06 May 2008

Top Ten Likes/Dislikes

Good and bad of being home from work


  1. Sleeping in
  2. Feeling relaxed and refreshed
  3. Doing things that I overlook
  4. Peace and tranquility
  5. Not having to get dressed
  6. Moving at a slower pace
  7. Knowing what’s going on in my neighborhood during the day
  8. Not having to watch my time online
  9. Being able to watch my DVDs without a time constraint
  10. Not having to interact with people


  1. Being woken up by the neighbor mowing their lawn
  2. The crap that’s on daytime TV
  3. Not being able to drive
  4. Wanting to do something and can’t
  5. Knowing what the neighbors are doing during the day
  6. The barking ass dogs that won’t shut up
  7. The temptation to not follow drs orders
  8. Writers block when I have the time to write
  9. Feeling lazy
  10. I guess there isn’t a 10th…lol


T.C. said...

well i say the likes totally outweigh the dislikes...but i also totally dislike being awoken by my neighbors or the maintenance people...ugggg

Don said...

Sleeping in, good. So are feeling relaxed and freshed. Peace and tranquility, yep. Not having to interact with peeps. I know the feeling myself.

Wanting to do something and can’t Explain?

You aint never lied @ those barking *ss dogs. Oh, doctor orders I see. LOL. I hear people say writers' block but I swear I've never experienced it. Maybe because I just write whatever I feel. Which I guess is both good and bad with me...

That's unique @ I guess there isn't a 10th dislike. How about going back to work and having to play catch-up?

Blu Jewel said...

T.C - yeah, it's been a nice break even though it's a short one. If I could secretly power off the neighbors tools, I'd be a happy chick.

Don - I guess you're right about #10, but I was fortunate to have done my most laborious task from home so I'm not too stressed about going back.


Believer 1964 said...

Not being able to drive could stress me out!

Writers' block?!

For me there’s no block, sometimes I hold back.

karrie b. said...

peace and traquility...there's really nothing like it...


Blu Jewel said...

believer - not being able to drive makes me feel like a prisoner, but as least it forces me to be still. Writer's block for me is having too many things on my mind and not knowing which one to write about.

karrie b - there sure isn't and i'm taking advantage of it.


Don said...

@ blu jewel: i feel you on being not too stressed about going back. good deal.

i asked another question in the comments that you did answer. maybe you overlooked it?

Don said...

*did not answer

Blu Jewel said...

@ Don - when you're limited to what you can and can't do due to surgery, it can be a little frustrating.