19 December 2007

da madnezz

So, I've got this rule that lil lady has to call me when she gets home from school so I know she's home and I can put her lil azz to work preppin dinner and shit. Today was no exception and she calls me sounding like she's been dragged from the back of a truck in Klansville. I asked, "what's wrong?" and she tells me she's tired and was sleeping on the school bus. I'm like, "okay, now whatcha gonna do?" She tells me she's hungry and needs some food. That lil heffa stays hungry with her lil azz self and eats like she's got a perpetual tapeworm. Anyhoo, she's rummaging around in fridge looking for some vittles and happens upon a couple things that'll make the hunger go away. She inquires about some rice and beans and if it's still good. I tell her to smell it and she'll know. She tells me she wouldn't know if it was bad or not so I tell her that if it smells sour don't eat it. She does the sniff check and tells me it smells like rice and beans and I hear the microwave going. Then she's got her hands on a Jamaican patty and tells me the toaster isn't working. I'm like, "how bout you plug it in!" *doh* And this is an honor roll student I'm talking about here *shm*

Okay, now she's smacking in my ear as she's getting her grub on and proceeds to tell me how she thinks the new house phones are cool and futuristic. She then goes on to tell me she has to "piss like a race horse on a Saturday night at the Kentucky Derby". At this point I almost fell out of my chair laughing and couldn't believe my child is talking to me like this. She is; and it gets better. I tell her that I think my lead has left and if he has, I'm out cause I need to make a pit stop on the way home. She tells me to check and then get back on the phone; I do and he's still here. "Dammit!" I say and she says, "well, I guess yo black azz gonna hafta stay on that plantation a lil longer den huh?" Of course, I'm now out of the chair hysterically laughing.

She comments on the Christmas decorations that went up (she'd been at the dads house) and asked if I caught the Christmas spirit. I tell her no, but I wanted to do something festive. She then tells me I had too much time on my hands. Brat! She asked if I wanted anything for Christmas and I told her no and she said good cause she didn't have any money and wasn't buying me anything. I ask her what she wants and she says just her unlimited text plan back, which I'd taken away when she got on punishment. We laugh and joke more and then she changes focus.

After having me laughing like I'm high on some real good ish, you'd think she'd stop right? Naw she keeps going. I ask her to prep some chicken legs I have in the fridge and she refuses. I tell her if she wants to live to see another day and eat, she'll do it; she complies. She now has me on speakerphone and is still singing the phone's praises. She's making the puke sound as she's stripping the skin off and complaining about what a horrible chore it is. I agree, but tell her is must be done. In between all this she's fussy and laughing and acting like the complete nut she is. I'm sitting on the other end of the phone laughing and trying not to be too loud.

The conversation continues with its animated pace until she decides she's had enough and wants off the phone. So, for all of you who read my 13 3's you'll see why I said lil lady makes me laugh; she's one crazy kid, but I love 'er!

Oh, and if you have time, you can dig through my archives and find the post she did; now that was some funny azz ish right there! If I find the link I'll save you the time and post it.



Mizrepresent said...

Now that was so special...isn't it great to have that kind of relationship with your kids...i do, and i couldn't be happier...i guess my mama raised me right, cuz me and her thicker than thieves too! Can't wait to read that post she did, i will look for it.

~Deb said...

She sounds hysterical! You're very lucky to have such a vibrant kid!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Ali's Zay said...

Hey I know! If Ali and I have a boy then we can hook my son up with your daughter...

[thinking it through]

...Forget it, it'll never work. Your daughter will be in her thirties when my son is 20 and you know younger men are only good for one thing. Oh well, it was a thought. :-)

Peace and Love,

Ali's Zay (LoversA.blogspot.com)

Blu Jewel said...

miz - yes, it's great that we can play and interact this way. She knows I'm mummy first; friend second, but we can still have fun either way.

deb - yes, she's quite the character; the worse part is that she's so freakin cute, so being in her presence when she's acting like this is even funnier.

zay - LMAO! you are so funny! I'm gonna have to record one of our interactions so you can actually hear the madness. Your ears will never be the same again.

T.C. said...

ya'll sound like me and my mom...10 years ago and today

Rosemarie said...

This sounds all too familiar! Mom is visiting and I have on occasion had to stop the madness and just say it as I see it. It's usually well received with much laughter from both of us.

Good stuff and good communication. Keep it up!

hawa said...

Ah. The beauty of having children. An endless source of whining, begging, stressing, spending, crying, and the best....

An Endless Source of Gut-Busting, Laugh-Out-Loud Entertainment

Have a great Christmas with the lil lady! I enjoyed the post. (Can she come by my house and get dinner going before I get there today? hehe)

rethots said...

A lil' humor, good for the soul.
Have a very pleasant christmas.

Don said...

I can tell by your words that you really cherish your daughter. Good deal, Blu.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.