15 February 2010


This post was inspired by Luv.

In the comment to my last post, Luv gave me compliment on my current pic and said, "yeah i looked at your pic and instantly was like what's wrong with these guys. you are gorgeous (no homo").

Why is it that we have to put a disclaimer on giving someone a compliment? Has society gotten that far out of control that we can't give someone of the same gender a compliment without being thought of as "homo"?

I think it's half past ridiculous that we're taking 'politically correctness' to this extreme. In fact, there is nothing I deem politically incorrect about giving someone a damn compliment. If someone is pretty, sexy, or whatever the verb of the day is and you want to speak on it, then dammit; speak on it. No one should have to preface what they're saying; especially when they're saying something nice.

I'm so sick and tired of everything having to have some kind of preface or disclaimer to it when it comes to everyday people, but if we're referring to a celebrity, it's okay to say they're whatever the complimentary very is for them. Don't try to sell me London Bridge cause 1) it doesn't exist and 2) it damn sure isn't in London and 3) I don't have that kind of cash anyway.

My point is, when you come to iS iT jUsT mE? you can whatever you'd like in response to my pix or what I post without prefacing it. Just know that if you come at me sideways without just cause, I'm going to give it back to you. I welcome debate, I just ask people to not use profanity or resort to name calling when trying to make their point.

Now, that all being said, please don't refrain giving someone a compliment if you feel they deserve it and certainly don't preface it as it then becomes backhanded and insincere.

That's my jewel dusting for the day and thanks again to Luv for the inspiration.

It's all possible!


Anonymous said...

"I think it's half past ridiculous..."

This line is appropriate, and I'm stealing it for future use!

Liryc's pRHOfyle (Ms.Liryc) said...

@ Believer, this is my favorite line also.. I will also be using it in the future.

Everyone feels that if they are nice to someone of the same sex that person will probably take it as a homosexual gesture, so to refrain from that thought they just throw in "NO HOMO"

What irritates me more is that most of the times the comments made do not need a "No HOMO" disclaimer on it either. My beef is, if you are comfortable with who you are and you are secure in your sexuality whats the point of saying "NO homo" just pay the person the compliment and keep it movin!

Blu Jewel said...

@Believer - LOL@ stealing the line. I seem to be saying a lot of "stealable" things lately.

@MsLyric - Couldn't agree more and you've shared my thoughts to the tee "My beef is, if you are comfortable with who you are and you are secure in your sexuality whats the point of saying "NO homo" just pay the person the compliment and keep it movin!"

It's all possible!

LadyLee said...

Political correctness is the pits, and it is what it is... That said, you gotta watch what you say to folks. Sometimes you give a compliment, and it causes isshas. That said, I can tie in with somethng you said. When that happens someone isn't comfortable with who they are.

I've always heard that we as women dress for other women. So, I thought we all loved good compliments.

All I know is that when I look at your pics, I think "Good lawd, I wish I had a body like THAT!"

LOL!! Thought you'd get a kick out of that. lol

Now, is there anything wrong with me saying that? Nope.

No disclaimer needed, Ma!

CareyCarey said...

This is definitely a chick thang. I mean, if a dude tells another dude that he's handsome or sexy, that dude is a homo.

But Blu Jewel, I wouldn't drink your bath water but we could make someone jealous. Seriously, if we are going to do the dang thang, the next time you post a picture, I like red with a little less material :-)

Basiks said...

Carey just stole my thoughts!

no homo huh!

I think for a given time set, you would surely turn a homo straight Ms. Jewel!

chele said...

I think it's more a generational thing ... I hear my kids and their friends use that term all the time. If I think a woman looks good ... I tell her.

You look good!

Blu Jewel said...

@Lady - you say the funniest ish for real. "All I know is that when I look at your pics, I think "Good lawd, I wish I had a body like THAT!" - LMAO! And for the record, I say what I mean and mean what I say, screw this so-called political correctness.

@ Carey - I disagree, if a dude says another dude is handsome, I don't see that as homo - but you do you. OMG! You're a mess about the bathwater and red with less material. Damn, I don't even know what to say...lol!

@Basiks - you and Carey have me the entire hue of red right now...how's that for me in red???

@Chele - Yes, it defintely is, but like you, I give a compliment when one is due.

It's all possible!

Luv said...

um I guess I should say you are welcome? :)

well, here is the thing.. i give peeps props all day long as long as they deserve it..but I have been approached by some women after giving them compliments with them either trying to pick me up or wondering if I was trying to pick them up.

I am not trying to pick anyone up ...and just for the record, I like poles not fish.

But, I do think you are gorgeous..and I don't know you and you don't me and so to avoid you doing a blog posting about LUV trying to pick you up on the DL..i put no homo.. and it is generational. I went to school with kids much younger than me and EVERYTHING dealing with the same gender had a disclaimer on it.

i do think that some of it has to do with comfortability but i also think it has to do with not wanting to be mislabeled.

so that being said, going forth, I know that if I tell you that you look hot and I might have to jock your style that you won't be looking at me sideways.