20 May 2008

Happiness is…

Having God in your life
Having someone be there at just the right time; saying/doing just the right thing
Parents positively interacting with their children
Families that are functional
Taking chances instead of holding back
That first kiss
Butterflies of anticipation
Succeeding in a goal
When a negative is a positive thing
The warmth of a hug
Life through clear colored glasses
Moving forward and not looking back
Honest dialog
Being able to just be
Finding the joy in simple things/pleasures
Hearing someone say, (and mean) I love you
Having flaws but being okay with them
Knowing, loving, and being who you are
The heart of the matter
Being in the right place at the right time
The “just because” out of nowhere



T.C. said...

....is knowing that you are loved no matter what...just being who you are

Roddykat said...

...is knowing that I can come here for beautiful sentiments. :)

True words, lady, true words.

Believer 1964 said...

"Having someone be there at just the right time; saying/doing just the right thing"

I had a stranger tell me she didn't need to know that [information that should be shared only with close friends and family]. I'm learning everyday that some stuff is considered sacred!

jus butterfli said...

happiness is...

knowing without a doubt that i'm going to steal this idea for my own blog! (LOL)

having friends who become family.

loving everything about yourself; even the perfect imperfections!

knowing you're (yeah, you ms blu!) only a phone call away.

okay, that's enuff. i told you i was stealing this, so, i gotta save something!

peace, hugs, & BIG love

Blu Jewel said...

t.c - preach it! those are two very powerful happiness factors.

roddy - i'm starting to think you like my spot *smile*. thanks for visiting again and finding something you like

believer - some things are considered sacred, but having the right person at the right time to share a burden with is never a bad thing.

jus - i'm flattered! two visits back to back. i must rate *lol* friends who become family is big. loving yourself for yourself is a gift. Aww shucks @ being just a call away. Go get your "steal" on.


Wendy said...

"Being able to just be"- Awesome statement Blu. My list almost always mirrors yours. I am a gemini are you my twin...lol

I also find some happiness in a song that touches my heart/gets me moving.

Ms. Confessions said...

I needed to read this today :)

Blu Jewel said...

wendy - I'm a Virgo, but maybe I'm you're twin separated by a few months.

ms - so happy to make a positive mark on your day


Don said...


i agree with everything. so much that i copied and pasted this post to my saved documents.