08 March 2006


Those of you who know me, know I like to keep things simple; live a simple life; and believe that it's the simple things that make life more abundant. In keeping with this mindset, a friend surprised me with a beautiful act of simplicity.
As I check the mail everyday, I say, "I wonder if my million dollar check is in the mail today?" Now, I'm not stupid enough to think that someone will mail me a check for a million dollars; it's a metaphoric and self-amusing interogatory. What I mean is, will I get something other than a bill? Something that will make me smile and/or brighten my day. Well, yesterday I got that million dollar check. As I retrieved the mail and purused through the junk and bills, I saw a card with no return address, addressed to me. I looked at the postmark, the date, and then at the handwriting trying to figure out who sent it. After a minute, I smiled as I recognized the handwriting, (purposely altered I'm sure) and went in the house to see what it said. It was beautiful! It was a beautiful card to let me know she was thinking about me; wishing me well, and letting me know that all can be right in my world. No, I'm not going through anything in particular; it was just one of those cards that says all the right things to make you smile. I did!
Later that evening as I thanked my friend for the card, my daughter overheard the conversation and asked why the card was sent to me and it was explained that I think people should get back in the habit of sending snail mail. My daughter looked perplexed and it was further broken down to her that with the introduction of the Net and email, that people have deferred from simple forms of contact...MAIL...HANDWRITTEN CARDS AND LETTERS. She then understood and smiled because she too is a connoisseur of card selecting like her mother. While e-cards are quick and efficient; spending time in a card store and reading through the various selections for just the right one, makes all the difference.
I would like to thank my friend again for her caring and for random act of simplicity. It's those tender touched in life that makes all the grey skies blue and make sunny days out of cloudy ones. In the words of the Sesame Street jingle, "Sunny days; chasing the rain away..." How many of us will be emotional meteorologists today? Go for it! Just do it! A random act of simplicity or kindness can make the difference in someone's day...including your own.
Be blessed!


JCarter said...

That's really sweet. You sound like my Big Mama in this one. She always says that simple things bring big rewards. Keep on keeping on ma!

Hawa Bond said...

I also believe in the art of writing people. I still keep stationery at home, and I buy unique cards along the way. Of all the kind e-mails I've ever sent, nothing gets a tearful and hearty reply like some love sent through snail-mail. The human touch, even in the form of a pen stroke, will never be replaced by computers. Thanks for sharing this!

BluJewel said...

Agreed! The human touch will never be replaced by computers or other forms of technology. It's just sad; real sad, that so many don't see it that way though.

BlaqRayne said...

You are so right about this. It's great for the recipient, but it's also great for the sender because it makes you slow down and it invokes positive energy. I was always the "do things the fast way" type until someone did something like this for me. It was very touching so I tried it myself one day. Taking the time to hand write a note, card or letter brings me great joy.

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