21 December 2009

The Madness of Married Men

So, in my last post, I mentioned how I was propositioned by a married man and how I gracefully declined his oh, so generous offer to be his 1st Place Second, His Jump-Off, His Mistress, His Friend with Benefits, F*ck Buddy, or any one of the many names one can assign to someone screwing a married man.

Since declining, he has not withdrawn from engaging in conversation with me even though I clearly stated that he and I could not and would not be more than friends citing that he was cool with it. Well, news flash, he's a gosh damn liar! But who would be surprised by that given that he cheats on his wife.

Save for one conversation, he's found a way to turn everything we talk about into a sexually toned conversation. Now, I'm no prude and am clearly uncensored, so I've replied to some of his inquiries, but always deferred to the man whom I felt the query spoke to. I never, and I do; loud and clearly say, never defer anything to said married man directly or even indirectly. I tell him I have no reason to wonder what he's like in bed. I've stated that I have no desire to entertain such curiosity as it serves neither of us a purpose; yet he continues.

So, after this mornings conversation where he stated he wished he could have be available to put lotion on me and or watch me putting lotion on, I politely said, I was quite capable of performing said job all by myself.

Given that my need for cerebral stimulation far surpasses the trivial and quite frankly rather boring topic of sex, I've grown rather less than enthused with his ability to provide me with the correct form of conversational interaction that I so desire. Therefore, I shall have to "give him the biznezz", quoting my twin cuzzie who is rather adept and telling people about themselves. While I have absolutely no problem giving people the bizness, I usually try to deflect and see if they'll see the error of their ways first. Well, it's apparent that MM just isn't quite getting that I'm not interested in his need to make all conversations sexual, so he's gonna get the bizness.

I'm going to let him know in no uncertain terms that he has 2 choices 1) engage me in a respectable and dignified manner or 2) cease and desist in any future conversation with me.

I can not and will not be party to any form of conduct that could lead to my integrity to be compromised. I shall not be party to his need to be so overtly sexual that he can't have a contain himself in a dignified manner. And finally, I will not allow myself to be demeaned in any manner. I pride myself on being a classy woman and I require that I'm treated accordingly.

I wonder how he'd feel if someone were approaching his wife in the same fashion he's coming at me? Maybe I could arrange that...

And that's my dime in the bucket for today. As always, love to live; live to love!


LadyLee said...

I've seen this with married men before.

You know what he's doing? He's going to keep planting the seeds, hoping one will take root.... and start to grow. That's what he's doing.

If he can just get you to think about it, then something will happen. Chipping away at that resolve, hoping to find a crack in the walls. Not sure why some men do that. It's a turnoff to me. It's like, he's not even respecting my choices. And for me to give in says much about my self esteem.

Be strong, Blu! Keep them legs shut, girl!

QueenBee said...

Say that with your cease and desist line. I love that....um, I see you in this here dress. You looking mighty spiffed up young lady.

Blu Jewel said...

@Lady - I couldn't agree more. He can THINK he's wearing me down or finding a crack in the wall, but what he doesn't realize is that when the wall falls, it won't be in the manner he hopes. My jewel is far too precious to be squandered on foolishness; so no worries, these legs will remain closed.

@Queen - The cease and desist is where this is likely to go as I really don't have time to entertain the nonsense. Life is too precious to be lived foul. Thanks for the compliment.

Love to live; live to love!

chele said...

You are way more civilized than I am. I applaud you. I had a similar situation at work and I went off on old dude, and I was NOT nice about it. He didn't say anything else to me for months until one day when we were in the kitchen alone. I was heating up my lunch and he said, "Is there enough for two?" I rolled my eyes and walked out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you could report him for sexual harassment on the job.

These men need to be reprimanded, and sometimes that means their employment position [demoted] or better yet fired. Let him try to make it out there with all the rest of them trying to get a job.

I'm wondering if the wife has any clue that her husband has “another” life when he leaves home.

Blu Jewel said...

@Chele - My civility will wear thin should he not respect the confines and protocol of proper social decorum. Trust and believe he doesn't want to see my uncivilized side.

@Believer - He and I don't work together; however, I do agree that if we did, he would certainly be speaking to HR about his conduct. I know him socially, but will withdraw from what minimal contact we have should be not respect my wishes. Furthermore, his wife could easily be made aware, so it's in his best interest to not take me there.

Love to live; live to love!

Anonymous said...

I would hope that someone soon would have enough compassion to share the "real" deal with the wife.

Too many husbands are acting a fool, and getting away with it.

ThatTeowonna! said...

Suggestion: Stop Talking To Him.