28 February 2006

Word Play

I read a blog this morning where a man obviously attracted to his collegue/date, used "hidden meanings" in order to flirt without being insulting, suggest without being obvious, and create a closeness while remaining somewhat distant. I thought his approach was creative and a turn on. Here's why...

Being a wordsmith myself, and one quite fond of conjuring mental imagery, I find oral stimulation (not oral sex) to be quite an asset when it comes to actual foreplay. In order to stimulate someone, the ability to work them over mentally is both a challenge and a turn on. It's pretty obvious and sometimes uneventful when physical attraction is the key to being turned on, if you can work that same person over with words (orally), then you have a skill that surpasses the obvious and takes the interaction to a higher plateau. Expand your mind, open yourself to newness, and seek things that aren't apparent and more often than not, you'll find yourself in a more pleasurable situation.

He makes love to me with words
And teases with the letters
Creating sentences that stimulate
Yet never touches my skin
My body is his paper
His fingers are the pen
His words are erotic and enticing
Tempting and arousing
His grammar are kisses
His foreplay is in adjectives
Writing words so sweet
I weaken from his seduction
Though he never touches me
He makes love to me with words


JCarter said...

Okay, are you tryin to cause me to step up my vocab game? You got your shit off with this Ma. You can cause some damage writing stuff like that. This is one of my favorite posts from you.

BlaqRayne said...

Oh yes, you are soooo right about this one. Some men just don't realize the power of this type of oral stimulation. Your poem hit the nail on the head. Btw, that's one of my favorites. You got your stuff off with that.

!jenna! said...

hey i love stuff like that. i write poems like that too, check my blog out.

sometimes the best porn is soft porn.

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