14 December 2007

13 three's of mine

Once again, I'm committing blog-theivery. I was just at Don's and he had this great list up and I liked it so much that I had to do one of my own. Here ya go...

3 things that scare me...
George Bush
Police brutality
People with nothing to lose

3 people who make me laugh...
my daughter
Charlie Murphy
Robin Harris (R.I.P)

3 things I love...
my daughter
mental orgasms

3 things I hate...
crimes against children
the current state of this country
hateful people

3 things I don't understand...
crooked law enforcement agents
george bush
white people shit

3 things on my desk...
2 desktop computers

3 things I'm doing right now...
this post
watching tv

3 things I want to do before I die...
see my writing published
see what my daughter does with her life
travel more

3 things I can do well...
make love

3 things I can't do...
speak all the languages I've studied
stay stuck on stupid
allow myself to be treated poorly

3 things I should listen to...
my gut
my heart

3 things I shouldn't listen to...
people who can't fix their own lives
bullshit in any form from anybody
george bush and his clan

3 things I watched as a kid...
The Monkeys
Dick Darstedly & Muttley
Wonder Woman


Ali's Zay said...

OH HELL NAW! I'm first!? Sweet!

I love how revealing these things can be. Very interesting.

Peace and Love,

Ali's Zay (A Lover's Dream)

Rosemarie said...

Short answers but so telling.

3 things I'm doing right now...
this post
watching tv

Okay, I'm so jealous!

I need clarity on "white people sh*t." I desperately want to be a better person in 2008! =)

Don said...

Blu, I see you and I both have this thing w/ Bush. And people with nothing to lose are definitely in my top 10 list as well.

Props to ur daughter. I'd also love 2 travel more. It's a beautiful thang when a human being doesn't allow themselves 2 listen 2 the ones w/ problems on top of problems nor allow themselves 2 stay stuck on stupid.

As a child, Wonder Woman was the bomb look.

Blu Jewel said...

zay - yay on you being the first! yes, it's always the little things that contain the most. too bad people take the simple things for granted.

rosemarie - as i said to zay, it's the little things that say so much. WPS is stuff that only white people seem to do. Dress dogs up like people and carry them around instead of letting them walk. Serial killers, save for the DC sniper. Cult stuff. are some examples.

don - you have no idea how much i despise bush; we could talk on it for days. i try to live list as stress/drama free as possible and avoiding negative people and their is whenever possible works for me. lil lady is quite a character. i'll look up the post she did one day and send it to you. yes, Wonder Woman was/is the bomb.

Ebonne said...

hands down... mental orgasms...

Mizrepresent said...

Good list blu - my fav of your list:

3 things i should listen to:

my gut
my heart

Even when it kills us! Have a great weekend!

KreativeMix said...

My favorite part is everywhere George Bush appears :-)

T.C. said...

luvs the list, might have to snatch this myself

Lyrically speaking said...

Had no idea you have a daughter, she must be beautiful.

I used to love watching Wonder Woman, I even had a WW bathing suit :)

Great post!!

Rosemarie said...

Okay, the WPS on dressing up dogs and carrying them is a bit funny. Have you seen the strollers yet for the pets? However, I was unaware of the racial profiles of serial killers or cult stuff being predominantly white. Interesting. Hmmm. You always give me something to think about when I visit here. Thanks for elaborating. Oh, and my list is up!