19 March 2009

Paying it Forward Giveaway

Thanks to Believer who got this from Tanyetta for this inspiring post.

Giving a portion of my blessing is something I'm always willing to do.

The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a gift from me during this year. Knowing me you'll get it shortly because I hate pending lists and besides I'm sure you'll be anxious to see what I'll send you.

The prize is a surprise and will be mailed anywhere in the United Sates.

You must post this same thing (Paying it Forward Giveaway) on your own blog and then come back and leave a comment telling me you're in, along with a link.

Remember, only the first 3 comments participating in the Pay It Forward Giveaway will receive a gift. Thanks to Tanyetta for posting this.

Remember, no tag backs!

Recap of the Rules:
1. Leave a comment with the link to your Pay It Forward Giveaway post.
2. Be willing to follow through on sending out one prize to 3 lucky winners of your contest.
3. Make sure your profile has contact information available. Otherwise, spell out your email address in the comment section.

Good luck to whomever responds to this. If you're not one of the lucky top 3, don't feel slighted as I'm likely to do this again a couple times a year, or I'll dedicate a post entirely to you.

Love to live; live to love!

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