16 March 2006

Going postal!

Okay, so I'm sitting here wondering why in the _(%#)&%)#%*&)#* (x infinity of expletives) can't folk just do their effin jobs right when they're in a position of Human Resources? For the past 4 hours I've been waiting for the alleged HR person, and I say alleged because the trick apparently can't do her effin job, to get back to me. First, she only gives me partial information as to my claim and you know you don't effs with folk and their money. And then the trick takes all effin day (4 hrs and counting) to email the damn file. WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFF*****CK?
It's shit like this that make folk black out and shoot up the work place. I mean, come the freak on already. If she were on top of her game and/or doing her damn job I wouldn't be sitting her ready to ring her effin neck until she shit herself. It's taking all the restraint known to mankind for me not to call her and leave a scathing message regarding her lack of professional apptitude in handling sensitive matters.
I used to wonder (well, sometimes) why people lost it and completely blacked out at work; thus causing a hostile and dangerous work environment, but right now, I completely understand.
Steps away from the pc and looks for something to calm the nerves!

09 March 2006

Reading in bathrooms

Okay, this is one for the fellas. Can you please explain to me why it's necessary to take the newspaper or some other reading material to the bathroom with you? A friend brought this dirty and annoying habit to my attention.

So, in her office there is a public newspaper, which is left in the break area. A couple days ago, she saw a coworker seize the paper on his way to the mens room. Now, it's obvious that he didn't go in there to piss or he wouldn't have taken a newspaper; well unless he planned on performing some amazing feat while pissing...I don't even want to try to imagine that. Anyhoo, I am still trying to decipher the need to read and poop.

It's bad enough that germs and bacteria exist just about everywhere, but does one really need to share them with fellow coworkers even more so? I think not. Going to the bathroom to shit, should be just that. Go in; shit; wipe your ass, wash your hand, and go on about your business. All I can see in my head is some dude going into the stall with the paper under his arm as he pulls his pants down and sits on the seat. He starts reading the paper as he grunts his shit out. I'm not sure where he puts the paper (probably on the floor ) as he wipes his ass and pulls his pants up. Now, the paper is contaminated at this point; more so than before because of the fecal matter that could be on dude's hands. Said newspaper is carried back out to the breakroom and dropped off after the read-n-shit activity and left for some other man to take into the restroom or some other unsuspecting coworker to pick up and play in someone else's shit. Say it with me people cause I know you're thinking it...."THAT'S EFFIN NASTY!"

Shaking my damn head wondering the the mens room on my floor has a book shelf in it!!!

08 March 2006


Those of you who know me, know I like to keep things simple; live a simple life; and believe that it's the simple things that make life more abundant. In keeping with this mindset, a friend surprised me with a beautiful act of simplicity.
As I check the mail everyday, I say, "I wonder if my million dollar check is in the mail today?" Now, I'm not stupid enough to think that someone will mail me a check for a million dollars; it's a metaphoric and self-amusing interogatory. What I mean is, will I get something other than a bill? Something that will make me smile and/or brighten my day. Well, yesterday I got that million dollar check. As I retrieved the mail and purused through the junk and bills, I saw a card with no return address, addressed to me. I looked at the postmark, the date, and then at the handwriting trying to figure out who sent it. After a minute, I smiled as I recognized the handwriting, (purposely altered I'm sure) and went in the house to see what it said. It was beautiful! It was a beautiful card to let me know she was thinking about me; wishing me well, and letting me know that all can be right in my world. No, I'm not going through anything in particular; it was just one of those cards that says all the right things to make you smile. I did!
Later that evening as I thanked my friend for the card, my daughter overheard the conversation and asked why the card was sent to me and it was explained that I think people should get back in the habit of sending snail mail. My daughter looked perplexed and it was further broken down to her that with the introduction of the Net and email, that people have deferred from simple forms of contact...MAIL...HANDWRITTEN CARDS AND LETTERS. She then understood and smiled because she too is a connoisseur of card selecting like her mother. While e-cards are quick and efficient; spending time in a card store and reading through the various selections for just the right one, makes all the difference.
I would like to thank my friend again for her caring and for random act of simplicity. It's those tender touched in life that makes all the grey skies blue and make sunny days out of cloudy ones. In the words of the Sesame Street jingle, "Sunny days; chasing the rain away..." How many of us will be emotional meteorologists today? Go for it! Just do it! A random act of simplicity or kindness can make the difference in someone's day...including your own.
Be blessed!

