26 April 2007

Thursday thoughts...

today is moving faster than any other day this week and i'm like McDonalds..."lovin it!"

my productivity is high and i've accomplished much so far

tonight i'm going to see Corrine Bailey Rae & John Legend in Philly and i'm sooped. (i'll give a review next week)

i'm happy that my posts have been warmly received and have raised some consciousness

is it just me, or does anyone really care about Twitney Spears?

it's bring your kids to work day and a coworker has his triplets here for a little while. his daughter told me i'm pretty. *aww!*

i watch the Young & the Restless and spend half the time critquing the way it's written...do i have too much free time or is my creativity at an all time high? inquiring minds wanna know!!

the Lord has been manifesting Himself and His word to me all week and i love it and i'm getting it *big ol' smile*

special shout out to jus.b.fli and bz for their spiritually uplifting posts this week...needed em!

gonna have some father/daughter bonding time soon and i feel like a lil kid again

i made a bet with a friend that lil lady would be going to the prom every year and she's going to her first next month...fortunately it's with her girl cuzzo who had a schedule conflict with her potential date...*my wallet is already crying out "NOOOOOO!" in anticipation of the event*

my wallet is screams out "HELL NAW!" on a regular basis *sigh*

i've started my outdoor project and it's off to a good start; can't wait to finish it. bring on more nice days

a friend told me he still can't believe i'm almost 40 cause i look so young *God bless good DNA*

how come dysfunction has become normal behavior?

if white people can't call me out my name (referring to the Imus crap), there is no way in hell that i'm allowing a black person to do it...i'm sorry, "affectiontely" calling me a similar remark just ain't cool in my book

women who claim to be standing up for 'Women's Rights & Issues' can't be out there auditioning for video vixen/hoe

i read 5 books in just over a month and am currently in reading withdrawal cause i haven't started a new one yet

have a blessed and happy weekend y'all if you don't hear from me again til next week. thank you for stopping by to read AND comment and for those of you who've been away for a while, i'm soooo happy you've checked in. *hugs galore*


BZ said...


I'm glad that anything I wrote could move you in a positive way.

Have fun at the concert!!! Organized went in NY and he had RAVE reviews about it.

Um, yeah you do have too much time on your hands if you can watch Y&R! lmao! *I kid*

Enjoy the time with your dad. Try to learn something from him and the experience.

My wallet is screamin "hell naw!" too, lately, with all this freakin' travel!

OH yeah, and if you go really fast at night, Boston is only 4.5hrs from Philly. WORD!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the concert they are excellent artists!

j.a.c. said...

nice stream of thoughts lady! thanks for being so positive! i really appreciate it. have a great weekend too.

Blu Jewel said...

bz - u popped my cherry today...YAY! yeah, read Org's reviews. seen JL before and loved him so i know this one should be equally great. lamo@ Y&R...it's better than watching the news when i get home. amen? @ least your $ is being spent on YOU *sigh* i do drive REALLY fast, so i'll keep that in mind...lol!

ingrid - thanks!

j.a.c - the jewelry store (my mind) is sparkedy today *smile* you're welcome on the positive stuff.

Paula D. said...

Hey there! I hate that I will miss that concert seeing as i am right across the bridge in S. Jersey....previous engagement. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I love Y&R.,..and I think anyone that has watched that show for years critique it, cuz its getting real stupid.They need me writing for them.......

eclectik said...

Love the Blog (Even if Im not on the blog roll)
LOVE the post I mean you watch Y&R
(Why are you and I NOT discussing it on the message board?)

Anyway, just wanted to give you your props..and you know I love randomness :)

Hit me when you can



The Message board (Grown folk talk)

The Mistress said...

I didn't know you watched The Young and The Restless! I have been hooked on that shit since I was 7....I tivo it DAILY! That is MY shit!!!!!

I have my Dad hooked on it too! ROFL.

Hope the concert was fun!!!

DBA Lehane said...

If you're still suffering reading withdrawal...you know where to come! ;) Have a fun packed weekend! Your favourite wanker! x

Honey-Libra said...

LOL..your wallet is screaming and my bank account is screaming.

I LOVE CORRINE BAILEY!!! She is on it!

Have a great weekend!!

T.C. said...

if white people can't call me out my name (referring to the Imus crap), there is no way in hell that i'm allowing a black person to do it...i'm sorry, "affectiontely" calling me a similar remark just ain't cool in my book

HELLO! Finally somebody else gets what I am saying too!!! GEesh...

Y&R has been very ugg here lately...what in the world...like Danell's porn addiction...WTH??? not that interested...and Brad gets on my LAST nerves...ol ok...

hope you had a GREAT time at the concert

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got to see Corinne and John in concert! How awesome is that!? I really want to see them too. I need to check and see when or if they'll be in my area. I know you had fun! =)

I love when the Lord manifests His word to me! I know how ya feel!

Much love! =)

nikki said...

you look great for ANY age, sista

Debo Blue said...

Hope the weekend is nice and fulfilling!

Rosemarie said...

"my productivity is high and i've accomplished much so far"

That's a great feeling!

You cover so many topics in your post and I would like to comment on them all, but I see bz already started the wave!

jus butterfli said...

heyyyy heffa! (lol)

here i am! and you're welcome for the spiritual uplifting! you've done it for me sooooo many times.

hope you have a wonderful week!

i love you lots and lots!

It is What It Is... said...

I'm so glad you got the Imus things...YES!

Waiting for your review of the show...of course you know mines was all over the place...for example, pmdd, etc. - lol

B.m.W said...

Priceless...if you had lyrics to match these thoughts and a conscious record label to promote them, I'd be so much more inclined to buy new music.

Blu Jewel said...

paula - sign yourself up on Live Nation and Ticketmaster so you'll always know what's going on and where.

yazmar - let's team up and pitch ourselves to the Y&R writers team. Lord knows they need us. *lol*

eclectik - imma add you hun, i need you on my blog roll. i'm also gonna get myself set myself up so we can discuss the madness called Y&R. I'm diggin my own randomness lately.

mistress - girl, i've been watching that show for like 25 yrs. i watch Y&R instead of the news when i get home as my mental health break. concert was great!

lehane - you know i'm a regular on your page luv. i have some books at home i need to start so i can keep my mind active.

honey - i think our money situation are lovers...lmao! you would have loved her show.

t.c - hugs girl cause you're feeling me on this calling folk out their name ish. yes, Y&R could stand to seriously step up their game.

urban - yes, and the show was wonderful. like i said to Paula, sign yourself up with Live Nation and Ticketmaster to stay on top of your fave artists. God is good all the time!

Nikki - thanks sista! I'm tryin and with a teen daughter to boot...lol!

debo - weekend was wonderful...spent with old friends!

rosemarie - accomplishment is a glorious thing and i embrace it. feel free to lend your take on anything i say regardless if someone else has too.

jus - hey toots! u know how we do! we could start our own evangelical services...amen? *lol*

is what it is - yes, i so get the imus crap. finally posted my review.

b.m.w - wow! that was one eloquent comment. *blush* thanks for reading and posting.

blaqrayne said...

LOL....these posts crack me up. You're so random sometimes. Love it!!