22 July 2008

I Want A Love...

Thanks to Don, I came across a wonderful poem that is a MUST read. I want that kind of... by Charles.

It reminded me of a poem I wrote some years ago. Because of Charles, I've decided to share it.

I want a Love

I want a...
I want a love...
I want a love that existed way before time and will last long after it has past
I want a love that you have to travel to the ends of the universe and back to understand its depth
I want a love that makes you envelop yourself in an ocean of water only to die and be reincarnated in a different country so that I could love you in a different language.

I want a …
I want a love...
I want a love that defies sense a logic and renders me helpless every time you’re near
I want a love that makes me full even if I haven't eaten because I am consumed by the mere sight of you
I want a love that fuels my fire so much that just thinking of you makes me hot
I want a love that makes me cry every time I go to sleep because I can't see you
I want a love that makes me just want because you make me insatiable

I want a …
I want a love...
I want a love that makes years feel like months, months feel like weeks, weeks feel like days, days feel like hours, hours feel like minutes, minutes feel like seconds so I would never feel like I'm away from you.
I want a love that turns syllables into words, words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, so that no matter what I say, it sounds like I love you.
I want a love that has a foundation strong enough to hold the weight of the world and the universe that surrounds it.

I want a ...
I want a love...
I want a love that makes everyday a ceremony for the sound of your voice is music to my ears
I want a love that makes me feel like I'm in a garden for every time I thought of you flowers bloomed
I want a love where you were my compass and I would never be lost and always be lead back to you

I want a...
I want a love...
I want a love that allows my thoughts of you to became stars so on a clear night you could look up at the sky see how much I love.
I want a love that allows me to sleep through dark and dangerous nights because as long as I'm near I know I'm safe.
I want a love that allows oceans and seas to become puddles and ponds because you are on the other side.

I want a …
I want a love...
I want a love where being incarcerated would seem like freedom knowing you're still there for me
I want a love where being naked is just a state of being because I'll always be covered with your love
I want a love that welcomes the darkness for that's when the stars shine the brightest and I know your love is above me
I want a love that allows us to speak volumes even when we're not talking

I want a...
I want a love...
I want a love that would allow me to change the promise that the rainbow made and instead of a pot of gold I would find you.
I want a love so beautiful that every paradise in the world wishes that it was their resting place.
I want a love so undefined that Webster just reference it instead of trying to define it.
I want a love ...

I want a …
I want a love...
I want a love so pure that virginity would take on a whole new meaning
I want a love so divine that is took second place next to God
I want a love that speaks for itself where even if I wasn't near you, you could still hear me
I want a love...

I want a love like this.
I want to love like this.

© Blu Jewel

19 July 2008

Completely Blu

The past two years have been an amazing growth process for me and the past year has been even more amazing in terms of my life's experiences. The following poem is a culmination of my journey as best I could capture it when it was written. It's the first poem I've written solely in the past year and I'm sharing it with you. Enjoy

As the pieces of the puzzle assemble

And the links of my life meet

Finally forming a unified compilation of me

No longer fractured by torment, pain, or neglect

Seeing the scars both real and imagined

As battle wounds from a war waged

Rendering me the victor; not victim

Now fully open to accept and receive

The blessings set before me

To know and understand the difference

Between living and existing

Knowing when to hold on or let go

And possess the ability of losing myself within myself

Instead of to another for their gratification

While unfulfilling my own

Allowing myself room to grow;

Accepting that life is ever changing

And not always in a bad way

Tendering the ability to let my guard down

And not feel naked without reason

Believing that I truly am a queen

And my king will come in search of his missing rib

To know and trust in the possibility of love

And believe in the hand willing to catch me

Realizing fear is nothing but the blinding

Of feelings unused to being surfaced

And the blocking of love and life

That’s ready and willing to be embraced

Empowered by the willingness to simply be me

I teeter to the edge; contemplating the fall

Encouraged by a leap of faith

I learn to spread my wings

© Blu Jewel 2008

15 July 2008

Just Think

I had a couple of things on my mind to post about today and just when I thought I was going to post one of them, I got this quote in my inbox...

Just Think
You’re here not by chance,
But by God’s choosing.
His hand formed you
And made you the person you are.
He compares you to no one else –
You are one of a kind.
You lack nothing that
His grace can’t give you.
He has allowed you to be here
At this time in history
To fulfill His special purpose
For this generation.

--Roy Lessin

With all the negativity surrounding us that leads to self-doubt and self-defication, I think this quote can change the way we view ourselves and make a difference in how we let others view us. We live in a day and time that's surrounded by so much conflict, turmoil, and negatively on a small and large scale that it's so easy to fall apart. Roy Lessin's words show us that we are so much more than the sum of our parts and that we can rise above and aspire to be the children of God who can/will make a difference not only to ourselves, but an entire generation.

In reading this quote, I thought about Barack Obama and how he is in some ways a living example of the words. His running for presidency is an effect on things not happening by chance and how we're ready as people to be a part of an historical movement. Life is not about color, race, gender, or the superficialities that we're attaching ourselves to; instead it's about being a part of a global bond on humanity plain and simple.

