24 February 2009

yea, i said it...and?

I'm sure I'll catch some flack for this, but this is my blog and I can say what I want; so here goes.

I'm so sick to death of Beyonce. Yea, she's pretty, she can sing, and she can dance, but she's not the end all be all in female entertainment and/or talent. In fact, if we weren't SOS (so stuck on stupid for the acronym challenged), we'd recognize and appreciate artists like India.Arie, Goapele, Aya, for their artistic capabilities and talent. We, as women wouldn't get caught up in dumb ass lyrics that plague and pollute the airwaves like, "if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it"; "let me upgrade you"; or "a diva is the female version of a hustler". Really? Actaully, a diva is NOT the female version of a hustler. A Diva is according to Webster's Universal College Dictionary, "a prima donna". So, if you're gonna go around singing about some foolishness, then make sure you know what the hell you're talking about.

And all this Chris Brown/Rihanna mess is on my last damn nerve too. Yea, I feel bad as hell that Rihnana got smacked into a new skin tone, but until either one of them makes an honest; I repeat honest statement about what happened, we'll never know. I'm sick of the rumors and speculation about what happened; who hit whom first, and who gave whom an STD and any other story that's circulating. Personally, a dude break bold and hit on me is unlikely to be the one going to the hospital...ask my ex husband about when he tried to break bad. I digress...I think they both need intervention and counseling to get to the root of their issues before there's any talk of reconciliation. A chic like me probably won't take your hitting on me ass back, but I'm not 19-20 years old in my first realn and paparazzi filled relationship either. I'm not eagerly following this story, but I do hope that they each get the help and care they need.

I DVR damn near everything I watch and Oprah the Cult Leader is one of the shows that's on the list. So, today's episode managed not to get deleted because I really don't care who won an Oscar or what the hell they were wearing or some other lame behind subject that she's been having. Anyway, to my point...Ed Doud, the father of the woman who had the octuplets was on and he was trying to defend his daughter and the choice she made to have all those kids. He spent the majority of the show contradicting himself while trying to shut Oprah up as she asked questions and then said, "so, tell us in your words why you wanted to be here" in the same breath. I kind of felt bad for dude because you could tell he was hurt that people were talking trash and kicking dirt on his kid, but he was also pissed and wished she hadn't done what she did. Personally, I think home girl has mad issues and has no real concept of reality, motherhood, and finances because there aren't too many sane women who'd put themselves in that position. Hell, roll up in the hood and ask Laqueesha an nem if they're happy about their six babies and 4 baby daddies even though they're getting a little child support and got Big Mamma to babysit when they wanna get their part time jayo on or hit the club. Yea, I'll bet you they'll say, "yo, that beyah is crayzee as awl heyall fo dat ish fo real doh!" I can barely stand to be at a kids birthday party, much less try to wrap my head around raising 14 damn kids. I'm one and done for a reason, ya heard! I wish old girl the best, but more importanly, I hope those kids don't suffer the fallout from her rather selfish act. Oh, and I damn sure fault that lame brained dr who inseminated her. He's one of the reasons malpractice insurance is so damn high. His license should be revoked and maybe he should be forced to pay child support for what he did.

Now, let me go back to Oprah for a second. Yea, I called her a cult leader and if you're honest and think about it for a second, you might actually agree. Think about how many products people have bought because Oprah said so. Remember that book scandal? Oprah endorsed some book, had dude on her show, everyone ran out and bought the book and then we found out that dude was a fraud. I bet if dude never made the Oprah show or had her endorse his book, that he wouldn't have gotten the amount of attention or sales he got. Acai berries have been around for quite some time, but because Oprah said it's a great weight loss and health aid, folk ran out and bought the product. I swear I wish I had something homegirl could endorse so I could get y'all nice folk to buy it and then I could go back to my little corner of the world with mad loot in my pocket and a little notoriety; why? Because Oprah said so!!!

For those of you old enough to know who Charlie Wilson is, will know that he has a new CD out. Even if you didn't know, you do now. Anyhoo, I don't recall the name of his new song, but I thought it was actually nice; well, that is until I heard him say "conversate". WHAT? Charlie Wilson aka Uncle Charlie, saying "conversate". I was done! Station change, I couldn't hear another note. It's bad enough we hear all kinds of unintelligible lyrics, mispronounced words, etc., in this so-called song from 20-30 something knuckleheads or stank behind chics, but to hear a grown ass man who's been making good songs for umpteen years say that mess just irks me. Tom Joyner. crusader for all things promoting good black consciousness should have called him on that when he had him on the show, but naw, he let's it slide. Well, I didn't...hell, with radio, that's why I play my iPod.

I am in no way offended by gay people, nor do I think they're an abomination, but I don't understand why some need to tag and label themselves and half the things they own with their rainbow flag. I have gay friends and have asked why it's done and I've gotten mixed reviews. Some have said, they're proud of themselves/sexuality and have no qualms letting anyone know. Others have said, it's not necessary to advertise; they're happy and secure in their sexuality without needing to put it out there. Okay, I get that, but that still doesn't completely answer or conclude my questioning. Let's face it, we may be living in 2009 and gay marriage is legal in some states, but people are still mean and will attack randomly. Say, a group of knucklehead kids are out with nothing to do but cause trouble and see a car with a rainbow flag on it, what's likely to happen? Ding! Ding! You guessed it, they're very likely to cause some form of damage to it for no other reason for it belonging to a gay person who tagged their whip. I'm not saying it's right, because I'm not, but for the love of sanity, can someone please make me understand. PLEASE!

