05 March 2010

Tales from ACY update

So, we finally leave ACY about 3:00 pm after the delays and I situated myself and went to sleep.  Upon landing, I went through the minutia of retrieving my luggage, vacating the plane, and made my way out of the terminal to wait for my ride and then it hits me...IT'S COLD!  It was like in the mid 50s and I only had on a light denim jacket and a knitted scarf; thank goodness for the scarf though because it actually kept me warm.

I arrive at my cousin's eat; as it's imperative that I eat within an hour of landing or I will become ill. Don't ask.  It's some crazy altitude thing.  After eating, I make some calls to see what mischief I can get myself into.  Upon visiting my other cousin, I was given a bottle of Jamaica rum punch and anyone familiar with Jamaican White Rum compliments of Wray & Nephew knows that is some serious rum; essentially not for the novices.  Ironically, I'm rather scared of the stuff; however, it tasted so good (straight from the bottle) that I couldn't stop drinking it, and after my tentative plans failed to materialize, I ended up drinking, 3/4s of the bottle and lived to tell about it the next morning. My cousin drank the missing 1/4.

I'm hoping not to have tales from FLL upon my return as I'll be on the last flight for the day and have no desire to be stuck in an airport again.  Should some misfortune fall upon me, I'll simply call my cuzzie and have her come and get me and take the morning flight out.

Traveling is as enjoyable as it is stressful; however, it's a great means of transportation if you mentally innocculate yourself from the foolishness you endure in order to board.

It's all possible!


Luv said...

Glad u made it safely...did u get my email

Blu Jewel said...

@Luv - yes, I did and I believe I replied. Did you send something else?

It's all possible!

Lyrically speaking said...

wow...that punch must have tasted good, i've had Jamaican rum before, it was pretty strong although I only had a few sips mixed with my guava juice

Anonymous said...

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