04 March 2009

ruining a good thing...

I'm noticing a trend of late that folk just don't know how to not ruin things. On Saturday, we did a GNO (Girls Night Out), which was a brave move on our part given the threatening weather conditions in the area, but because we'd committed, we mozied on out.

Ruin #1...So, we're in the club and after getting drinks; head to the dance floor. While in motion, some dude decides he's going to grab my arm to get my attention. Ding, ding, ding! That's a big time no-no and wrong move on his part. I managed to pull my arm back without spilling my drink and roll my eyes to say, "talk with your mouth, not with your hands." My girls know how I roll and were hoping that his action wouldn't incite a verbal confrontation as a result. Fortunately for dude; it didn't.

Ruin #2...We're talking to each other, doing our thing, and taking pictures when some lame decides he's going to jump into one of the shots. He's now ruined a good shot that I can't photoshop his dumb ass out of and I'm heated. No, not because he wasn't cute, but because his action was rude and uncalled for.

Ruin #3...The girls and I are chilling and still doing our thing when another dude comes over and jumps all in our conversation without saying "excuse me" or extending any other polite social grace to interject himself into the conversation and our space. We play nice and let him prepare to annoy us. Then he does the ultimate no-no...he touches me. AARRGGHH!! My girls are looking at him like, "aww hell, you done effed up now playa!" I'm less than polite in my reaction by not only pulling back, but firmly stating, "you talk with your mouth not with your hands and we ain't that cool for you to be touching me". He jumps back, apologizes and then starts with his barrage of questions and corny compliments.

"Damn, girl, you're sexy as hell. You married?"
"Oh, really? So, we can be friends then?"
"Friends? Really? Why?"
"Cause I'm a nice guy and everyone needs a friend."
Wow! Could he have been anymore corny?
"He live with you?"
"Does he have keys to your place?"
Was he really serious? I'm trying not to laugh in his face.
"That's good. You don't need no one having access to your spot. So, then we can be friends."
"Uhm...no! I don't need anymore friends."
This dumb conversation goes back and forth until he finally stops. Then he asks what I'm drinking.
"Jack and coke!"
"Damn! That's gangsta. I knew there was something different about you."
I all but laughed in his face with that one.
"And you got mad confidence too."
"Oh, yeah? How'd you come up with that?"
"Cause you wearing that top and anyone who can pull that off gotta have confidence."
Aiight, I'll give him that one. I was wearing that halter vest rather well.
"I gotta get your next drink for you."
"No, not necessary, I'm good."
"I insist."
So, I let dude by the drink, he's talking about all kinds of nonsense that I'm paying little or no attention to and he's still not getting a clue and I could have sworn I saw Vanna White in the building!

Well, long story short, he finally finds Vanna, gets a clue, and leaves me alone, but damn if he didn't ruin what could have been a good buzz! Sheesh!

Honorable mentions...

Ruin #4...I'm friends with a really nice guy, who's courting me hard and it's been great until I ask a question about what kind of relationship we could have and he says, "let enjoy ourselves a little, why does life have to be so serious?" Well, that my friends bascially told me, we're heading in the direction of being FWBs (Friends with Benefits). While I'm not necessarily opposed to that, it's not something I'm really feeling at right now. No, I'm not ready to rush into a relationship with him or anyone else, but I would rather know that when we spend time together it doesn't always have to end in our having sex or have the presence that sex is a part of the plan.

Ruin #5...Just because you don't know my personal business, doesn't give you the right to make assumptions about me. I share only what I want to share in the work place or wherever I am because those details aren't that personal and just because you choose to divulge every detail of your, doesn't make me inclined to do the same. Furthermore, it's called Personal Business for a reason. My dating status is none of your business, so just because you don't see me with man; doesn't mean there isn't one in my life. Just because I wear nice clothes, don't assume I'm ballin; I just know how to shop cheap without looking cheap. Or because I don't engage your foolishness, don't label me "stuck up or mean".

That's all folks...have a truly blessed day.

Love to live; live to love!


Terry said...

Another classic! I just wonder how many guys out there took notes.

Believer said...
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Believer said...

All that drama looked like snippets from a reality show. Crazy!

Will the real gentlemen please come forward. All the rest stay seated...stay home...stay away!

Keith said...

Wow Blu, you lettin em have it this week..lolololol..but I feel you though...I've seen that type of dude in the club..The kind that just doesn't get it.

Ms. Liryc said...

Jeez girl. You have been through a lot. I know what you mean with how dudes can ruin your evening with your girls. They just now how to barge in and just take your time. LMFAO @ dude asking to be friends, is that the constant line with the dudes? whats with them...

Some people have this notion that if they are open and public with their business you should be too cause their nosey and they are always in other peoples business....

Blu Jewel said...

@ Terry - Me? Classics? What a compliment coming from someone who's been writing some doozies lately. As for men taking notes; I wish!

@Believer - Oh, it's a reality show all right; mine! This is what I sometimes deal with in public. And I too, would like the gentlemen to please stand up.

@ Keith - LOL@ me letting them have it. When you see these dudes, what goes through your mind?

@ Ms Liryc - The measure of corniess that comes out of these dudes mouth is amazing. I can't believe they actually think they'll get anywhere with that mess. As for the personal business thing, yea, their disclosure does not promote disclosure on my part.

Love to live; live to love!

T.C. said...

people are definitely AM ZA ZING when it comes to them thinking that they can just do or say or whatever they want...incredible! Doesn't matter how old a cornball dude is either...and before the guys jump all over me i said "cornball" not all of you are, but you KNOW you know somebody that know somebody that's one...LOL

Mr.Slish said...

I swear I need to teach a class...First of dude should have talked less and bought the whole table a round of drinks. Then your girls would have said Yo bluey he's kinda CUTE...You woulda given him the side eye, he woulda smiled back and a love connection would have been made...lol

Wendy said...

Girl you are craZY.LMAO.. I feel your pain though.FWB's are in full effect, especially since Wayne made a song. But,Homey don't play that!! (Baby you can do whatever U like,Just not for me).."I just know how to shop cheap without looking cheap. Or because I don't engage your foolishness, don't label me "stuck up or mean".
You better preach gurly!!!

Blu Jewel said...

@T.C - I know and understand that not everyone was trained on how to properly conduct themselves in public, but damnit they need to be. And I ain't mad atcha for using "cornball"

@ Slish - You really do need to hold classes so these lames won't be out there playing themselves and then being blogged about. *LOL* Love connection my ass! I just wanna slap the taste outcha mouf for saying that.

@ Wendy - FWBs is cool, but don't court me that hard and then come off with the let's be casual line. *smh* Girl, I am so through with people and their preconcieved notions.

Love to live; live to love!

karrie b. said...

ok we are >>here<< wit dudes physically grabbing you for a dance or for convo. automatic FAIL.


Shai said...

LOL. That's why sometimes accepting a drink cost too much to bear. LOL. Sometimes it is entertaining, other times annoying and I would rather buy my own drink. SMH.

Hawa Bond said...

oh HELL nawl. Not the person in honorable mention #5 with the "you're a meanie." LOL

Now naturally, I am drawn to Ruin #4, and I'm sure hoping a brotha didn't kick open the door hoping for a FWB. Hopefully, he was lost for words and couldn't explain that he was engaged in old-fashioned courting.

(And by the way... Yes. Yes. You were rockin da halter vest HARD.) LOL

I'm gonna call you before (or during) my trip!! I got a new cell and and updated my technology. About time! I have all your stuff with me now.

Love you!

Hawa, author of Fackin Truth Blog and Cleanse Master Remix