05 November 2008

Awed, humbled, and thankful

Words are something I'm usually not at odds with, but I truly am on the verge of being speechless in regard to our President-elect Barack Obama. Not only am I happy to have been a part of this electoral process, but having lil lady txt me her vote because she couldn't do it herself, showed me that she's actively participating in what will be her future.

I think about my Godchildren and how their future has more promise than ever before and when they're told that they can be anything they put their hearts and minds to, I know it's not said with a bitter pill on my tongue.

I'm not simply awed and humbled by Barack Obama, but by his wife, Michelle. Her unwavering poise, grace, support, and love for her husband eminated each and every time she was interviewed or gave speech. She truly is That Woman! Their children are beautiful and I'm sure grounded and focused on being more than historical pawns; though they're still a bit young to fully understand and appreciate what's happening. I feel confident saying that their parents will continue to center themselves on them and provide the foundation of family for them; one in which I pray we will strive to aspire to.

I received this picture and tears came to my eyes as I saw the warmth and love radiate amongst them.

God bless this family, their future, and all the lives they've touched and will touch.


Keith said...

I feel the same way BG...How have you been? It's so nice to see that you're posting again..

Darius T. Williams said...

This is a really great moment in time - isn't it?

Wendy said...

Hi Blu,I am so proud, I can't stop smiling. This is truly a wonderful time in our lives.

Lena said...

I was truly moved almost to tears by this passage. Thank you for writing this, I feel the same way.

Eb the Celeb said...

Aren't they the most beautiful first family that you've ever seen! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Obama's victory goes to proof that 'cos it seems no one has done it before, it does not mean you can't do it. 'tis a new dawn of HOPE, let's keep hope alive.

God bless Obama for daring to Hope.

Ruthibelle said...

the audacity to hope.

what a powerful thing.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a proud moment!!


Blu Jewel said...

@ All - It's a beautiful thing to be a part of such a momentous historic event. I'm happy that we're all sharing the same sentiment. We truly do have something to look forward to.


Believer 1964 said...

God will bless Obama and his family indeed!

Kofi Bofah said...

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