04 March 2010

Tales from ACY (Atlantic City International Airport)

Given that I usually pack a week prior to travel, I should have seen my lack or typical preparation as a sign. After a morning of errands and a Dr appt, I arrived at ACY with enough time to endure the grueling Homeland Insecurity of the TSA in order to board the plane. I paid the ridiculous price of $2.31 for a 16oz fountain sode and sat in the eating area people watching as I devoured a sandwich, chips and my freshly spiked Pepsi. Altitude makes me hungry so I have to eat prior to flying; sometimes while in the air and within an hourof landing or the effects of not eating manifest in an ugly fashion.

So, after eating, I mosey to the gate and wait patiently for my flight. During my wait. I'm engaged in four separate conversations to pass the time. Blackberry's make excellent travel companions :-). My buzz is feeling good and I'm ready to get this road on the show (intentionally said backwards) for my weekend of fun. And then the dreaded announcement comes, "attention passengers on flight 235 nonstop to Ft. Lauderdale has been delayed due to a disabled plane on the runway. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we'll have you on your way as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Thank me for my what? What freaking choice did I have in the matter? I have no choice but to wait because making a scene won't move the plane and it will certainly get me escorted out by security. That would not be a good look and would have my name added to the TSA watch list.

So, I find a vacant seat as I'd been standing and park myself as I wait for another announcement. It comes in the form on the plane being moved and we're now looking at a 2:00pm departure. The original time of departure was 12:37pm. Good thing my ground transportation lives close enough to the airport and can still get me once I land. I'm also glad that modern technology afforded me the opportunity to communicate the constant change in. Departure.

I continue to sit and tell you my tale and then another passenger sits in front of me and announces he felt like he was in an episode of 24 after the level of interrogation and search he endured. Poor thing! I'm sure as hell glad it didn't happen to me because I'm not sure how well that would have gone.

Another announcement tells the anxious passengers that the plane was rerouted to LGA ( La Guardia) and would be arrive shortly and our newly scheduled departure would be @ 2:37pm; two hours after its original departure time.  Now, I have to txt my friend whom I planned to see upon landing to say I'll be even later. Hopefully, he'll still want to wait around for me ;-)

So, this is my tale from ACY.  A follow up post will be forthcoming to let you know if we actually leave on time and what frame of mind I was in upon arrival.  Oh, needless to say, my buzz is now BLOWN :-(

Its all possible!