14 February 2010

It's a little sweeter!

Okay, since my last post, I've been hit by more snow than a woman a should have to shovel, but oh well, the good of the bad is that my arms, shoulders and back are in optimal condition.

Thank you all for your support and such with my last post and here's an update to that.

Since, The Him's email, we've continued to communicate as friends, although some of our conversations have taken not just a left turn Albuquerque; but went up the mountain too. How? You might ask, so I shall tell...

I volunteered to update his resume as he's going through some things at work and is seeking new employment. In doing so he thanked me and I replied saying, "my pleasure" and he sighed. Naturally, I was concerned and asked what could be wrong. He replied, "nothing I can fix right now". Me being me, said some encouraging things to boost his spirits thinking it was work related. A few minutes later, he said, "thanks. lol. It's YOU!" I blushed every hue of red, realizing the impact of what he said and meant. *cue Hawa's comment about "his little experiment*!

Anyhoo, the conversation went back and forth about his feelings for me and how connected he feels to me. This line of conversation went on for almost a week and it's blatantly obvious that his feelings are like the still river running deep and it's only the distance (he's on the left coast if I didn't mention that before) that's the problem.

So, here I am with feelings deep enough to swim in and I'm cool with that. I take comfort in knowing that the feelings involved are completely mutual and his honesty makes him even more attractive. We've lyrically spoken which is another effective means of our on-going communication and that in itself is rather attractive. *cue the harps and angels*

In closing, I'll say that this is probably the best relationship I've never had and I'm enjoying every waking minute of it. It feels good to feel and it's even better to know that there's reciprocity involved. Those who are in my innermost circle are all sending positive vibes into the universe and they're all conspiring in my favour to ensure that "his little experiment" does not produce favourable results and he becomes mine; all mine and the distance will be replaced.

It's great to have such wonderful cheerleaders in my life. *high kicks and pom-poms in the air*

There you have it readers; another update in the life of Blu Jewel.

Oh, B2B how'd do you like this pic?

It's all possible!


Mizrepresent said...

Good for you! I love that, "the best relationship i never had"! And of course my spiritual sister, you are looking absolutely gorgeous and glowing all over! WElcome back, again, lol!

Blu Jewel said...

@Miz - Hey sweet soul sister. I'm in a very happy place right now and I'm enjoying every moment of it because if I was to die tonight, at least I know I loved and was loved in return. Gotta take chances and grasp opportunities when they present themselves. Thank you for the pic compliment. I trust you're equally happy my dear.

It's all possible!

Basiks said...

Cue in harps and angels...
Killed me right there Bluey!

I feel how this is going!
honest maturity at its best...
Don't be surprised if you find yourself outside the tickets office with a one-way joint to Frisco Bay and wondeirng how come you have less amount of dimez on your checking account Bluey!


The pic..
Geez, it's official (like i said elsehwere) if this dude doesn't get at you, Basiks will!

and in true blog flirtation spirit,

Ahem, May i have you digits Ms. Jewel?

I sure know how to use 'em!

Blu Jewel said...

@Basiks - LOL! C'mon man, you've been around my spot long enough to know that I can and do say some pretty funny and random things.

You, that wouldn't be such a bad thing; well save for the less $ in my account; but it's just money right?!

Aww! You are too sweet. I didn't realized you had such a crush on me *blush* Thanks for the pic compliment.

Ya killing me!

It's all possible!

Luv said...

yeah i looked at your pic and instantly was like what's wrong with these guys. you are gorgeous (no homo) and from your blog it would appear that you have a good solid head on your shoulder.

well continue to press forward and do you and if it will be, it will be.. (um that's what they tell me...i am not too sure about letting it go and waiting for it to come back..my balloon never came back)

Blu Jewel said...

@ luv - thanks for the compliment. We shouldn't even have to say no -homo as we should compliment where applicable. In his case, its only the distance that's a factor. Can't/won't speak for the rest of his gender. Maybe they just aren't whole/secure in themselves so they can't deal with a woman who is.

No worries on your balloon as the one you were meant to have will come your way. I invested 14yrs in what I thought was mine and he pales in comparison to The Him so one never knows; just be still and let God do His thing.

Its all possible!

Anonymous said...

It seems he's rethinking his decision. Keep praying and seeking God's best. I'm hopeful! :)

Blu Jewel said...

@Believer - I most certainly am! :-)

It's all possible!