19 April 2007

things uncontained

since being back from JA, i can't seem to think of one consistent thing to blog about. my mind is erratic to say the least and the hormonal and emotional rollercoaster ride didn't help matters either. so, here's a cross section of the myriad of things happening in the Jewelry store (my mind)...

my spirituality is soaring and i find myself having church on the phone, at work, in my car, all alone, at church...you name it

missed years with someone are hard to recover, but give you more depth and sincerity to look forward to with said person. for all of you that have fences to mend, doors to close, or some other gaping hole in your life; fix it before it's too late

i still love and respect my dad even though i thought i didn't; i feel like shit for that and doubting his love for me

prayers for resolution and reconciliation are strong; though i still feel some reservations (i need a lot of help) *sigh*

a change of pace/scenery has done wonders for me and now i'm even more inspired to work for self so i can have those moments for often

being a mother is a contradiction of so many emotions and states of being and i'm still trying to understand it all

as i've gotten older, i find myself with less quantity and more quality

bowel movements at work suck (TMI i'm sure...lol)

there is entirely too much senseless killing going on. sadder part is that some of it could have been and can be prevented

i really want to volunteer to work with victims of sexual abuse. i want to be a part of empowering someone to no longer be a victim; but a survivor

random acts of kindness are so necessary in so many ways...i'm gonna do my part...are you?

push up bras are the next best thing to breast lift surgery and a lot cheaper too...feeling very Pamela today *devious smile*

sexiness is NOT an physical attribute and looks are subjective

u center me by Robin Thicke was on heavy rotation in my iPod this morning damn, i love that song

looking forward to seeing John Legend next Thurs. Corrine Bailey Rae is opening for him. Love 'em both

posted this really odd poem yesterday on my other blog (The Saphyre Lounge)...share your HONEST thoughts with me

talking about sex with lil lady and lil man is very interesting...they are so cute!

cries for help are only good if you're willing to let someone wipe your tears

open mic is tonight and as much as i wanna go and support my peeps, i'm really not feeling it. i have no idea what i wanna read and my energy isn't there...might have to call Jack and see if he'll influence me *wink*

being happy for someone means being just that. you can't say you're happy for someone yet secretly hate, be mad, jealous or whatnot

to my blog fam, i'm slowly trying to catch up on all your posts and please dont take my absenses as a sign that i'm no longer interested in you. life happens and interupts my so-called "me" time, but the love/support is always there


Debo Blue said...

I'm loving this list, girl!

Especially the cries for help one. Why do we persist in upholding the WonderWoman facade?

jus butterfli said...

wonder-full post sister dear!

i'm especially lovin' the line about 'sexy'... you are SO RIGHT!!

and i see you're in the middle of your "new growth" period too. doesn't it feel FANTASTIC??!!

as you can see, my internet is up and running!! yayyy!! (lol)

i love you!


chele said...

I'm feeling a litle random and scattered too.

Missedmanners said...

Hey! Wellllcome back, btw.

This list is fantastic, I wish I were that motivated. :)

Honey-Libra said...

Love the list...funny how you might have so much to say or think about but gettin it out takes time...and umm yea about those bowel movements hope you got the laundry undies on LOL let me stop

Blu Jewel said...

Debo - we see/hear the cries often and go to help, then the person shuts you down and you're left like WTF?

hus - knew you'd like this list *smile* yeah, i'm blooming and it feels great...thanks for your input

chele - it happens,just let it run its course

missed - thanks for stopping by...oh, trust me, you're plenty motivated; just by different things *wink & smile*

honey - hopefully, with this warm weather we're finally getting, my mind will settle down...as for the BMs; just know the how fast you can get to the ladies room without being stopped along the way...lol!

The Mistress said...

Hey...so glad you're back!!!

Rosemarie said...

"prayers for resolution and reconciliation are strong; though i still feel some reservations (i need a lot of help) *sigh*"

Prayers are wonderful and we feel the support, but stepping out with motivation to resolve can be awkward and slow at first. Stick to it!

You're lists are always so wonderful. Some make me smile in confirmation, while others make me dig deeper. You stir things up!

I know I speak for many when I say you're missed and we're so glad you've checked in.

Blu Jewel said...

mistress - thanks for stopping by

rose - thanks for the encouragement and the compliment. i'm glad you enjoy my lists and my presense.

Hawa said...

Hey, Blu!

I was feeling so many things that you shared with us in this post.

In spite of enjoying a new love, I am also still in desperate need of a vacation for a change of scenery/pace. I'm too wrapped in the daily roll. I know that living a full and creative life means getting away from the usual once in a while.

I am with you 100% re: random acts of kindness. Starting a fun organization to address this has been a thought and rough plan in my mind for at least two years. Just as random unkindness eats away at our collective soul, I believe random kindness can build and reach those who are getting lost everyday.

Love you!

blaqrayne said...

You are sooo wrong for that BM statement!!! LMAO.