29 June 2006

Sense of direction

It's a given that men will not ask for directions regardless of how lost they are or have the potential to become; however, a few days ago while in conversation with a male friend, I heard him ask for directions. I couldn't help but laugh and of course comment on the anomaly.

I asked, "so, there are actually men who ask for directions?" Naturally, it was said in a mocking and shocked tone.

He promptly and without hestitation replied, "I'm not stupid! If I don't know where I'm going, I need to ask. Plus with the cost of gas, I'd be crazy to drive for no reason." I chuckled and then he went on. "I know a lot of things and there are a lot of things I don't know. So, if it means asking for directions or anything else, then that's what I'm gonna do." (I'm paraphrasing because I don't recall word for word what he said, but I do know I'm pretty damned close.) Anyhoo, Wise words, I thought.

As I recall what my friend said, it lead me to thinking about life in general. Why is it that when we're lost on life's road, we don't stop to ask for direction? Many of us would rather travel the road alone; embarassed that we couldn't make it. Yes, being lost litertally or metaphorically is a scary thing, but sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise. It can be an alternate route, a test of our wit and resolve, or it can be direction we were really supposed to go in. Think about a time when you got lost and realized it was actually a shorter better way? Or the time when being lost saved you from being stuck in traffic or an accident? Being lost can be the way back to yourself, your life, or a cry for help. Not all things in life are as negative as they're perceived to be.

I think if more of us stopped to ask for directions we'd find ourselves in a better place than the one we're in and the road less traveled is the road most enjoyed. Don't 'drive' around in circles my friends. Life is too short for redundancy!

Thanks my friend for asking for directions and in the process helping me to get myself back on track.


JC said...

This one made me think for a minute. Sounds like you mighta been going through something or got thrown off track. I'm still learning to ask for directions myself, but I do have a GPS system in my ride...LOL! For real though, what you said makes sense. Holla atcha your boy for doing him.

BlaqRayne said...

You present a good point. That was a great analogy. You've definitely given me some food for thought.

Hawa Bond said...

Being "lost" is a requirement for living a life of faith. If we saw every destination and knew every road, faith would be obsolete.

Even worse, if we could see the trials we would face on every road, we would pass on some valuable destinations.

Rock on.

Oscar said...

Sounds like your friend is breaking out of the "norm" of what some woman would classify as a "typical man". On another note, it is good being lost sometimes when time is not a constraint. You never know what good things can happen. Live life and enjoy.

zeek59 said...

I'm with Hawa - an occasional stray off the beaten path can present some interesting outcomes.

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