15 July 2009

Read this, voice your concern, and be aware; very aware of your actions

I was over at Oh Hell Nawl and came across a sad, but ABSOLUTE MUST READ post.

Please make time to check it out and please share your concerns/opinions on the story either on here or on the OHN site.
Real Talk


BlakIzBeautyful said...

Blu, I dont think the link takes us where you intended.

QueenBee said...

To BlaklzBeautyful, if you click on the link to the right of Blu's page, under her followers, it will take you straight there.

Terry said...

I’ve been watching this story since March of 2007. While the ESPN article is accurate, someday people really need to read the Santa Barbara County Transcripts of the trial. It’s even more bazaar than any of you think.

I’m telling you right now where this thing went wrong. Eric Frimpong’s Attorney fucked up. He allowed Frimpong to state that he didn’t know the girl. That was not true, he did know her. He should have let him say that, and go on with what he knew to be true.

If you read the transcripts carefully you can almost see what really happened. The girls DNA was all over Eric. They should have agreed to that. While no evidence showed that he actually caused any of her injuries, (even the Dentists couldn’t agree on the famous “bite marks”), and they should have conceded that he had sex with her. Consensual sex, because in all likelihood, he did.

As I said, read the transcripts and you can see how all of this played out.

Eric meet the girl and had sex with her, drunk or not. Eric probably dismissed her after that. She was looking for some type of “revenge” and went to tell the Ex. Only it didn’t work out how she thought it would. When the ex-boyfriend found out about it, instead of taking it out on Eric, he beat the shit outta her. His DNA was all over her. It’s hard for me to see how the jury never saw the connection to her injuries and traces of his cells on just about every inch of her body. When it was over, they needed to come up with a story, so the Black Man did it.

The S.B. Sherriff’s Department went nuts and one thing lead to another and everything got way outta control. The next thing you know, evidence in court is getting misconstrued, jurors are getting confused, and witnesses for the prosecution become VERY convincing. Because he lied about knowing her, everything else Eric said came in to question. The Defense Attorney simply messed up.

Is Eric Frimpong a rapist? Absolutely not. But what he is guilty of is shying away from the truth which eventually was his downfall. Was race a motivating factor? - In Santa Barbara? Are you kidding? You bet your ass it was. Do I expect his conviction to be over-turned? Not in a million years. Was Eric Frimpong’s case an absolute travesty? The worst kind. But the saddest thing of all is, it could have been avoided.

Blu Jewel said...

@blaklz - sorry if the link wasn't working...hope you got to read the story though

@Queen - thanks for clearing that up

@Terry - wow! You've added so much more detail to this story, which I appreciate. It's good to delve deeper into stories such as this. I do still feel he was hoodwinkedandbamboozled by the entire process; starting with the girls accusation. I do plan to follow this story as I'd like to know where it ends. It would be nice for the conviction to be overturned, but we've come a ways since O.J and it's unlikely that a black man will ever get an opportunity like that again; well, without Johnny Cochoran rising from the grave.

Love to live; live to love!