16 February 2010

enough already

This is what my house looked like during the last snow storm on 6 Feb.  We got more snow later in the week on Wednesday and Thursday.  We're starting to thaw out now and you can actually see my street and driveway etc.  I'm praying there' be no more snow or those of you who live in a warm state will be getting a house guest.

It's all possible!


Terry said...

80! That's my high today. - You know I don't do snow.

Anonymous said...

It's in the 70s here and very sunny!

Um, you can keep all that snow.

Blu Jewel said...

@ Terry & Believer - You know you're both candidates for a house guest now right?!!!

It's all possible!

QueenBee said...

Snow, snow, go away and please don't let it snow down south. I thought I used to like snow and then when I lived in North Carolina once and all that snow came and I was stuck in the house for 2 weeks, I thought I was gonna go insane.

Don said...

That is some snow. Reminds me of growing up in Wisconsin and Michigan.