26 December 2007


I didn't write this, but thought it was more than worth sharing. We're nearing the end of one year and on the verge of another and it's at this time when we start making New Year's Resolutions; looking back in order to move forward; or are simply trying to get our lives right. The following piece is something I'm sure we can all use in our lives at one point or another.
All the doubt in the world cannot stand up to one little positive action. Doubt has no power when you decide to act in spite of it, and doubt cannot stop you if you refuse its attention. It matters not who doubts you, or how much, or why. What matters is what you do. A thousand people, or a million, or a billion people, could say it cannot be done. Yet that does not in any way have to stop one person (you) from doing it.

Just because there are obstacles to overcome does not mean it cannot be done. When you focus not on the obstacles themselves, but rather on how you will get beyond them, it will be done, and you will be the one who does it.

Doubt exists entirely in the mind and when you put it out of your mind, it ceases to exist. Rather than struggling to fight doubt, or to conquer it, or to live with it, you can simply abandon it and it will evaporate into thin air.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, fill your moments with positive, productive actions, and doubt will have no place in your life.

Stay focused, be diligent, and stay consistent.

DEFINED LIMITATION: An emotional restriction you place on your life that blocks your creativity.

3 emotional weapons used against you & limit you
1. Worry
2. Doubt
3. Uncertainty

Limitations aren't handed to you, they are self imposed:

Ø All restrictions are Self-Imposed and cause you to simply exist.

Ø Failure is not defeat. It's a test of our strength. It's an option that didn't work and can be used to strengthen you and allow you to learn a lesson. All failures are possibilities that didn't work which means there's another solution out there. Keep looking until you find it!

Ø Improving is taking a situation and finding another possibility

Everyone who enters your life is there to strengthen you or be strengthened by you (if you're prepared). If you're not prepared someone who is meant to be an asset to your life can enter or pass by and you won't even realize it because restrictions control what you see.

Where Do Limitations Come From:
1. Layers of fear
2. Internal battle that leave you confused and exhausted
3. Insecure about your talents
4. Unwillingness to face self (blaming others / making excuses)
5. Circle of similarity
7. Continue to play old tapes in your mind
8. No Game Plan
9. Self-Destructive Behaviors

The things we don't communicate create our exhaustion and confusion.
Growth is not positive if you're tired when you arrive there because you won't be able to see the lessons around you, and a lesson not learned must be repeated.

If you get knocked down when tested and you stay there, there's no confidence; but if you get up with passion, you have confidence

Most of what you have learned about you is what others have taught you to believe about you. Who wrote your script?

Without a Game Plan, you'll be confused and on the defensive. Must not just have a goal, you must have a game plan.

To Improve Your Life:
1. "Face what is"
2. Redesign what has been
3. Strengthen what makes you good. You can't see strength if you're focused on weaknesses or putting your self down.
4. Reach out to people who can make you better.
5. Keep reaching out to people who are further than you.

How to Let go of Natural Fear:

1. Stop Denying It & resisting that it exists. Admitting it takes it from the emotion to the mind.
2. Examine the Origin of the Fear (Ask self why are you afraid then address reason why you're afraid & refuse to continue giving into the fears & stay focused on positives that are happening.
3. Invest in your talents (when you don't feed your mind you feed confusion & old tapes that keep beating you down & causing sabotage. Keep personal inventory of your strengths.
4. Let go of your "can't s"

It's better to have Achievement Lists instead of To Do Lists because to do list is more about emotions and passive desires. Achieve list is about now as opposed to postponing.

You can't relive yesterday. You can revisit it and use it as a reference library in order to learn the lessons you're to learn.

It's Not Over Until You Win!


Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, those are necessary and purposeful words for this new year...how many times have let doubt and fear rule our lives, only to find out that this "self-imposed prison" is one we made for ourselves...we can at times be our own worst enemy, we know us better than anyone, know our limitations, our fears, our worries and we use the same against ourself whenever the road gets bumpy...i choose another path lady...i choose to win! Great Post!