This next topic is one that I fail to comprehend...why are grown ass folk getting their knickers in a twist over whether or not they're in someone's Top Friends on MySpace? Really? You've got to be out of your friggin minds...for real! I was getting my hair done a few weeks ago and I overheard a conversation where one woman said to another, "and I better be in your top", and she was dead ass serious and full of attitude. Is it really that serious? Some people take MySpace entirely too damn seriously for a social networking tool. I can't believe people really get into e-fights and even real life fights over who's who in someone's top friends list. Talk about insecurity. Wah! Cry me a friggin river and find something worthwhile to get twisted over.

I so can't stand VH-1 and their so-called Reality Shows. I've never seen so much crap as I've seen on there. Are that many people socially inept, desperate, lacing self-esteem that they'll publically and nationally embarass themselves for 15 minutes of fame or a chunk of change? Apparently yes and I refuse to sacrifice valuable grey matter on them and I think it's sad that so many people don't think like me, but then again; I'm not in my teens or early 20, which seems to be the chosen demographic for those shows. Those poor people, what a waste of time and energy!

I'm done now!

love to live; live to love!


laughing808 said...

ok, I had to chime in since you mentioned Beyonce.....I have to agree that she is talented, with the exception of acting where she stinks really REALLY bad. Other female artist that are under rated during this Beyonce fad....include Syleena Johnson, Chrisette Michelle and Lala Hathaway.....

valid point on Oprah

I agree with you on the Chris Brown and Rhianna situation, can we move on

Believer said...

I agree the whole Beyonce craze is a bit much. There are plenty of other female artists that have done it, and better.

The octoplet mom has serious issues. I'm not sure she'll keep all those kids. How is it possible? Her mother's house where she lives is in foreclosure. Wait a minute...we can all donate on her site! ;)

On being perturbed with the word conversate. I looked it up and though it is listed as “slang” they define it, "to socialize and chat; to converse with another."

Blu Jewel said...

@ Laughing - completely agree with your female artist choices. It's good to know there's a woman who agrees with me about Oprah.

@ Believer - We're like minded lady. As for "conversate" I realize that it is slang, but it's still hard to hear.

Love to live; live to love!

Diva (in Demand) said...

Can the church say AMEN! You typed up everything I agree with in one post. Just wow....

chele said...

Feel better now?

Poor Beyonce. I think she is a fantastic entertainer but she doesn't have the substance that India.Arie has. Bey wanted to be a star and she is one but I find her to be a bit shallow.

Why are people taking weight loss advice from Oprah? Seriously. No ... seriously.

Kofi Bofah said...

U Mad?

Blu Jewel said...

@ Diva - well, I'm happy to have spoken your thoughts

@ Chele - lol@ "feel better now?" Yes, I do. Sometimes, I just need to get stuff off my chest I suppose. There seems to be a general consensus on Bey being good, but far too overrrated. As for taking weight advise from Oprah; I feel you; I so feel you on that one.

@ Kofi - nah, not mad; just getting some thoughts out because I know it isn't just me who thinks these things.

love to live; live to love!

Keith said...

OMG -You had me laughing so hard my sides began to hurt with this post...Okay..As much as I love looking at Beyonce,she is a bit over-exposed..

And I have refused to blog about Chris Brown and Rhianna precisely because I don't know what really happened. (I heard that she tossed his Blackberry and his car keys out into the street.)

Oprah's influence IS scary!!!

Octomom is insane.

Don't be mad at me...College educated as I am..I say "conversate" when I'm around my friends...That's a kind of Philly slang word...I know it's not a real word..I've been called on it a number of times.

Whhooo eeeee I'm still laughing
Blu Jewell...Great rant!

Mr.Slish said...

Good lawd woman tell us why you really mad...How long it take you to write this....You need to stay out my head cause I was thinking the same thing about these beyonce hits...They sound like nursery rhymes as a matter of fact most popular R&B music sound like that..I think they do it purposely So that the songs will become hard to forget...Check this out...I hate that single ladies song but one day i caught my black ass humming that shit...lol Since I couldn't stop I changed the effing lyrics...lol

Blu Jewel said...

@ Keith - I'm happy to have more than entertained you. *lol* I was just getting through one of my "is it really just me moments when I posted this and I'm happy to read that it's not just me who feels this way about these issues. As for saying "conversate", you know you'll catch hell from me should we meet and you say it in my presense. *lol*

@ Slish - Imagine me saying all of this in patois and think of how much more mad I could have sounded. I actually was not mad when I wrote it and it all kind of just flowed out. I guess it was all more than ready to be said. It's nice to know that I'm I'm not being a hater when it comes to my feelings on Bey because you say that around some folk and that's the reaction you get or they're looking for knives to cut you. I like the parody of Single Ladies I saw on YouTube..."if you liked it then you shoulda put your lips on it..."

Love to live; live to love!

Mr.Slish said...

I saw that on YOU TUBE HILARIOUS!!!! Anyway if u need some soul tunes I'm happy to oblige...send me an email with your addy and I will mail some Slish Mix at Six Cds to you....

Mominator said...

OMG. I am laughing out loud! I've had enough of Beyonce. Oprah scares the crap out of me and I can't stand to watch her anymore. AND.. if I hear the word CONVERSATE one more time I will scream!
I had a long absence and I do believe I have missed you the most girl.

Sue : )

Blu Jewel said...

@ Slish - will certainly hit you up for the Slish Mixes

@ Mominator - WOW! Long time no hear from lady; glad that you found your way over. Hope all is well.

Love to live;live to love!