14 April 2007

Mind dumping

this is one of those random posts...

thanks be to the Almighty for His divine presense in my life

now you've seen the pix, you know why the old commercial used to say "Come back to Jamaica"

for the ladies...Terry McMillian ain't got nuthin on me right?

in spite of the poverty, Jamaica is a beautiful island filled with beautiful and proud people

i ate freshly foods daily and now i have no desire to eat any other food

i was spoiled while on vacation and it felt GREAT!!

seeing my almost 92 year old Gran almost made me cry

spending time on vacay with my cuz reminded me of all the fun we used have and how much i miss those times; now we're gonna start doing it again

i watched The Tyra Banks show about gay athletes and rappers and was so disgusted by the levels of homophobia

one dude said boys wear blue and girls where pink. then please tell me why so many men were sporting pink within the past two years??? huh? splain dat!!!!

there so so many homeboysexuals out there frontin like they're straight that i look at them all with a crooked eye

putting men in "make you straight rehab" is the dumbest thing i've ever heard...don't you think it'll enable the behavior?

Edie, you've become a great friend, you're blogs are both inspiring and amusing, and forgive me for not sending your "package"

BZ, your recent posts have cracked me the hell up

TC, you go head and get that education girl

Honey, stay up sis; you're gonna get your blessings

Rayne "no weapons formed against you shall prosper"

my loyal readers, your constant support continues to inspire and flatter me

lil lady, she continues to make me proud

Terry, you are the man!

T.J, we've been through a lot over the years and we've had our disagreements, but you're a ride or die friend and i know you'll always have my back

babysat my newest youngun and it was hard at first, but i adore that lil man

i'm aggressively working on my shorts to get published

the road ahead may not always be straight, but i welcome the detours as they're just routes to other places

i actually wondered what being in a relationship would be like again...SCARY! And I'm in NO rush

i'm a real woman doing real things


BZ said...


Thanks for the shout, sis! I'm glad you're back. SOOO glad you had a wonderful time. And even more glad that you are feeling refreshed and renewed! You deserve it!

josie said...

i feel you with the men wearing pink. "real mean wear pink" yeah right!! leave that colour for me

Rosemarie said...

"i'm aggressively working on my shorts to get published"

Wishing you influence and success!

Welcome back. =)

Copasetic Soul said...

im a REAL man that wears pink and im damn proud of it!!!

im 'jelly' of the island pics..one day i will see the island.

its funny that the world is so worried about the undercover brother that they arent focused on the undercover sista...but thats another story.

jus butterfli said...

well here i am... ready to sprinkle hate ALL over this post!! (LOL) not because i don't appreciate your thoughts, but simply because i ain't get the "souvenier" (sp) i requested!! but you sure as hell are all hugged up with a cutie that makes taye look like shit! (LOL)

anyway, i'm glad you're back!! and you're right, stella ain't got nothin' on my big sis!! :)

peace, love and BIG hugs!!

p.s. did you ever check out my post from last wednesday??!!?

Blu Jewel said...

bz - i really didn't want to come back. everything was beautiful and so laid back. definitely making JA at least an annual trip

josie - lol@ men wearing pink

rosemarie - nice pic lady! thanks for the well wishes.

copa - it's the ignorant who make comments like the one i mentioned. i've seen some of the most thuggish bruhs in gay joints so color is a poor way to define a man. but i do think think it funny how the comment was made without thought.

jus - dont hate on ya sista...i did try. maybe you'll get to the island and will find EXACTLY what you're looking for *wink* yes, and thanks for the shout out *hugs*

T.C. said...

i love the random thoughts...again, you SO have me wanting to go now...and thanks for the encouragement...i am seriously thinking that is what I am going to do...we shall see....

j.a.c. said...

I've only been to Jamaica once, and I must admit that I fell in love immediately. My heart longs to return. I'm glad you had a nice vacation with your family.

blaqrayne said...

Another great random post! Now that you've had a break, you're going to be working more aggressively than you probably imagined. I have a tight schedule in mind.

Jamaica Heather said...

Nothing like a beach vacation to put it all in perspective...loved reading your thoughts, looking forward to more. Best Wishes.