07 February 2006

Common Sense is NOT Common Part 2

The following pictures take my previous blog of the same title to another level. I don't even need to speak on the stupidity and downright f*cking lack of cautionary judgement once you see the pix, but damn I am soooo pissed and need to vent. Can someone PLEASE tell me how someone with the money that she has not have a f*cking childseat in her car? Somebody? Anybody? Please? (Whining) Can you further explain to me because I'm having a super hard time at comprehending, how this trick can, in clear conscious put her child on her lap and drive? Not only is the baby not restrained, but neither is, but her passenger IS. He too is a f*cking moron because if he's supposed to be her bodyguard, how the f*ck is he doing his job if neither of them are restrained? I know if I rode my baby on my lap with neither her nor I restrained, local and state authorities would have my ass hemmed up in the station pressing every child endangerment charge on me and they'd have my baby bouncing of the knee of some case worker who's preparing to put my baby in foster care. WHAT THE F*CK???? I am so damned confused, angry, and downright f*cking disguested.

If, as they say, a picture speaks volumes, these pictures can house a library. I'm done!


JCarter said...

Damn! You really got pissed of this one ma and I can see your point. Sheot, let my son's mother do some dumb shit like that and she ain't gotta worry about the damn media or child services.

BlaqRayne said...

She made a mistake, get over it. LOL...I'm kidding, but that was her response. I still can't understand why she didn't receive a citation (at minimum) for this incident. I know she probably had to be pulled over to get a ticket, but damn the proof is all over. But had that been Shar Jackson, Britney would have custody of her children.

BluJewel said...

LMAO! But you're probably right about that.

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