23 June 2008

women power!

I watched a clip of The View when Michelle Obama was on there and couldn't help but chuckle at the uproar she apparently kicked off over the dress she wore. It was a simple, classy, and flattering dress that she bought for $148 at White House, Black Market; a store that sells only black and white clothing. I thought it powerful because so many women get caught up in buying such over priced outfits, when they can make an equally loud statement by wearing something less expensive. Apparently, Michelle Obama has increased the sales of this dress exponentially and the stores have sold out of the dress almost nationwide; forcing reproduction of the dress for future sales. Now, that's something to feel good about.

Here's a humorous thing...
O the powerful women in my life - Keep the faith!!!Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says..."Oh shoot...she's awake!!"

Let us see ourselves, not through the filters fo a sick society, but from a place connected to teh rhythm of nature that vvalues everything about being a woman and a Black woman, the first woman on Earth...excerpt from All About Love, by Susan L. Taylor.

I'm about to start reading this book and from what I've glanced out in parusing the book, I highly recommend it to others. Let's all strive to live in the true spirit of love and be a part of a global community of faith, peace, and understanding.

Have a truly blessed day.



Don said...

nothing like a great black woman. @ least i cannot think of too much that compares. i love black women. even the evil ones. LOL.

have a great day, blu.

Blu Jewel said...

don - thanks for the love and support of black women! one day i hope that more of us will be able to share our love/lives with a great black man.


LadyLee said...

I love those quotes, especially the one where Satan says "Oh shoot, she's awake". WOW!!

If we could get to THAT point, where we are full of so much faith that we KNOW we can overcome whatever is thrown our way... We could do anything, Blu. Here's to truly being the exceptional black women we already are, and not being all shaky in our walk.

And that's a good book suggestion. I gotta pick that up.

Wendy said...

Michelle looked absolutely fab,in that dress! She wore it well.

I promise Satan a kick in the throat when he tries to mess with me!!

Stay Blessed Blu, glad your back safely from vacation!

Anonymous said...

MIchelle Obama represents the average women in American in my opinion.She's not caught up in the expensive gowns and crap like that which is a plus. I have much respect for those that can see past designers and brands...all that's for the birds.....

Maybe some of MICHELLE OBAMA's ways will rub off on the over materialistic female!

karrie b. said...

chelle obama is my bitch...she just seems like a classy around-the-way girl doesnt she?

girl power.


karrie b. said...

hello don!


Mr.Slish said...

If you think about it..To any other black woman that dress would still be expensive c mon lets be real ladies when is the last time you paid 150.00 dollars for a dress....lol I'm just saying I've gone shopping with a lot of women..If they pick up a dress and it says 150.00 they put it riiiiiight back and come back for it when its on sale...lol

Believer 1964 said...

I only get to go once around. So, yes, I'm doing my part for woman and faith power!

jus butterfli said...

LOL @ slish; but! you're sooooo right, my dear!

blu... you're such a sweet-heart! thanks for always being such a positive influence in my world... i need that shit NOW more than ever!! & i'm definitely gonna check out the book. i love susan t.

peace! love!

Aunt Jackie said...

I don't know what happened to my comment but it might have something to do with blogging by crackberry.

What I was saying is that I hope Michelle Obamas style subs off as much if not more than Say Beyoncé or Lil Kim!

Aunt Jackie said...

Also Slish is right I bought two dresses today for $43 and that was just about plenty for me!

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, i absolutely loved that quote...i hope ole SATAN is shaking in his boots this very day, cuz I iz AWAKE! Love u Blu!

Blu Jewel said...

ladylee - yea, that quote is something kind of powerful. I rebuke satan and all his attempts to devour the spirit. You are so right about being full of faith and we do truly need to sip from the cup daily. ^5 to you also and all the other black women doing their part to stay and be uplifted. I gifted my book and will procure a couple more, one for me and one as another potential gift.

Wendy - yes, Michelle Obama always looks fab. She possess such a wonderful spirit and energy. LMAO@ you kicking satan in the throat; that's bigs *smile*

Yaz - completely agree with you regarding Michelle Obama. We need to tone it down materialisticly.

karrie b. - yes, she sure does.

slish - yes, you're right about spending $150 on a dress cause I'm a sale rack hunter myself. However, my point is that there are many sistas who'll ONLY buy the latest and greatest in fashion duds to out rank another even if they can barely afford it. In terms of Michelle Obama who can obviously afford to buy high end gear, she choses to keep it real and not be all up in the true designer racks. Thanks for stopping by, I've missed you and does that mean you're blogging again????

Believer - good for you and you're doing a fine job. Kudos!

jus b. - I was LOL @ Slish too. You're very welcome. There's too much negativity in the world and I've never been big on it, so I'd rather spread joy, inspiration, and happiness to any and all willing to receive it. You're gonna love the book.

Aunt jackie - lol@ the crackberry drama. Yes, I too hope Michelle's style promotes more femininity and simple elegance.

Miz - with that smile and postive attitude, you've got Satan shaking and cowering on a regular...lol!


Don said...

@ blu jewel: i am sure you will. you possess the positive nature which ensures you of that. that means alot.