04 April 2007

thoughts compiled

Grateful for the ever loving grace, mercy, and blessings the good Lord gives me

Looking forward to the vacation I’m taking

It's raining like a mutha here and i don't have an umbrella; i am wearing my fly fedora though

Happy that my sister and I have had great conversations and I know I can make her laugh by imitating mother

Happy that in spite of the clouds that the sun will shine

Grateful to my blog readers who still check in to see if I’ve posted

For unexpected phone call that made me smile just when I needed one

Reuniting with old friends and looking forward to meeting up

Enjoying and loving the beautiful children that have been placed in my life

For being a loving, daughter, sister, mother, friend, auntie

The tears I’ve cried made me stronger, wiser, and cleansed

Accepting that bad/disappointing/confusing things happen to good people and it’s okay

Having the resiliency to forge on

Thankful for Hallmark cards/card stores

For having good health, a car to drive, a job to go to, and a roof over my head

Special moments spent with special friends (the lil school bus kind…lol)

For the John Legend featuring Corrine Bailey Rae concert I have to look forward to

The Spa day I have scheduled

The future will be great

Looking forward to the next milestone in my life
Wishing that each and every one of you have a truly blessed Easter and remember the reason behind it is NOT about Easter bunnies, eggs, and candy.


T.C. said...

Glad to see you back...
you put it down in this one...too much to point out...but one thing that i know fo sho is that its going to be ok...everything is going to be ok...we are truly blessed...thanks for coming back if only for a moment before you go on vaca...have fun & be safe...
Peace on your journey and happy returns

Honey-Libra said...

YEAAA..your back.

Wonderful, have a great holiday..I don't know why they associate it with bunnies cause a grown person in a character suit makes me ponder oh well LOL

VACATION!!! WOOOHOO I can't wait till mine

blaqrayne said...

This was full of much needed positive energy. Enjoy your break.

jus butterfli said...

hey you!

i don't mean to sound redundant, but i think you're spectacular!! :D

loved the list! altho', i don't think there was anything on it for me... 'cause i'm not claiming that "short bus" thing!! LOL

enjoy your trip and remember what you're supposed to bring back for me!! nothin' less than 6'4!! write it down so you don't mess it up!! (LOL)

peace, love and hugs!!

Blu Jewel said...

t.c - i couldnt leave without dropping a little tidbit for all of you. thanks for the well wishes sweetie and i hope things stay well for you while i'm gone.

honey - you are so sweet for always stopping by. please forgive my tardy visits, but once i'm rested, i'm sure i'll have my full energy back. and that grown person in a character suite is SCARY!

rayne - just trying to send some good vibes into the universe.

jus - aww thanks snookums. seeins as you commented on the lil school part, that means you KNOW i was referring to YOU!!! *hugs* and i'll try to get that special "package" for you *wink*

Missedmanners said...

Ooh! Hey!

Where are you headed on Vacation?

:D Hey Blu!

Ali's Zay said...

Looking forward to Jamaica as well! See you soon.

Peace and Love,

Ali’s Zay

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chele said...

Yeah, we're checking. Glad you're here.

Have a great time on vacation!

Anonymous said...

Love the list!

Glad to see you're back although I've been out too.

Have fun in the sun or wherever the holiday leads you.

Debo Blue

eclectik said...

Hey! Hello! Hi!

Just wanted to speak, nice post



A woman on the move said...

Loving this post.

Loving the energy, I get from reading this point.

Have fun on your vacation, spa trip, concert, and all your adventures!!!!

Happy Easter!!!!

Rosemarie said...

"Happy that my sister and I have had great conversations and I know I can make her laugh by imitating mother"

My bond and relationship with my sister is bar none the most important in my earthly life.

Now after writing that I feel awful that my Julia won't have one. Yuck! I’m praying for a special lifelong friendship for her. Amen!

Happy Easter!

Check out my VOMM...new look…I'm finally beautified.

Traveling mercies...

BZ said...

Let the people say AMEN! Glad you're back and I hope that JA was lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

tears are beautiful and I've been shedding alot of them lately. they do make you stronger. =)