03 June 2008

simple pleasures and smiles

things that are moving me right now....

my twin niece/nephew greeting me with hugs and kisses. my niece calls me mom-mom and it's so cute...i'm their godmummy, so it's especially endearing.

my godson whom i haven't seen in a week and will get to babysit him on Sat.

lil lady when she's being lovey-dovey with me

having friends who know when to step in and put me back on track

songs with truly great lyrics

being inspired

getting to see my dad for Father's Day

the R&R i'll get while im in Jamaica

God's blessings being exacted in my life

holding on instead of giving up

the love, support, and ear of my big sister

being treated like a princess

last Friday night

being both a survivor and an overcomer

for writing this...
Teetering to the edge
Contemplating the fall
Encouraged by a leap of faith
I learned to spread my wings

©BluJewel 2008

knowing that i mean something to someone

the unexpected card i received "just because"

the renewal of an old friendship

welcoming change with open arms

being 40 and looking 28

for simply and just being me



jus butterfli said...

i'm first!! yeah!! LOL

i love the list. and you! :)
i can especially relate to the one about "welcoming change with open arms". alas, change is inevitable, so we might as well embrace it and let it be an advantage instead of a hinderance, right?! :)

i appreciate you so much. even tho' we don't speak like we usta, i still feel your energy. thank you for shining jus THAT damn bright!!

peace! love!

Blu Jewel said...

with you being first on more than one occasion, i'm starting to think you're e-stalking me...lol!

i'm happy that someone else is endorsing that fact that we should embrace change and accept it as a positive.

*blush* i'm flattered that you're still digging my energy. agreed that we dont talk like we used to; maybe we should change that.


dc_speaks said...

you go girl!!!

T.C. said...

i love this because it basically snaps you back into the reality that those simple things are the things that matter the most! you know its not the BIG stuff that have the lasting effects its the simple things....thanks for the reminder

hawa said...


I wanted to leave a deep philosophical comment... but I'm too nosey...

What happened last Friday nite? LOL

Love back atcha!

PS: V says "hi" :-)

Mizrepresent said...

Oh, how i loved this list, it felt really good to read, but i especially love this...

"Teetering to the edge
Contemplating the fall
Encouraged by a leap of faith
I learned to spread my wings"

©BluJewel 2008

-all i can say is YES, yes, yes!

Believer 1964 said...

I heard this for the first time today, "We don't need to be something to everybody, we just need to be something to someone."

What a powerful statement!

Blu Jewel said...

d.c - i'm just trying to live and enjoy life.

t.c - simple pleasures truly are the greatest pleasures as they occur all day everyday if we're willing to accept them.

hawa - we'll discuss that offline *wink*

miz - i'm simply trying to have a chaos free life as best i can and to give thanks for all the blessings that life has to offer. That piece is actually a part of a larger poem i was working on, but those 4 lines surpassed all the previous and latter and made it's own statement. I too am so feeling it and it's so inspiring if i say so myself.

believer - I've heard that quote before and it's a very true and powerful statement/quote.