02 March 2006


We've all experienced the heartbreak of a failed relationship or a crush gone unrequited, but neither of them compare to the heartbreak caused by your child. It's not like adult relationships where you can walk away and not have to look at the person that broke your heart and caused you so much pain; with a child, you have to stay. You have to stick it out and mend the fence. This is why she considers what she's going through the greatest heartbreak of all. How does she look at her child quite the same again? How does she look at her child who's hurt is evident in her pained and tear-filled eys and not want to just erase what happened? She can't! She has to use it as a learning tool; a means to make her child a better person. My friend says she has to contain her own pain; her own heartache; and do what's in the best interst of raising her child right. Talk about sacrifice! I hurt for my friend, but at the same time I applaud her unselfish love and devotion in order to ensure her child does not yield again to the things that got her in trouble in the first place.

My friend said what she's experiencing with her child as the greatest and most painful heartbreak she's ever gone through. Finding out her child had been lying, living a dual persona, and was being deceitful in a number of ways, shattered the image that she had of her child and the image the child had been portraying. While she never maintained the position that her child could do no wrong, but she felt comfortable in saying she had a good child and felt they were close enough to endure almost anything together; after all that was the luxury her child afforded her. Now that trust has been broken; along with her heart, my friend now has to try to pick up the pieces and move on. She has to punish and restrict her child, question everything that comes out of her childs mouth for truth, and do it all with love and compassion. How hard is that? What pain she must be going through.

Fortunately, my friend has a good support system and another family whom she's close to to help both her and her child through this trying time. I truly do believe it takes a village to raise a child and we need to revert back to that practice. I recall when I was younger getting in trouble and a neighbor told my mother what I did. I got in trouble two-fold, but it taught me a valuable lesson and it also showed me that someone outside of my family cared enough about me to tell on me. The neighbor could have said nothing, but I would never have learned that what I was doing was wrong and my actions had consequences.

Times have changed and people are more disconnected than ever, but if we care anything about children and their futures, we all need to lend a hand and be there for a child and even the parents.

01 March 2006

"What I can do for you!"

This blog was inspired by a friend's comment to a previous post (Social Skills).

I'm going to hurt some men's feelings with this one, but I have to say what I have to say. If this doesn't apply to you, then don't comment with your pissy attitude on me male bashing. However, if the shoe fits, get to steppin'! (lol) Here goes...

So, as I said in my Social Skills post, I'm tired of hearing "I can do this; I can do that for you". Yeah okay! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not stuck up, think I'm too good, or conceited, I'm simply more selective. When you know for a full fledged fact that you don't have jack shit to offer than a roll in the hay (if that's even worth it), a cheap date, and idle banter why even approach a woman who (though looks can be deceiving) appears to have it all together. This woman needs a lot more than that and if you had all that or were all that, you wouldn't need to brag about it; the evidence would speak for itself.

I recall an instance in my college days when this guy, (I'll call him Paul) was in hot pursuit of me. At first, he came off with the right qualities, but had this awful habit of bragging about himself and what a good catch he thought he was. This began to wear on me and I kept avoiding dates with him. One day he wore me down and I agreed to go out. Fortunately for good sense, I opted to drive myself instead of him picking me up. Over dinner, Paul commenced to tell me "what he could do for me". "I can get you this, I can get you that. I can take you here." And it went on and on. Though in college, I was pretty resourceful and was doing a good job of taking care of myself. I had good credit, was keeping my grades up, had a job, had a good social life, traveled all over the country and really didn't want for much. That aside, Paul kept throwing what he could do for me in my face and I'd had enough. I reached into my purse, pulled out enough money to cover the cost of my meal and stood up with these words spewing from my mouth, "...there ain't much you can do for me than I'm already doing for myself. In fact, the only thing you can do for me if fuck me, but you'll never get the chance cause I've got hands a vivid imagination. So, now that's established, have a nice evening. I'm leaving." His mouth fell open and for the first time all evening he had nothing to say.

I'm not one of those women who feels that she doesn't need a man, but I damn sure don't need a man telling me what he thinks he can do for me. I work, pay my bills, can do manual labor, and ain't afraid of breaking a nail. With all the sex toys on the market, I could probably fuck myself pretty good too. (ladies stop laughing; and men, pick your jaws up). Yeah, it's that damn serious! How would your average man feel if a woman approached him with some triflin comment like that? A man with some good damn sense in his head, would be like, "what the? Bitch please!" No one wants to hear that shit. Game recognizes game, so if you're coming correct, a woman of good and discerning character will pick that up; but when men come with that triflin bullshit, women ain't hearing you. Well, not one with some sense of sense and sensibility.

Now, that I've said my piece (though I could go on), I'm out.