any way as that defiles both my integrity and his pending relationship.

I sincerely wished him well with his decision and told him that I hope she treats him well or she’ll have me to deal with. *lol* You know I had to go there.

All jokes aside, I can only love and respect him more for his candor and honesty and it attests to the wonderful man that he is inside and out. He even stated that ordinarily he’d just stop communicating, but his affinity toward me prevented him from doing that and I deserved the truth. Wow!

So, there you have it; the update on my love status. I guess I’ll resume my seat on the back of the bus and keep riding until it’s worth getting off again.