30 October 2007


When taking new steps in life, you realize that the only path you can walk is your own. You can't follow the direction someone else wants for you because it's not your destiny. Knowing this and owning it can cause some malaise with others, but you must remain diligent and forge on your way.

One must truly be true to themselves and own whatever they know themselves to be. Living for someone else will only cause pain and contention as you're not being authentic and if you can't love yourself for whom you are, you can't expect to be loved in return. Well, at least not in the manner you feel you deserve. Life is about acceptance. It's about knowing someone's flaws and loving or liking them in spite of. We can love someone and not like them for something they've said or done, but at the end of the day, love should always prevail. Human compassion should allow us to see past our own selfishness or misgivings on a person on situation. Life as we know is short. Brushes with our mortality are only a breath away and who wants to live their life in a manner that's not conducive to their own happiness. We can not and will not get everything we want in life and we certainly can't appreciate something good if we've never experienced something bad. The trials in life surely become triumpths. We must remove the rose colored glasses and look at life with both eyes.

My heart if full dear ones. The proverbial fork in the road is trying to deter me, but I can not allow it to win. I must continue on and allow myself to see the forest for the trees, to take time to enjoy and appreciate the many splendors around me, and bottom line; I must simply just be me. I am only as weak as I allow myself to yeild. I am a beautiful child of God and He made no mistake in creating me. I keep His words close in mind where He leads, I will follow.

Proverbs 2:6-11


Don said...

Your post reminds me of something me and my cousin talked about just a few weeks ago.

I remember asking him how does he not allow the problems between him and his wife to get him down. He admitted that it does get him down, but doesn't wear his heart on his sleeves. Once he walks out the front door, he stated how he continues to hold his head up because he still has see where God continues to lead him.

After I thought about it ... I realize how it made sense

Sweetstickychewy said...

This post blessed me. Thank you for it.:D Cheeries!

Rosemarie said...

Wisdom with full knowledge and understanding, a treasure! You're pouring out as I had hoped.

Giving Him thanks brings us closer. Amen!

You are unique and your life a testimony. Keep the faith!

Blu Jewel said...

Don - it's good to hear that there are others who'll walk in spite of the obstacles in their path.

sweet - i'm happy this post made you feel so goo.

Rosemarie - I have to give thanks to Him that preserves me. My faith is my anchor.

Darius T. Williams said...

Well now...the doors of the church are open!