17 April 2009

The Friday F's

The following is a list of things being with the letter F that will guide me through this day:

FEARLESS: I shall place my confidence in the Lord knowing that He shall guide and protect me.

FAVORED: I am blessed and highly favored because I am the child of the King and His blessings, grace, and mercy are upon me.

FRIENDLY: In all I say and do today, I will be kind and friendly because random acts of kindness can make a difference in someone's day.

FOCUSED: I will set my sights on positive things and thinking. Although it can get hectic sometimes, I still need to have an executable plan that works in my favor.

FRUITFUL: I shall sow good seeds into the universe that I can be a part of the collective union of positivity.

FANTASTIC: I shall be the absolute best woman I can be now and always.

FORGIVING: Even though people may have wronged me or hurt my feelings, I must learn to forgive as I, too, would like to be forgiven.

FULL: I shall live my life full of love and share it with those around me.

FREE: I shall not allow the forces of negativity surround me.

FESTIVE: I shall celebrate the life I live and those in it.

I must look at things fairly and objectively in order not to be blinded by my own limited thinking.

FULFILLED: I shall satisfy the desires of my heart, live well and prosper, and appreciate all that I have and all that I am.

FORTUNATE: I woke up this morning able bodied, in good health, with a roof over my head and a means to take care of myself.

Have a fantastic, festive, and full day; I know I will.

Love to live; Live to love


Mizrepresent said...

Oh i love this Blu, you are truly my soulsister. I am going to follow your lead and do the same...i can't think of a better way to do Friday!

SLC said...

this was a Fabulous post. this is my First time commenting but i'm a Frequent visitor and now a Follower

CareyCarey said...

Dang it! I hate to follow behind SLC but if all else fails you can always say "F" it, it's Friday, I ain't doing S**t.

Now you know why I feel so guilty *smile*

Blu Jewel said...

@ Miz - you're more than welcome to "steal" any idea from me, it's not like we don't steal each other's thoughts anyway. *smile*

@ SLC - I'm flattered that you finally decided to comment. Thank you for joining in.

@ Carey - meant to tell you that I loved that poem you dropped on me. LOL @ you posting behind SLC. Your F-word add on was cute.

Love to live; live to love!

Ms. Liryc said...

awesome post.. very well said, highly favored and blessed indeed. Still trying to learn to forgive and forget, cause to forgive you have to forget no??

Hmm that maybe my next post.

Awesomeness radiates every time I come here..
You're a gift from the lord above.

Stay blessed!

chele said...

Great list and I plan to follow your lead!

Her Side said...

Great post, Blu. Sometimes walking into your blog is all I need to start a fantastic day. :-)

Believer said...

As always, a collection of positive words and messages found here.

T.C. said...