18 December 2009

My dime in the bucket

So, with the plethora of things going on in the news and world around me, I thought I'd voice my opinion on a few on them.

Issue #1
So, what is the deal with people who have Facebook pages, but don't have a profile pic? What kind of foolishness is that? I mean, it's call FACEbook for a reason, so one would assume that you should have your face up. Furthermore, why do people pic their childhood pix up or pix of their children. Can I tell you how much this pisses me off? I think it's frustrating, annoying, and senseless. If you don't want people to know what you look like NOW then you shouldn't have a damn FB page. Oh, another thing that I can't stand on FB are the people who put pix of themselves up when they were younger and/or more attractive. Don't they think at some point someone will want to do a face to face and then they'll be seen for who they are NOW? Ugh, the unnecessary practices people use for social networking.

Issue #2
No, Tiger Woods is not off limits either, but I'm going to come at it from a different angle. I think Elin knew that he was cheating, but played the doting wife/mother who would never think her husband would do anything like that. I think she is a sneaky little woman who played her hand and then when the proverbial hit the fan, she said, you know what, I've stuck around long enough to get a couple of crotch trophies out the deal and enough money to by a multi-million house back in her native land before the ink is dry on divorce papers. In addition, I'm sure she and at least one of the mistresses were in cahoots to scam, embarrass and extort Tiger.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning what he did, because I think people should honour their vows regardless. I think he was dumb as duck shit and picked the wrong jump offs to mess with. Rule of thumb when you're married and you decide to cheat is that you cheat with someone who has as much as if not more to lose than you do. Granted, there aren't many women who are stacking paper like Tiger is; except Oprah, but dammit, these little stank ass hoes who are saving txts and emails? Really? These tricks knew what the hell they were doing and were just waiting for their day in the tabloids. It's tricks like these that give other Jump Offs a bad rap. I'd like to slap the taste out of all of their triflin asses.

I'm not proud to admit this, but back in my youth, messed with someone's husband, but I made sure I never got pregnant, knew, understood, and respected the rules of engagement, and I damn sure wouldn't put myself in the position where she could put me on blast or where I would use the situation to my gain. Yes, he was someone high profile.

Tiger picked the wrong women and his game of being a cheater were no match for his golf game. Nuff said; moving on.

Issue #3
What is with married men thinking it's their marital right to have affairs? I was propositioned by a married man and I turned him down. It was not only the right thing to do, but I've done the 1st place 2nd thing before and I'll be damned if I ever do that again. My self worth/respect rates a lot more than that position. I'm so sick of men thinking that because they heard there was a shortage of "good black men" that we black women will settle for being the Jump Off. Sadly, I can't fully fault the men for their diminished mindset because if women didn't settle for being 1st place 2nd, then the married men wouldn't have pause to pursue.

I'm also annoyed by the fact that they think they're even good men. How are you married, happily or otherwise, but nonetheless still married, a good guy when you're breaking your vows, compromising your home life and creeping around with another woman; or men in some cases?

Well, that's my Dime in the Bucket for the night.

Enjoy your holidays people and as always love to live; live to love!


SLC said...

#1 I agree with you on the FACEbook front. I pick current pictures, but I use those pictures which obscure some of my gray hair. Now YOU don't have that issue. All of your pics are great. I know since I'm FB friends with Keith and Tammy also.
After seeing some of my Paterson NJ friends current photos, I understand why they might post a picture of their dog instead.

#2 You know you right. Elin aint stupid. Tiger is.

#3 men (lowercase m intentional) have learned from weak women a lie. That being, all women need a piece eventually, even if they've got to share it.

Be blessed and watch out for the mistletoe.


Blu Jewel said...

@SLS - Hey darling. Thanks for stopping by and I like your pic. Your use of men with lowercase punctuated my point perfectly. Will look out for mistletoe.

love to live; live to love!

Keith said...

I so agree with you on the Facebook thing...I wrote a post about that very same thing last week.

People get on Facebook who are the
most anti-social, paranoid individuals on Earth, Won't post a
picture, the only information they'll post is ,example- Sex- Male, Nothing else..And they'll only friend about 17 people that they have always known.

I have a co-worker who has a page that you can't comment on...No photo, only two friends and she doesn't even allow anyone to friend her.

I asked her-'Why are you even on Facebook and she told me-"Everybody is on it..I figured I'd get with the in crowd."

Go figure...They make me sick!

JenellyBean said...

Facebook is a social network where you meet up with all your lost pals, and you keep in contact with your family and you make new friends to share your life with.... so why dont they put pics up??

I have a co worker that is on FB and refuses to post a pic of her. She says, she doesn't want everyone having access to her pic. The people that she is friends with know its her because of her name.

I've tried to understand what she means. Everyonne has access to your life anyhow so whats the big deal if they see your pic???

LadyLee said...

My goodness... ya'll almost make me want to go post a pic up of myself. I just happen to be a cartoon freak... didn't know there was an ettiquete involved in what pics to post.

Wow! I respect ya'lls opinion... (don't defriend me Blu and Keith, lol)

Tiger will be alright. Elin will clean up and he can do all the pancake house waitresses he likes.

Had a fascinating discussion with the sole male in our all female bookclub. He, whos married, said that 95% of men cheat, and gave his reasons for such. It was bold of him to do such in a room of black women, as he got a verbal ass kicking unlike anything I've ever seen.

You got much off your chest, hon. Now I need you to drop knowledge everyday, forever ande ever! (uh, this means i miss your bloggin'!)

Blu Jewel said...

@ Keith - That's pretty sad that she would even say that, but that's her call I guess.

@ Jennelly - Yes, FB is a social network, which I favour much more then MySpace, but people need to use it for its proper intent and stop hiding.

@ Lady - You're already on my Friends. I make exclusions for some people. Others not so much. As for the sole black man talking about men who cheat, well his honesty should be commended, but it was a rather bold move on his part especially if he was trying to justify it.

I am going to do much better with my blogging.

Love to live; live to love!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Blu I am with you on the facebook mess...Girl I have no clue as to why people put their kids up as profile pics...that burns me up tho lol...and whats up with people taking a picture of a pic and placing it on there profile?? WTF???
ugggh, lames....

Jus Butterfli said...

i now have a darling, darling pic of myself as a tot on my fb page and i see nothing wrong with it. as a matter of fact... i think i'll leave it up even LONGER than i'd originally intended since i know it gets on your damn nerves!! LMAO!!

love you lots! peace!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why a woman wouldn’t turn down the proposition of a married man?

Blu Jewel said...

@Yaz - I guess I've opened Pandora's Box with the FB thing. I didn't realize so many people were pissed over the same issue.

@ JB - Why, oh why did I jus KNOW you where going to say what you did? I'm putting you on my "Don't Make Me Fight You" list.

@ Believer - I have more to say on this subject. Stay tuned.

Love to live; live to love!