Ebonne said...

Thanks for sharing this... I really needed it!

DBA Lehane said...

Limitations, ultimately are placed upon us by others and experience. Unfortunately life is a limitation - you can't live beyond it. So the secret for me is to not WORRY about my limitations, to accept there will always be some kind of limitations in life, and then get on with living as best I can.

Don said...

This is scary Blu. I just typed my post and decided to hit up a few blog post before I got dressed for work and our post are speaking up on the exact same.

I now have to go back and link this post. Seeing as how our minds are linked.

Everything listed under Letting Go of Natural Fear is the truth. I swear it is.

Blu Jewel said...

Miz - you are so right. We often blame everything/everyone but ourselves when something isnt right. We must live our lives to the absolute fullest in order to achieve the best from it. Yes, there are just some things we can't do, but there is plenty we can.

Ebonne - Always happy to post something that is useful to someone else.

DBA - While I agree that limitations are imposed by others and experience, I disagree that we play no role it in. Yes, life itself is a limitation, but we can still do plenty to live it and live it well. I totally agree with the last part of your comment.

Don - Man, I am always uplifted and feel very blessed when I post something or read something where minds are linked. I'm honored that you're linking your post to mine; that's big. With this kind of knowledge being circulated, it is truly a sign for us to get our lives in order and live it as God intended us to.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

sounds like how i TRY to live my life thanks 4 the emotional support

Anonymous said...

Hey Blu Jewel! Back At'cha. You also write things that lighten my spirit. Thank you for your kind words and the forsight to post this list. I agree with all the phrases about doubt. I have the distinct feeling that is the lesson 2008 will bring to me...a way to look past my personal doubts and the naysayers to do those things that i have continuously put off with excuses. Thank you so much for your continued support. May your New Year be filled with all the things God has for you and may you continue write and give inspiration to all who read you. Much Love Girl and have a Safe, Happy and Blessed New Year!

Ali's Zay said...

What you are getting is exactly what you need. Unexpected? surprises always are. Exciting? If it makes your heart beat a bit faster, it will make you live longer. Enjoy it as it comes. At the very least, practice being happy... Until you spot the dude with the missing rib, then practice will be made perfect. This is my prayer for you :-)

Peace, Love, Hugs, and Kisses

Ali's Zay (LoversA.blogspot.com)

Blu Jewel said...

torrance - you're very welcome and if you're already trying to live your life in this fashion, I pray you'll have continued success.

ingrid - i'm so humbled by your comment and i'm so happy that this post was of inspiration for you. all that is yours to get will be had.

zay - you are such a great inspiration to me. thanks for your continued encouragement; you have no idea how much it means to me.

Don said...

I worry alot. I hate it too. Sometimes I will be worried without really knowing I am worrying about something.

You can't relive yesterday. You can revisit it and use it as a reference library in order to learn the lessons you're to learn.

It's Not Over Until You Win!

I now have a mantra thanks to you. "It's not over until I win." Loves that fo' sho...

I went ahead and copied and pasted the post to my saved documents. That ways, I can refer this juice almost daily in '08.

Rosemarie said...

I'm in the race to win also and letting God lead the way. It's a win-win for me!

Have a blessed New Year!

T.C. said...

This is definitely RIGHT ON TIME! i tend to worry, over think, over analyze about everything and I HAVE to understand and get throught that its basically going to be what its going to be and there is really nothing that i can do about it...things i can control i can work towards is one thing, but worrying about things i can't control, other people's actions, makes no sense...i can only worry about me, take TODAY for what it is, and move forward....pretty much that's it and that's all...

this was right on time!

Don said...

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, fill your moments with positive, productive actions, and doubt will have no place in your life.


Positive thoughts brings about positive movement.

Don said...
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DBA Lehane said...

Have a happy new year!