23 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - Reasons to be thankful

I know I've been awfully remiss in not only blogging, but reading blogs, but please know that I haven't forgotten about any of you. I think of each of you often and pray that you are all well.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to say how thankful I am for each of you that have become friends as well as loyal readers. You've touched my life in so many ways and I appreciate the love, support, inspiration, and encouragement you've given me.

I'm thankful for having a close-knit and crazy family who no matter what will have my back. Distance never erases the closeness we share in heart and mind.

I'm thankful for my beautiful, smart, kind, compassionate, and wonderful daughter who brings so much joy and laughter to my life.

I'm thankful for my church family who make church feel like a second home.

I'm thankful for health, strength, and daily bread.

I'm thankful that I remain in good health even when my hormones and my chemically induced menopause make me absolutely crazy.

I'm thankful for lessons learned.

I'm thankful for the power of forgiveness.

I'm thankful for not only stepping out of the box, but stepping away from it. Going out on the limb; though sometimes scary is a step worth taking.

I'm thankful for love in its multi-faceted splendor and the many experiences I've had with it.

I'm thankful for the extension of God's grace, mercy, and favour.

I'm thankful that I have reasons to be thankful.

Have a happy, safe, and beautiful Thanksgiving and may God bless and keep you all.

Love to live; live to love!


QueenBee said...

Life is about living. Gifts are for giving. Live your life as a gift to yourself. Happy Thanksgiving right back at ya!

CareyCarey said...


Hello Blu Jewel, I am grateful you were one of my first followers/friends.

I have a new voice toy on my blog. I did a post about it today. Stop by and let me hear your voice, please.

Don said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well, Blu Jewel. amen @ I'm thankful that I have reasons to be thankful.

Personally I cannot wait to eat! ha. Judging from my position this time last year I am/will be simply thankful to have my true friends and loved ones standing besides me, everyone enjoying everyone.

Mizrepresent said...

Hey Blu,

Gurl you have been missed...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Terry said...

I'm thankful for you.

Anonymous said...

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T.C. said...

I am thankful for the fact that every time I come here I learn something new about myself and about life

MysTery said...

Just stopping by to say hi! Hope all is well!!

Blu Jewel said...

@ All- Yes, I'm still out there. So many things have been going on, but I haven't forgotten about any of you and I'm so grateful to those of you who stopped by my humble abode to check on me.

Wishing you all seasons blessings.

love to live; live to love!