Let us each take a moment to Just Think and then "just be".


14 July 2008

It is well with my soul!

Whenever things seem to want to go wrong, it tends to want to happen quickly and heavily. As you read from my last post, I encountered a problem at my home, which required immediate attention and took my out of my budget. I prayed on the situation and asked God to show me the way. I give thanks for the challenges I've faced in my life because as the quote says, "...you are greater than any obstacle"; however, there are days when I still feel the turbulence coursing through my veins and I don't know how I'm going to calm it down. Naturally, I reach out to my heavenly father because I know He's got the answers and will show me the way. I also know that there are angels here who are used through Him to be the calm in the storm, to lend a hand; an ear; or a shoulder.

This morning was full of turbulence and I reached out for my Bible and read Psalms 4 and the first few chapters of Psalms 5 and immediately felt relaxed and drifted into a short but deep slumber. After getting up, I read Believer 1964's blog that she posted July 13 and after listening to Wintley Phipps sing It Is Well With My Soul, I knew God had used her to guide and calm me. It was from her blog that I took the quote I've used in this post. I read the scripture she has under the quote (Romans 8:28) and again was moved my how He knew what I needed to read.

Tears welled in my eyes and flowed as I received the song into my heart and soul and accepted the words as my personal blessing.

Fellow bloggers, life is a temporary assignment (saw that on a t-shirt) and we have to live it well. God is the way maker and never gives us more than we can handle. I thank each of you for your contributions in my life. Though I may not know you all personally, I still know that you have all been or will be us for a purpose.

Please take a moment to visit Believer 1964's blog because she truly is a God send to me and I know you can find something for yourself in the July 13th post.

Let all be well with your soul today.


09 July 2008


Being a homeowner isn't easy and being a homeowner on an extremely limited buget is even harder. Well, the other day I took on a plumbing project hoping to relieve the downstairs toilet from backing up. After what I thought was a successful endeavor, I found out that the problem was greater than the work I'd done.

I called the company that maintains my septic system and scheduled service for tomorrow (Thursday). During the conversation, something told me to ask if they could come out today. I was told they could get someone out and she'd call when they were 20 minutes from my home as that's how long it would take me to get home from work. I pulled up the same time as the contractor pulled onto my street.

A pleasant looking young black man (now, I made reference to his race solely because I've never seen or had a person of color provide this service) got out and I proceeded to tell him what was wrong and he took to fishing around for the tank head. I told him the one he'd opened initially was the one that was used prior, but he said that wasn't the right one. He prodded the yard until he found what he was looking for and started digging.

I asked a series of questions regarding what he was doing and he explained that the solid waste had not been pumped and only the liquid had been removed in all of my previous services and that was why I found my system needing pumping at least twice a year. Naturally, I was a little ticked at having been duped by the company I formerly used, but was more grateful that I now knew the cause of the problem with the system. I was even more grateful that he only charged for the minimum service, which gave me a huge discount in what he'd done. Yes, I prayed on the spot and gave thanks for the largess imparted upon me.

I've been receiving emails and such telling me to hold on; stay strong; and let God lead and handle things. I shared that with the guy and he smiled and said, "no problem. I don't want to see you have to go through anymore stress." I thanked him profusely again and told him that he was a God send, a prayer answered, and a true blessing to my day.

I had to share this as a testimony to how wonderful God is and how He'll work his miracles. He knew I really didn't have the extra money to put out, but found a way to get the service done at minimal cost. God is good always in ALL ways!



I'm not sad or discouraged because I know the works He has for me, but it's fair to say that I'm a little disappointed at the moment. I read this in my Daily Word is and it kind of sums up my need.

It was only a brief little note,
Or a word that was prayerfully spoken,
Yet not in vain, for it soothed the pain
Of a heart that was nearly broken. —Anon.

Hope can be ignited by a spark of encouragement.

Please extend a small prayer in my favor to give me continued strength and the encourgement to forge on ever thankful and ever sure.


08 July 2008

PSA - Good deal!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is an awesome book and one that should be read by everyone; especially those who want to improve their lives and see their dreams become reality.

Now, through July 14th, iTunes is offering the audiobook for free. Yes, I said, FREE! This is a $21.95 value and something that you can not only add to your iTunes and iPod. It's over 4hrs in length, so I doubt you'll be able to burn it to CD.

I hope that you will sieze the opportunity and download a book that has sold over 100 million copies worldwide and become a little more consciously aware.


01 July 2008

It's just me!

Relaxation doesn't come much better than this.

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more vacation pix

These were taken at Sandals Resort, Whitehouse, Jamaica.

Yes, I made my rounds!

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vacation pix

Taken at Sandals Resort, Negril, Jamaica

Maybe these pix will bring some peace and tranquility to your day. Maybe it will inspire you to take a vacation. Or maybe it'll be a momentary escape from your current state of being.

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