16 June 2006

It's been a long time

The title is coincidentally a line of a rap of one of my all time favortie rappers, Rakim. I had both the pleasure and misfortune of seeing him last night (June 15th) at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. I'll tell you the story of that in a minute.

Well, it's been a long time since I've blogged and I know some of you miss my almost daily rantings. Though some of you do not publish your comments (I secretly wish you would), I do hope that you find reading them interesting, amusing, and sometimes informative. Back to my point...I've been away for many reasons. I had foot surgery and while that afforded me time off from work, I didn't always feel like blogging. Believe me there was plently for me to talk about and maybe I'll get you up to date on what transpired during that time. But the point of this rather random blog was to inform you that I have made a committment to myself that I will, at least 3 times a week hit you off with a blog, so please don't give up on your girl okay? K!

So, back to Rakim. He's still got skills. His swagger, his lyrical flow, his demeanor, lest I not forget; his looks. Yeah, he's still got it. I was flustered at the sight of him last night as I was as a late teen when he first took the mic. The only drawback to seeing him was the brawl that I was almost a part of prevented me from maintaining my arms length reach of the stage position. I cussed in ways unimaginable at men who are apparently not used to showing respect to women and in addition who do not know how to conduct themselves publically. These so-called men ruined what began as a good night by being drunk, rude, and many other unsavory adjectives to describe their less than public worthy appearance. Why can't folk just go out and have a good time anymore? This question is both rhetorical and serious. Folk will never cease to amaze and disgust me.

Well, this blog has now served two purposes. 1) to explain my absense and 2) to be a blog that topics less that satisfactory public appearances. I guess I'm getting my mojo back and have been awarded my parole from writer's block.

Hang in there people...The gem with a pen (in this case a keyboard), is BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!


zeek59 said...

Whoa... It's about time. You've been missed. As for the public conduct - I agree whole heartedly. Too many times someone will ruin a perferctly enjoyable experience by not knowing how to act.

BlaqRayne said...

welcome back

JC said...

Dang girl1 Where the hell ya been? I thought ya got kidnapped by aliens or something. Well, glad to see ya back. And don't worry 'bout dem so called men, they just boys tryna be hard. If they really had any class about 'em, they wouldna acted up in the first place. Nice to know you can hold yours though...lol! Peace!

Anonymous said...

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