16 March 2006

Going postal!

Okay, so I'm sitting here wondering why in the _(%#)&%)#%*&)#* (x infinity of expletives) can't folk just do their effin jobs right when they're in a position of Human Resources? For the past 4 hours I've been waiting for the alleged HR person, and I say alleged because the trick apparently can't do her effin job, to get back to me. First, she only gives me partial information as to my claim and you know you don't effs with folk and their money. And then the trick takes all effin day (4 hrs and counting) to email the damn file. WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFF*****CK?
It's shit like this that make folk black out and shoot up the work place. I mean, come the freak on already. If she were on top of her game and/or doing her damn job I wouldn't be sitting her ready to ring her effin neck until she shit herself. It's taking all the restraint known to mankind for me not to call her and leave a scathing message regarding her lack of professional apptitude in handling sensitive matters.
I used to wonder (well, sometimes) why people lost it and completely blacked out at work; thus causing a hostile and dangerous work environment, but right now, I completely understand.
Steps away from the pc and looks for something to calm the nerves!


Anonymous said...

I understand where you are coming from. Folk make you so upset you can't understand and force you to "relax,relate,release" your frustrations out until you feel the calmness within. Why ppl can't do their job is beyond me. I'm in a boat without a paddle going up stream and can't swim worth a damn! Throw me a lifesaver(an actual floatation device,better not be candy!) I would have to commecnce to ask if that person wanted me to do the job and show how it should be done. AND WHAT?

Hawa Bond said...

Hey! It's the end of May. We're looking forward to your next blog entry.

BlaqRayne said...

WOW, were you upset...lol???

Anonymous said...

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