04 December 2008

i hear dumb people

I was in Tuby Ruesday (as it became affectionately called after a few too many drinks) and I overheard a few guys talking about hooking up and things they consider deal breakers. The convo went something like this. All names created for ease of discussion.

Tom: When I'm hooking up, I want the girl with the cute friends and try to make it a group activitiy.

John: I want a girl who's gonna let the alcohol rule.

Mike: Yea, that's great, but who wants a girl with her own condom stash?

::enter crickets::

John: Whatcha saying dude?

Tom: A girl with her own condoms is cool. That means you've got more to party with.

Mike: Nah dude. If she's got her own stash that means she probably sleeps around.

::enter crickets again. a few stifled laughs and me with a WTF? expression::

John: Dude, you're an ass. Whadya mean she probably sleeps around? Safe sex is good. Safe and easy sex is even better.

Tom: Yea, if ya hooking up, you want it to be stress free and who wants to be all hot and bothered and then worry about condoms.

Mike: But that's not cool dude.

Okay, so by now my mind is going a mile a minute and I'm like, how dumb is Mike really? Being completely gobsmacked by the nonsense coming out of Mike's mouth that I continue to listen adn he tries to prove his point.

Mike: I mean if I'm hooking up and I'm at her place, I don't want her reaching into the drawer and going through an assortment of condoms. That makes her look easy and cheap.

John: Man, are you hearing yourself? You're a f*cking moron. If you're hooking up, the girl is probably easy in the first place dude, so you better be happy that she's got her own stash or you could get more than an easy lay.

::Tom and John high five. Mike ponders::

Mike: Yeah, but girls aren't supposed to be ready to hook up. We're men and we're sposed to be in charge and ready for the show.

I've now had my second beer and I'm trying to convince myself that the beer is taking control of my mental accuities and I"m really not hearing the crap Mike's spewing.

Tom: Dude with that attitude you shouldn't even be hooking up. You're too stupid to see and opportunity and take it.

John: Yea, and this way you get to either use more; if you can stay hard that long ::huge laughter:: or you'll have more of your own left for another time.

Mike: F*ck you! I don't care what you say. I don't want no girl who's got her own condom stash.

Fortunately, my friends joined showed up and saved me from anymore of the boylsheet that was coming from Mike. I couldn't believe he was that equally dumb and naive to think that the girls he was hooking up with werent easy and weren't smart enough to be responsible about their looseness. I replayed the conversation for my friends who shared in the concensus that Mike would be most likely to either get an STD or someone pregnant from a hook up.

It's sad that there are people who really think that women shouldn't have their own condom supply or might be offended by it. In this day and age, you can't be too careful with the person you're already in a relationship with let alone someone you're just hooking up with.

I'd rather see dead people than hear dumb ones.


02 December 2008

song i'm feeling...bad!

since entering my 40's i realize that my sexual appetite had become quite voracious. While I'm not nearly as active as I'd like to be; sex is still something that i find wanting to engage in with some frequency.

I wasn't paying attention to the lyrics of The Hunger - Eric Benet until this morning and the lyrics sounded so much like how I'd be with that special someone. Tell me what you think of them.
Still wanting me... still hungry

Now the first kiss was the one
that left me seeing just how deep your into me.
Surprised by your intensity, I couldn't believe.

Now the next kiss happened 7 days ago
that's when I started letting go
dropped my guard and let you know
i was ready for more.

Oh, thats when I took you home
and i wasn't quite ready for how you came
words can't explain
the pleasures we've explored.

oh, we've been making love 6 nights strong
and i can't believe just how long you can go
i'm ready for more of the hunger in your soul

{Chorus} Girl you're blazing like you never get enough of me
its amazing and i'm loving that you're
still wanting me... you're still hungry

You keep rising like you're never gonna reach the top
I'm not trynna make you stop because you're
still wanting me... still hungry

Now the first time was amazing like I said.
Like nothing I've seen, done or read Colors
and music played in my head I wasn't prepared

Now the next time happen when i finally caught my breath
I saw the sweat drip off your chest.
Girl you inspire my very best
and I gave nothing less

and it seems
with every conversation in between
i get a little more attracted
when you open up your mind girl I find your
perception of the world coincides with mine.

and I tried to let the fever in me subside
but every time i see that little look in your eye
i come back to life
and I rise, I rise, I rise, ohhhh

From the bedroom to the kitchen,
up against the wall Still I hear your body call because y
ou're still wanting me, and you're still hungry

From 100 miles an hour back to slow motion
I'm the waves up on your ocean
cause your still wanting me, and you're still hungry

{bridge} Did you know that you smile when you're asleep?
is it there all the time...
or only when you're with me?
When the morning sun shines on your face
Let me be the first breath you take.

{repeat chorus til end} Girl you're blazing
like you never get enough of me its amazing
and i'm loving that
you're still wanting me... you're still hungry

You keep rising like you're never gonna reach the top
I'm not trynna make you stop because
you're still wanting me... still hungry