25 September 2007

Inner Peace

I thought I'd share some of the things I've learned and have been learning while not blogging....

How do you know when you have gained inner peace in your life?

  • You begin to draw emotional boundaries which negative/toxic people cannot cross.
  • You stop giving your power, time, money, body and sanity away to people and conditions that can steal your joy and your purpose.
  • You begin to simplify your life.
  • You begin to value quiet time.
  • You don't feel insecure if you are alone.
  • You begin to trust yourself more.
  • You begin to trust God more.
  • Your choices in food, fun, family and friends changes for the better.
  • You sleep better because you let go of worry.
  • You spend time with the people and activities that bring out your best.
  • You don't spend a lot of energy trying to fix or rescue other people.
  • You change what you can and what cannot be changed, "it is what it is."
  • You have gratitude for the things God has brought you through and not dwell on the things He didn't do.
  • Life lessons learned help you to bounce back with more resiliency after setbacks, disappointments or loss.
  • You focus less on the mess and stress and have more gratitude for your blessings and success.
  • You are liberated from shame, anger, fear and guilt.

03 September 2007

A quick note

Since my "dimming the lights" post, so much has happened that i feel like my life has been on the Autobahn (German highway). Thinking back to just a week ago is almost a hard task, but I'm well. My transitioning has gone well so far, but the road ahead is still on "take it one day at a time".

Prayer, faith, and inspiration keeps me going and I thank those of you who've continued to drop by and leave notes or send email. I love you all for that.

Great things are in the works for me and I can feel my gem light powering up for it's reentry into the world both virtual and literal.

Looking forward to having you all there to share in in.