28 September 2009

As yet untitled - New poem

@ Chele, you didn't have to wait as long as you thought you might...Enjoy!

Like a river to the ocean, I’m drawn to you
Your call; a silent whisper within the wind
Caressing me into a gentle seduction
Making me weak where I stand…

Upon unfamiliar ground; virgin to this experience
However, still familiar to the pull of attraction
I let down my guard; submitting to

The leap of faith beneath me…

Cushioned for the break of my fall into heaven
Knowing you’re there to receive me
Open arms; open heart; committed to love
Me with every fiber of your being…

Honest and true; giving your all not half
Treating me like the Empress I am
Borne of your missing rib

Created to fill the void in your life…

With joy and laughter, tenderness and passion

Blu Jewel 2009

Love to live; live to love


Anonymous said...

Another lovely poem!!

QueenBee said...

You got some deep vibes going on here. You need to be up at somebody's open mic night...and wear those shorts..haha.

chele said...


I love the images that this piece creates.

LadyLee said...

Good lawd gal, I need a drank and a blunt after that one. Nice!

Keith said...

It's a shame I don't smoke..I feel like lighting up a cigarette after reading that poem... Very erotic..
(Or do I just have a dirty mind?
-:) )

Blu Jewel said...

@Yaz - glad that you stopped by; even happier that you liked what you read.

@Queen - I've got an open mic coming up, so maybe this'll get read there.

@Chele - Use the images girlie ;-)

@Lady - LMAO, you are crazy woman!

@Keith - Nah, you're just a man who appreciates the erotic word.

Love to live; live to love!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

A truly heartfelt piece. Me likey :-). Happy Thanksgiving!