22 April 2009

I'm officially trailer trash!

They're reconfiguring our cubicles on the plantation and have temporarily relocated us to a trailer. Wow! Talk about an experience. I feel like a telemarketer in a bullpen because we're all in one huge room sitting close to each other. It's so crazy. I've been in the office since 7:00am this morning and still am not connected to the network and worse yet, this is my busy day. Let's not also take into consideration that I'm going to have to come in on Friday, which is my RDO (regular day off) because I have a document that needs to get out before 3:00pm. Great right?I'm currently using someone else's pc just so I can share this madness with y'all.

So, let me tell you about the trailer itself...It has a camper style toilet, which means you have to prime it (foot pump water into it) before using it and to ensure that your #2 will not stick to the sides of the bowl. We've been advised not to drink the water because it's not potable and when we wash our hands we should still use hand sanitizer. Yea, do the math on that!!! Also, there's a wasps nest in the trailer and I just fond out thath one of the guys is allegic. Niiice! We have to use the water cooler that's installed for consumption, we have a microwave and a refrigerator, so at least we do have some basic amenities. There is another building nearby that we've been given access to of which your girl will be using to handle her toilet business; not that I #2 at work unless it's dire.

We're about a mile or so from the main building, so if we have meetings that we can't dial in for, we have to drive back and forth. In addition, a part of the work I do requires input and signatures from the reviewing party, which will also require me to drive back and forth. You know your girl will be logging ALL her miles right?!

If any of you are complaining about your respective work environments, please think about me and my new status as trailer trash and then be thankful you're not working under my current conditions.

Have a blessed one!

Love to live; live to love!


chele said...

That sucks. They should have given you all the ability to work from home instead of in those conditions. Gross.

Believer said...

I can relate. I remember this kind of stress at work when employed at a bank and they were remodeling. It caused me to look for another job. I was certainly not a master at self-control. Today is a different story and I would have no choice but to put up with such conditions.
I hope that it's a speedy cubicle reconfiguration and you're back in the building pronto.

And, yes, you had better keep track of those miles!

Mr.Slish said...


Mr. Condescending said...

trailers are funny, I would get out of there as quick as possible!

T.C. said...

that is HORRIBLE! I hope that your status doesn't last much longer that's for sure

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