28 April 2010

From afar

This past Saturday, i had an opportunity to see Heart's Desire as he was on the east coast for business.  In light of what I'm going through, seeing him was a pleasant detour from my current journey and sharing time with him filled in some of the emptiness in my life.

Our time was limited due to his having to head back to NY that evening, but limited time was still time enough as quality over quantity prevails in my book.

The feelings we have for each other are still very much in tact and it's amazing how two people remain so well connected in spite of a three thousand mile gap between them.  It served to remind me that distance is no match for what one feels in their heart.  Lil Lady likes him; even after only meeting him twice now and believes that the company he recently did business with will make him an offer he can't refuse and he'll be hack on the east coast.  She is absolutely convinced that he and I will end up together and that the current she in his life doesn't have his heart; I do.  Rather impressive and lofty thoughts, but I embrace them as we are well suited for each other.

Right now, I need every positive thought I can get and have, so I'll take it and tuck it into my heart as I continue to get little reminders that delay does not mean denial.

Enjoy your day family.

It's all possible!


Anonymous said...

I say treasure tender moments and conversation that boots your hope, and moves you in the direction of your passion and dreams, because it’s ALL possible! ;)

Lyrically speaking said...

Welcome and embrace love if it's there...don't fight it :) how have you been? I'm glad to know you're still blogging

Luv said...

What will be will be

Basiks said...

I love how you have aptly named him "heart's desire"
That is just so so cool Ms. Jewel!

And i actually "feel" this post like you are telling it to me directly!

Well expressed
Thanks for sharing

LadyLee said...

When I am down, there are always people and situations that pass my way to lift me up... I take it and receive it.

You should too, Ma... and I see u are.

T.C. said...

Young people can see stuff a lot of times we can't...
from her mouth to GOD's ears...