19 June 2006


The expression, “you can’t just a book by its cover” doesn’t just refer to books. We look at people and, if you’re like me, you might conjure up an idea of who that person is by what they’re wearing, driving, or where they live. I don’t do it to be malicious, I’m a person with a creative mind and I’m a people watcher.

I watched an episode of Oprah where she was discussing the issue of appearances and it made me laugh hysterically because I know so many people live a pretentious life. I know many people who assume because you’re not blinged out, driving a fancy car, or living in a new built development, you’re not wealthy or you’re just average. How classless can people be? (rhetorical) In contrast, I know people who are blinged out, drive fancy cars, and live in newly built developments that are struggling to make it and are only living that lifestyle to mask their real problems. What a crying shame! It cost more to live up to unrealistic standards and ways of being than to simply be who you are. In addition, how can you truly enjoy what you have if you’re always wondering how long you’re going to be able to make the payments and enjoy it?

I look at women who marry for status, dress to impress, drive luxury cars, wear designer everything and feel sorry for them. No, at all; but many. I know for fact that they are hiding behind the façade because they aren’t in touch with who they are. They buy and spend to impress others and to try to fill their empty existence with material things. Healing past hurts, finding out who you really are, and living a truly contented is far more satisfying and maintainable. But it seems like that makes too much sense and it’s easier to hide. Maybe we should start giving Oscars to those who can put this act off on a daily basis instead of to those who are paid to act a part. If we did that, those who are currently remained anonymous might have the money to maintain their superficial status. Hmm? Now that’s an interesting concept!


zeek59 said...

Too bad we can't just look at the outside without too much judgement. I guess its human nature. I try to think of it as wrapping paper - what's inside may be the best gift you ever got. Or it could be the empty box... :)

BlaqRayne said...

Very true.

JC said...

Man, don't even get me stared on this one. I am so effin sick of folk flossin when they got shit. I see it like this here, if you got it, you don't need to floss like you big willy, it'll show for itself.

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