05 May 2009

Health Awareness

As many of you know I'm a breast cancer survivor and a health awareness advocate. I insist that you all check out the following links:

IBC Symptoms
Breast Cancer Diagnosis NBC Chicago
Photos of what IBC looks like

Many women aren't aware of another form of Breast Cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) as it's not typically detected through self breast exams, mammograms, or the usual means of discovery. It's a highly aggressive form of cancer and by the time it's detected, it's often in the late stages.

I implore the women to be aware of their bodies and any changes it might go through. Please do not overlook what may be a seemingly benign change in your breasts. Please be insistent with your doctors and other health care professionals to not dismiss you or your symptoms.

Men, please take notice of any changes the women in your lives might be going through and identify anything that seems out of the ordinary to you. In addition, advise your women to monitor and maintain their health and please do the same for yourselves.

Love to live; live to love!

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